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  1. Like you need an excuse to suck things...#getinthebooth
  2. Hopefully you pulled out the rabbit ears and were able to hear the staticky
  3. Time for an upgrade, ya cheap F...
  4. Clavell's right at the top...dude's a baller.
  5. This ....Fresno one and done coming up- can't win on the road. Book return flight day one of tourney.
  6. Stick to yer own team, Fales....focus on that..#4-9
  7. Good coach has you winning on the road...#1&done
  8. Fresno peaking....too bad conference championship isn't being played in Fresno.....#winontheroad
  9. Bikes and rings from Amazon
  10. Sure, we all believe you have an iPhone... #flipphone
  11. .... only if you can afford your 750K mortgage .....
  12. I see that all Fresno posters voted for Laramie... not surprising, who would know better than them.
  13. seems high.....especially for a mobile.
  14. I'm sure not for long when you're around....#sicko
  15. Nah....wouldn't want to live there either.
  16. Didn't hit link but I'm very happy the sheep are finally coming forward, and you should be worried.
  17. What's wrong with you? halfmanhalfsheep?
  18. Speaking of, a lot of that unfortunately in Liberia.
  19. Should be one for Fresno/Detroit/Country of Liberia.... My picks..... 1. Detroit 2. Liberia 3. Fresno
  20. The most predictable..
  21. There he is....I hope, I hope, I hope we win...then I'll job
  22. Fales proves to be the pus be claims he wasn't....lurking all game (see above like) but no post until win...we'll hear from him soon
  23. Good win you remember how it feels. See ya in Vegas.
  24. I notice no FS posting during the game......hmmmm.....maybe waiting to see the comfortable lead or win?? maybe they're one of the 1500 in attendance?