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  1. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    Then live by your first intelligent post above and quit trying to follow...
  2. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    I'm not concerned, AV, just a realistic message board reporter with 99% more knowledge and realistic views when it comes to ball...100% more than Fresno fans, even though that Copter can drop a little knowledge every once in awhile..200% more than the wonder twins...
  3. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    Yea, and Tedford reportedly said he'd never leave Fresno and actually likes it there.....#evenmoreskeptical
  4. Independence Seems to be a good fit for the Borg

    Spartans 28-24....Creeper knows.
  5. Rocky Long To CSU

    I heard Retreadford....believable considering he'd only leave for the P5
  6. Best QB in the MW?

    OL may be beat up but Chapman's just not a very good QB and Rocky needs to spend more time recruiting the most important position in football...just because you have an old school mentality - smash mouth football with defense being your forte - doesn't mean you forget about the QB position. You still need a QB who can sling it and win with the pass when need be....has been Rocky's glaring weakness.
  7. Fishing Fresno, specifically, Tedford and Cincy, or batman and robin, is too easy... SJS is horrendous; FS having a great turnaround, but who would know that thanks to you two gems.... and I know, I know, Teddy ain't going nowhere, he already said so..... hahahahaa...
  8. Here's some.... if a coach comes in and turns you from a one win team to the biggest turnaround in the nation, he may have to contemplate: living in Fresno for 1.5 in the lil MWC, or moving back into the PAC or P5 for $$$$$$$$$, and not having to live in Fresno.... doncha think? or did he say he would never leave Fresno-cuz if he did, then of course there's no way he'd leave, just ask your batman.......
  9. Cincy likey a lot....... Just write a bunch of nonsense and Robin will lolololololololo...... #2dorks "but, but, but, he said he loves it here in Fresno!" bwaaaahahahahaaha....
  10. Where they barely care about academics? if that's what was meant, I agree....
  11. Fresno posters on the defense all over this board..... relax guys, you're 5-2... .did you get invited to a NY day bowl already or sumpthin? Teddy isn't going anywhere........ "he said this is home... he did, he did...."
  12. You can’t stop talking about it!! Take a breath, it’ll all work out..jeezus, if anybody wanted to know how to F with this guy, just bring up ole Teddy.,hilarious
  13. “He already said this is home!” Hahahhhaha...read it...
  14. One of this nice ones in Fresno too; has a driveway so he doesn’t have to use the lawn to park like most of the Fresnonians. I heard he called all of the PAC 12 and said, “don’t come calling-already on the last stop of the tedfordtrain.”
  15. He’ll never leave....he even said so himself....LMAO..#smartenupkid
  16. “He’ll never leave Fresno-he said so and calls it home.” Lolllololo....yea, coaches always turn down the P5 and the $$$$$....crazy talk from some board members here.....and to leave the beautiful City of Fresno?? Not a chance.
  17. Battle for the Oil Can

    This guy above here is just not likeable or funny ....completely devoid of wit and I’m sure friends and family shudder when they hear Cincy is stopping by..and he’s 50....#tellhimwearenthere
  18. Is it possible for a team to get demoted to D3?

    They’re far from fine...from top20 to totally exposed in a week’s span.
  19. Is it possible for a team to get demoted to D3?

    They still gotta play ‘em....uh oh, could they?
  20. Battle for the Oil Can

    Learn to like yourself Cincy....
  21. Doubtful 10-2...the O is non-existent and even lesser teams can scheme for that overly predictable offense and non-D1 QB.....Haven’t even looked at the schedule but I know SJS is on it...
  22. Battle for the Oil Can

    I'd say 50/50....pay attention to mu prediction during gameweek...I knows a lot and never played in my HS band.
  23. Battle for the Oil Can

    You're a very unlikeable 50 something....self loathing in your situation is completely understandable and warranted
  24. Battle for the Oil Can

    You dumb ass....I predicted your school's big win..now you F'd up-just wait until the next prediction...
  25. Battle for the Oil Can

    Creeper knows ball....he’ll F you up on this board in a quick second, but if you want to actually speak football, you know who to turn to...”we’ll compete but probably lose!” Grab them nuts for once. By the way, I acknowledge I was way, way off when it came to SDSU’s offensive production....so, my bad with that...