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  1. Dantley Walker

  2. Boise is simply better than your city.

    Nice! I actually tend to go smaller venues and see bands for $10-$20 rather than Taco Bell like arena so that is cool that they have some of those acts come through.
  3. Boise is simply better than your city.

    Does the Knitting Factory get some good bands into Boise or do you have to go elsewhere?
  4. I am little worried about the half court sets once conference play starts.
  5. Coaching Rumors...

    I couldn't remember, was before or during the sexual assault stuff? I'm thinking before?
  6. Coaching Rumors...

    Is Detmer coming back?
  7. Coaching Rumors...

    Bobby Hauck rumored to maybe go back to The Griz? @utgrizfan?
  8. Michael Gallup is a Biletnikoff Award Finalist

    Bobo can't sell the bubble screen to defenders like he does his WRs!
  9. Fresno, Wyoming and Boise fans.

    Nope. Junior. One more year of him thankfully! He has just been damn good since he was a frosh.
  10. Death of a partner

    Sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine. Stay strong, but lean on others when you need to. Thinking of you and your family.
  11. What happened to the dream?!?!?!

    Whoever said Dino Acosta or whatever his name is, I think is right. This guy is more confrontational than Junky ever was. Plus, Junky was over the top, but he was a true fan. A true fan doesn't write shit like this guy writes.
  12. UF hires Chip Kelly

    Why do you need a rag if you can just throw it away after you are done?
  13. Postseason awards

    I think Penny is hands down OPOY but Wingard has a shot at DPOY. Tedford is easily coach of the year.
  14. Mora fired

    There is now way that Nebraska doesn't open. Riley has sunken that program to very low levels. Worse than Callahan.
  15. Any news on Josh Allen?

    I think Bowl game too. That game gives him more time to get healthy and plenty of time to get reps again before the game. Playing in the bowl game will show teams he is fine.