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  1. Yep. Threw a huge sack of copper pennies on the desk.
  2. I just took a dump and two bitcoins came out! I'm rich bich!
  3. What about dodge? Just bought wifey a new ride.....I should have paid in make believe money. Do they take monopoly dollars too?
  4. Wait....so I can fly my kids first class with bitcoin? Sign me up!
  5. Nope....I just bought my new house and car in bitcoin....super excited about it.....FCSU
  6. Damn....my apologies.....I meant to say, CSU Sucks! Now I'm back on track....back to your discussion on fake money. I'd suggest investing in unicorns as a backup plan....but that's just me.
  7. Wait.....millennials work?
  8. Libs.....hahahaha

    In honor of this.....me and a few friends are gonna wear 100% cotton shirts this weekend so we know what it was like to pick cotton in the cotton fields during slavery.
  9. Libs.....hahahaha

    Nothing says white privilege like comparing a night drinking beer with your buddies in tent under some bistro lights to slavery....haha.....us in Wyoming call that camping and a recreational activity.
  10. Libs.....hahahaha

  11. Libs.....hahahaha

    Dafuq is wrong with you guys? CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The University of Virginia is shining a light on slavery through a unique experience. Wednesday night, students and others spent their night sleeping outside as part of "The Slave Dwelling Project Experience on Grounds." hahaha....nothing says living a night in a slave's shoes like sleeping outside on an air mattress in a mummy sleeping bag. At least you have some decorative lights hung up to really bring the message home. Damn y'all are retarded.
  12. One could argue the stupid people would be the poor and uneducated in this country....i.e. the democratic base.....so I'm all for that.
  13. Could you not argue that a purpose of guns is to kill animals for food which is legal...and one consequence of guns is that it can also kill people using that some logic? You seem to be picking and choosing battles.