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  1. I liked this part..... "The game-tying play came as a result of an off-schedule Josh Allen superman throw of the sort that you can’t really stop with talent or game planning:" Get used to that.....
  2. You literally answered ur own question. I mean what the hell would the NFL want with a "great player with a strong arm, quickness and size that translates well to the NFL"?
  3. Signed - Tom Brady
  4. So would he be a racist asshole? It's relevant because I'm trying to figure out when the camera man becomes the asshole in these social media stories. If he calls me a cracker and then kicks my ass after I record him....is he a racist asshole, or was I asking for it because I baited him? I mean where's the line? In the OP they're both assholes IMO
  5. I also asked what would happen if I did that.....you didn't answer.
  6. Hahahaha. Yeah I'm sure the big conferences are really impressed 😂 I'm sure the invite is in the mail....damn, Bama has a better record than that against the SEC Talk the PAC when the record is closer to 100-8
  7. At what point can we not film private individuals? This chit is getting crazy....more examples. If Joe and his girl are out getting dinner, I see them and they look interesting....can I just walk up to their table while they eat and film the whole thing with my phone just feet away? What if there's a sexy girl at the airport? Can I just sit next to her, turn my camera on, put it in her face and film? Is it on them to walk away if they feel uncomfortable?
  8. Just curious....since this is a racial discussion....what would happen if myself (a white guy), went into a night club in the Third Ward in Houston, put a cell phone feet away from someone's face and kept trolling them? Would I get good video? Would Ja'qu'an walk away from the situation as i continue to record and bait him? Surely he's the asshole in the story if he tells me to fuq off right? Not me?
  9. Where u at?
  10. Damn...no kidding. Might I recommend Poplar, Montana for your next adventure?
  11. I owned a place on the river.....I know a thing or two about Colorado and living in the mountains. I worked a split shift 7-11 and 3-7 and snowboarded every day during the break.
  12. I moved here from Vail.....
  13. Dafuq is wrong with you? Durango? That's like me offering you a place to sleep anywhere in my house for a night and you pick the toilet bowl.
  14. Uh.....your reely smarte and guld and tallking trazh The only thing you're playing with is your 2 inch wiener because I'm actually talking to you.