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  1. This guy's critiquing line play? He hasn't a clue......2ndstringwaterboy
  2. Desperate for attention Not my website, but I'd treat our Lavar Ball the same as former frog, it's just not working.
  3. A regular no talent
  4. Gay? So you consider your wrestling fales gay? both interesting and odd....
  5. No, just that and Jeffkills 'introduce yourself' picture.
  6. You and Cincy rolling around the campus lawn doesn't count.
  7. You guys should wrestle....I'm sure Fales would like to watch....
  8. Leave Creepy outta this......just enjoying a good laugh reading two nerds talking HS and what chess/Star Trek club ya'all excelled in. Good stuff....
  9. Not sure how you can say they've never played well.... sacks, etc, can't really be taken into consideration when you had a QB who would rather run around than get the ball out on time. It's that DL, and 3-5 may be what the season brings, we'll see in 4 months.
  10. Look, I'm not a huge fan of fake energy, too loose a style, gimmicks etc.... but, he's really anything but annoying-he's actually very engaging and knows what he's doing-especially bringing back the football alum. And, when you see more spring game attendance than you have had in recent memory, we'll gladly accept the change and hope it results in wins... 'different' may be exactly what SJSU needs and hopefully what the City of SJ is looking for. It's a good, albeit way to early start.. but we'll take Fleck like wins even if it requires the "new style" of coach, Rocky Long being the ultimate old style.
  11. Not sure why you continue to say that the OL has glaring weaknesses... four returning, two year starters.. it may be the best unit, along with the DBs.... now the DL, yes, likely where SJS will suffer again-stopping the run. But Fresno better, hahahahaha.....
  12. yea, ok..........#youloseonceagain
  13. hahaha... compelled him to respond all serious and sh#t.... self proclaimed entertainer, is constantly biting.....#heveryverymad
  14. so funny he has to explain himself. Thanks for breaking it down