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  1. Mora fired

    I liked Mora, and he seemed like a good hire, but the bruins were regressing and your points are valid. Sumlin would always talk with Petros and Money when the Aggies came West. He’s smooth. Good interview. Looks the part, and has a laid back demeanor. Kelly is a red ass, actually Mora was too, but not as much as Kelly. I can’t think of a guy that gives TDs vibe more than Sumlin. He’s perfect. But TAMU has to fire him for it to happen. oh, and he’s a good coach and tamu is nuts for firing him. I would prefer for ucla to run pro formation, but they’re not as locked into that as southern cal. Don’t see that as being a deal breaker, even with aikman leading the search.
  2. Yah, I used to think tapeworm was just a Democrat drone, but I was wrong, he is a whacko.
  3. Nice try. Do I think Trump has harassed women? Yes. Regardless of any denials he makes. And if the media or dems had the goods on Trump? I would love for him to resign. Would love it. But they don’t, do they? They have the goods on Frankin, who is going to go down, not because of the GOP or the media, but because of other democrats. The anti Clinton wing is going to take him down.
  4. ? are you kidding me? Its incredibly hard. In Moore’s case we are talking about allegations from 40 years ago. How is that going to be easy to verify? The Washington Post story was very credible, and I’m very inclined to believe most if not all of it. That doesn’t mean it’s very easy to verify.
  5. I think it is spectacularly depressing that he won the nomination and general despite his indisputable misogynistic behavior. Not to mention the fact that he will lie from one second to the next. Literally one second. Remember the Houston debate? He literally said something, then said he never said that, the next second. This isn’t a courtroom. It’s politics, totally different. Moore for instance, I don’t know if he committed the specific allegations, but I know enough from what we’ve seen that he was trying to lay pipe with teens when he was over thirty. That’s enough for me to say this guy has no business being a us senator. but here you and tapeworm are defining the word is, 20 years later. It’s unbelievable.
  6. Charlie Rose joins the ranks of the accused

    Yah, that shit is weird. I don’t get the desire to rub one out while making subordinates watch or strolling around naked in their presence. Honestly don’t get it.
  7. Which proves about as much as that stupid picture you posted genius.
  8. You weren’t here for this, but laworfaithful has about 1000 anti trump rants under his belt. As for Franklin calling for an investigation into himself.... If you can’t see through that I don’t know what to tell you. That’s just an effort to stave off resignation. Which isn’t going to work btw, because the sanders nihilists are in a jihad with the clintonites. Which has not a goddamn thing to do with truth, deserve, or nothing else. Seriously you and tapeworm are way too old to be this naive. I feel like I’m talking to my kids or watching that black and white Toby McGuire movie.
  9. The Nixon purge is what brought the moral majority out of the wilderness. That’s why I think you should be careful what you wish for regarding the current Clinton purge.
  10. Hell froze over

    I guess the difference is neither BR or I voted for or excused Trumps behavior. You did just that for Bubba.
  11. That picture proves absolutely nothing. Are you freaking serious with this stuff Tapeworm? Honestly your like a poster child for Democrat hypocrisy. I couldn’t illustrate the point as well if I tried, but all I have to do is point at you.
  12. I think it’s assault not battery. I was on a jury once where some skinheads jumped a black guy. The skinhead was charged with both felony and misdemeanor assault, and felony and misdemeanor battery. I remember that battery required physical harm, and assault did not.
  13. New Faux news 90 million sexual harassment

    I don’t understand what a derivative lawsuit is. What the did Activision do to get dinged for a quarter billion? And how are they still in business after that?
  14. The flip side is the lefts “party of tolerance and equality”. They’re no better either. Which was the authors point. Do what we say not what we do I guess.
  15. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/new-al-franken-accuser-says-he-grabbed-her-rear-2010-n822456 this phucker is going down.