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  1. So you are a Buffs fan today and not a Ram fan today?
  2. Oregon should have probably beat Nebraska last year at Nebraska with Helfrich as coach. If Oregon wouldn't have gone for 2 three times it would have been a tie game and OT rather than a 3 point loss.
  3. Very good chance it is 0-fer vs P5 that week with USU traveling to Wake. Oregon still has a lot of talent and depth. I don't see a Wyoming win.
  4. Then I would say Utah State vs Wake is probably the only hope. If Wake is going to Logan that will help.
  5. Did he kill their athletic programs?
  6. So what do SJSU fans think of Mike Davis being floated out there? http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/11/san-jose-state-coaching-search-starts-with-bob-knights-successor/
  7. So why did this happen now and what type of coach does the AD think he can hire to lead the program? Also, what will the salary be for the new coach?
  8. No, I would not work for that university. Thats why I don't think you can really take his record into account. He polished that turd as best he could and was actually making headway. If they had doubts about his coaching they are high. They won't find any better.
  9. He had a lot of obstacles though too. I feel like he was making progress and absolutely deserved an extension.
  10. So are you trying to tell everyone here that Wyoming owns the Denver/Boulder market because of JA hype? What are your thoughts on Wyoming and DIA?