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  1. Should she be allowed to marry a cat?
  2. Wait....the Chargers are leaving?!
  3. Shouldn't it be 2025?
  4. Nah. I meant the first two cars I owned were on the list. Not the order. First was a Ford Ranger, then an X-Terra
  5. Uh.....damnit! The first two vehicles I owned are on that list.
  6. Huh? I just asked you a question related to your own stats. What's the racial breakdown?
  7. What's the race breakdown on those crime stats?
  8. So Saudi went from 0 to 500k? Seems odd...
  9. Fine.....insert the wording of your choice. My point is the exact same as it was 10 posts ago. We have a Christian majority. Sorry I didn't consult you for the proper wording that you signed off on before my original post.
  10. So CNN just lied?
  11. Ok.....we're a nation of Christians......happy now?
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2015/09/09/world/welcome-syrian-refugees-countries/index.html?client=safari CNN lists Saudi and Qatar at 0.....ironically those are the two places i named. No?
  13. Well both the current POTUS and previous POTUS have acces to intel that we don't and they both say these places are a threat. We also have attacks in others countries to look at.
  14. It's showing they take preventative action to protect their family from being killed even though it's never happened. Instead of waiting until someone is killed in their house and then deciding to lock the doors. It's actually a great analogy.