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  1. I never admit anything on this board, so quit with the mindtrick sh*t, stunned....ok, ok, it's better......damn you're good!!!
  2. uhhhh, yea, looks big time...... plus that was 30 min before tip against BYU.
  3. 1,000 aztecs in the stands......lolololo
  4. Of course not.... they bang sheep, fer christ sakes.
  5. Have they no shame? Cincy and Fales, the real dumb and dumber from FS..... not another Fresnonian helping you two goofs on these threads anymore-take note. It's break time to come up with a thread about winning your first FBS game this year-cincy can do the pictures..... #fercryingoutloudyou2
  6. Dallas blows.....
  7. Only Fresno State's football program is in worse shape than NMSU.....smarten up stunner
  8. "Oh, next time we'll win!" Lol #fresnobaseball
  9. Babs is a very serious guy...but a few pops and I'm sure he'd be playing all the rank'em games
  11. It's not Stunner.... Fresno has always gone after the lesser student, but it's why their TO has been so poor. The bright side is they have brought Tedford in to clean some of the academic stuff up, oh wait, that may not be his strength.... well, at least he has a fighters chance to win in the next two and GTFU before the APR debacle.
  12. Exactly, so it's gotta happen any day then, no? Smarten up
  13. Any day now, raisin boy.....
  14. Now if you could only house it one of these years...
  15. The only elite players that would take 50K over P5 football, and hopes (even if false) of the NFL, are the kids not eligible for college or the ones booted from college. This will just be a home for failed NFL players, if they want to continue...... or, as Stunner said, Fresno type kids.
  16. You must be an AF fan...I'm sure you did...not many FS fans left, obviously.
  17. Yea, probably true.
  18. Oh that's too bad.....
  19. Any updates on the game? I know FS was favored so I'm sure they've come back. Keep us posted.
  20. Ladies often don't cooperate..