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  1. Tell us about your basketball team

    Did you really just ask that....lolololo...
  2. Rocky is old and used to be tough....Cincy and 8588 could easily team up to limp wrist slap that old coot. #wondertwinpowers
  3. You'd never know their fans were the worst when reading this board (and this thread specifically-look up). bwwahahahaha...#stereotype?-check! Fresno fans are the worst..... Our 'no fans' is preferred to those dimwit Dog fans who act like they never get out of the house on gameday... maybe it's the poor air and water quality that dumbs up the entire City on game day (already an intellectually deficient place to begin with).... low class, lawn parkers everywhere....hope everything works out Sat in San Diego-bright side is it's just one night.... (no way any of them can afford two nights in a motel).
  4. “The more lol I type the funnier my entries.” -Cincy #he’s50!
  5. Ahhhh, don’t believe everything your parents said...you’re a good boy
  6. Bwahahaha.....quit lying...we all know you’re easy...#anything2bliked
  7. You can certainly relate .....except you do stupid things every day...lolololo...#bandboy
  8. "Retreadford" getting some love from Bruce Feldman

    Cincy doesn't try to be hip, he's just very juvenile for his 50 something, you don't think?
  9. "Retreadford" getting some love from Bruce Feldman

    It’s cuz you paying him straight cash, homey...
  10. "Retreadford" getting some love from Bruce Feldman

    We remember...#hung62
  11. ESPN Bottom 10

    Yo, at least you're a good giffer... and as long as you see that your team has more points than the other, you'll know you've won and can gif away.. who needs football knowledge when you can blow that tuba like you can, right?
  12. ESPN Bottom 10

    Slaps, thanks, but why would I give any credit where it's not due? we are talking about 1-7 vs 1-6... ok, ok, we have an outside (WR, yea, good one) shot.... lol
  13. ESPN Bottom 10

    The men are talking football here Cincy... Today's quiz for you: What is the name of the position that snaps the ball to the QB? Extra Credit: How many points for a safety? Good luck.. .don't cheat