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  1. I am skeptical as well. I don't see why ESPN or whoever would agree to pay each of these schools more just because 28 or 34 of them are now in a conference instead of 12 of them in a conference. They are all G5 schools with local interest which is what keeps the TV pay down.
  2. I'd like to hear your rebuttal to ECA where he had a rebuttal to your points.
  3. Are you or a company you work for involved with the soccer team getting the deal?
  4. Montana is part of Roots Sports Northwest so this appears to be a hybrid thing or they will make a whole new Vegas station possibly like 4UNLV discussed.
  5. I like that the games are at better times with a streaming deal, but the money and exposure does worry me. Without games on ESPN or some national TV will even less people know about the MW? The MW has always had an exposure problem and going streaming only will only exacerbate the problem. Will gameday revenue replace the lost TV revenue? I don't think so. With the state of Wyoming cutting budgets, money will become tight and pennies will be pinched. With a smaller budget will Wyoming be able to remain competitive in the MW? Wyoming is just now fielding a competitive football team that is sustainable for the first time in a long time. The money needs to be there to sustain that. TV is kind of unknown at this point but a streaming only deal makes me extremely nervous.
  6. Travel subs need to go as well.
  7. Hate to say it but the new TV deal isn't going to pay anything substantial with the current TV climate. The MW also picked the worst time to take a collective dump in both sports. The conference is going to the negotiating table with little to offer and no excitement or momentum as a brand. If SDSU or anyone has better options you can't fault that school for doing what is best for them. The Boise deal needs to be removed though.
  8. What major donors are there that can be lost?
  9. How common is this type of flooding? Would making sure this doesn't happen again cost a lot of money?
  10. I could be wrong but I think that the board would be better served with one central thread for the Josh Allen articles that keep getting posted. You can merge this into the long Allen thread that is already established or merge the other ones into this one, but if Poke fans feel the need to keep posting every little article about him, let's keep it contained to one thread. What do you all think? @[email protected] @East Coast Aztec
  11. Unless something major changes to the playoff, Notre Dame and the ACC just agreed to extend their current agreement until 2037 on May 11th. http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/acc/nc-state/state-now/article149960542.html
  12. A single school in a conference would never block UTs entrance. Texas has too much of a brand. Any conference would accept them with open arms. Even if Texas AM wanted to block them, they couldn't
  13. This is what people meant by SEC
  14. I thought that game was ancient history? Or only for Tanner?
  15. KP, they are called Big Baller not Long Hauler.