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  1. Do you know your birthday?

    Ha Ha, I don't fall for simple mind tricks like Roy Moore did. Were you expecting me to say when the blacks were in the fields picking cotton, and the gays were a sign of a curse from God!
  2. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    Wrong! Trump was very clear on his positions about Health Care, Immigration, tax policy, trade deals, etc. His position was well established on most every issue.
  3. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    I agree. It is an uphill battle for the Democrats in the senate. They have more seats to defend, a lot of them in states that Trump won. The Democrats also have no message to sell to voters other than we hate Trump.
  4. I highly doubt it 1. The Democrats have devolved into a coastal minority party in the last 20 years and do not connect with the average Schmuck say in Iowa, or Indiana. They have lost control of most of the state legislatures, governorship, the house, the senate and the presidency all in Obama's tenure, and I don't see this trend changing. . DJT exposed their weakness, and the Democrats have done nothing to reach out to voters that switched from Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016. 2. The Democrats have to defend 23 senate seats in 2018 , many of them in states that voted for Trump. The GOP has to defend 8 senate seats, all of which were states that voted for Trump except Nevada. I also don't see the democrats flipping the house. Thoughts
  5. Do you know your birthday?

    That is ok. Trump will make America great again for you too
  6. Do you know your birthday?

    You are unhealthily obsessed about Trump.
  7. CCG TV Ratings

    We were up against Clemson/Miami I think Georgia/Auburn was on at the same time too.
  8. Roy Moore

    I see your point, and I will agree for the most part. There is no damning evidence to prove without a doubt Roy Moore did any of this to the young ladies. His other comments about religion, race, etc are what are more alarming to me. I would never vote for him.
  9. Roy Moore

    Even if he didn't say or do the creepy things regarding teenage girls, the other idiotic things he has said would be enough to cause me never to support him. Calling 9/11 a punishment from God America was better when we had slavery Calling Native Americans & Asians "Reds & Yellows. I am sure there is more. I think the Republicans will probably expel him from the senate if he gets elected.
  10. Roy Moore

    I bet a could find enough Californians that would vote for Moore to fill Albertsons stadium several times over. The point I was trying to make was that we shouldn't disregard every white person from Alabama as ignorant inbred hicks.
  11. Roy Moore

    He would enable Chuck & Nancy. So yes. Until the Democrats moderate, I will not consider voting for them period. I may consider voting for a Democrat at the state and local level.
  12. Roy Moore

    To be clear I have never said I would vote for Roy Moore if I was an Alabama Voter. If I lived in Alabama I would try to find a suitable 3rd party candidate, or write in somebody else.
  13. Roy Moore

    I bet I could find numerous white people who never will vote for Moore in Alabama. It wouldn't be hard.
  14. Roy Moore

    My mom grew up in Huntsville Alabama during the 60's when desegregation was going on. She is the kindest least hateful person I know. You wouldn't know that by making broad generalizations though.
  15. Roy Moore

    Two Things: Wallace was a Democrat, as were most of the segregationists back then. It was 60 years ago! move on.