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  1. How long until the left demands the NFL stop selling Raiders jersey with "Lynch" on the back?
  2. KUDO's Baltimore...

    Martin Luther King Jr saw homosexuality as a "problem" that can be solved by a psychiatrist. Many today would call that being a homophobe. Certainly the left will not stand for this.....how long until they begin tearing his statues down and demanding the removal of his National Holiday? I mean.....if you're going all in....go all in.
  3. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Fair point and that's why I believe most pro lifers allow for abortion in the case of rape or mother's health. It's kind of a compromise middle ground. But honestly how many cases are we talking about? I doubt it's a very high number. Anyone have the number of women in the US impregnated by rape per year?
  4. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Overall a good post, but wanted to focus on this part in particular....My question is, is it really "her own body"? The fetus has limbs, a heartbeat, their own blood type, can hear and digest. It's not like a tumor growing in her body that we're allowing her to cut out. Viable or not.....it's tough to argue that it's not a completely separate form of life no? I mean science tells us that it's a separate form of cells with it's own DNA and organ system. That part isn't really up for debate....
  5. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Got it. So now you think the courts get everythjng correct? I have a feeling I should bookmark this.
  6. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    So you march around with a vagina on ur head to support women...and then say someone should be able to be murdered for the simple fact that parents wanted a boy instead? Got it. At least that seems logical.
  7. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Prolly a good thing they can't screen for the gene that says their kid is going to travel the world doing drugs and write an online blog for tens of fans or your parents would've likely aborted you.
  8. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Good for U man. Glad your parents didn't murder you when they found out you'd be deaf.
  9. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    1/10 at best
  10. I'm stepping out

    Wait. So my sister is not cheap in the monetary way? Meaning she's an expensive hooker? That's a big compliment from u. Did we just become best friends?
  11. The Entire State of Wyoming only has 4 Escalators

    I always find it funny when people take a source of pride and throw it on us like we'd be offended. This is great news! All this means is we don't have malls and big airports. Who the fuq cares? Wyoming folk spend their time outside.
  12. I'm stepping out

    Just like yer mom, you've gotten too old to ride anymore......and also like her.....u always like to finish on top.
  13. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    It doesn't matter what the differences are. In the United States today, you can abort ur pregnancy simply because they have Down syndrome. My question is.....is this really where we are as a society? Is that something to be proud of? Where does it end? Are lives of the disabled not worth living? Should we kill them all off?
  14. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Who said there's a problem with screening?
  15. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Great post man. And kudos to you and the wife for seeing it through.