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  1. Not 22....linemen, both OL/DL, are the big difference when comparing P5 to G5.
  2. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to live in such beautiful cities-make sure to get some 'bottled water'
  3. Oh, gotcha, I see why you moved then; Beirut Bobby much better than being the CC.
  4. Fresno's performance when facing Sparta....
  5. I am, at your 1-11 performance??
  6. Yea, but that was the worst record in SJS history.
  7. Hey, Beirut Bobby, that win must of come against the mighty Cowboys cuz you know SJS don't lose to that club in the MWC....
  8. Hey everybody, 1-11 was Fresno's worst year ever-Cincy broke it..... no way... and it just happened like 6 months ago.. looking up...
  9. worst record in history....... bwwahahaha.... you were 1-11 with only an FCS win.....of course worst record, giffy!! lol
  10. oh yea, there's that pattern...
  11. I think we're all just hoping they can get their first FBS win in like three seasons. Retreadford seems to bring a lot of energy, and he's a good tweeter
  12. You do? Is there a 5th year senior transfer QB coming in we don't know about ?
  13. Idaho St over Nevada... bank on it. NV gonna be real bad-just above Fresno.
  14. Cal Poly, uhhh nuh..TX and Utah back to back, ok, got me...but I do think Cal Poly's better than Fresno-you guys gonna blow again, and of course you can't beat SJS anymore, so all good.
  15. Lol.....this CA state school doesn't lose to the FCS....the fact that the author notes Cal Poly will have already played a game while the Spartans will not have gives the author 0 credibility.