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  1. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    SDSU and Aztec Football are attached at the hip. SDSU is the third or fourth leading economic driver and the oldest local institution in the city (estimated economic impact is over 2 billion per year) with an expanded campus, this impact could more than double. Point being this; No politician will ever allow Aztec Football to be harmed because it would harm SDSU. The solution is not clear, just that there WILL be a solution. All of the red herrings thrown about implying a lack of satisfactory playing options for the Aztecs is simply that, a red herring.
  2. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    SDSU mulls interim takeover of Qualcomm Stadium
  3. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/growth-development/sd-fi-sdsutakeover-20170812-story.html