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  1. Why are white people always outraged by Native American/Indian names? Do we just have too much time on our hands? Seems all white people do anymore is protest chit.
  2. Did he go to prison for that?
  3. Hey as long as u guys are consistent in your analysis of evil I'm ok with that. If you think Bill Clinton also formed an axis of evil then we can move on. Just don't want any hypocritical definitions where rules don't apply to lefties.
  4. Was Bill Clinton cheating on his wife during a power play with an intern immoral?
  5. U said cheating on ur wife with an intern is morally wrong (Bill Clinton). Chris said morally wrong people are evil. Im just helping u morons connect the dots. So according to u and Chris, Bill Clinton is evil.....no?
  6. Soooo Bill Clinton is evil?
  7. Is lying morally wrong? What about cheating on ur wife with ur intern? Are those people "evil"?
  8. And part 2 of my question? 🤔
  9. According to ur definition, homosexuality is evil. That's odd..... what "evil" thing has Trump done?
  10. I remember when evil used to mean people that murdered, tortured and gassed their own citizens. Now according to you it's someone you disagree with politically. It's morons like you ruining this Country.
  11. Hahahaha. Oh wait....ur serious. 🤔
  12. Oh gawd snowball.....that thing was a chit show when I lived in Vail. We referred to all the attendees as "skittle kids" at the time......all their bright 80's ski outfits, etc.
  13. I consider that song a great honor 🙌🏻
  14. I approve of this message 👊🏻
  15. That looks like modern day Hawaii. Go to any luau and see that exact thing....