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  1. MWC vs American conferences so far....

    9 conference games is not a good idea.
  2. I agree he should stay as well, but he was itching to leave this year, so he seems eager to make the jump. I think he goes but another year of college ball would really help him.
  3. The further Josh drops the less money he will make initially, but it could potentially really help him to fall to the later picks of the 1st round where teams aren't as QB needy and his new team can hopefully give him time to develop and he won't be viewed as the face of the franchise. He needs a lot of work before he will be NFL ready.
  4. Watching Hawaii football

    You have to pay the @kalua pig prison tax first. You already know cuz.
  5. NIU taking down Nebraska

    Recruiting. Power 5 programs almost always keep a guy at 5 years so he can claim that he will be there for all 4 years a recruit is there.. Riley isn't getting that extension next December though, you are correct about that.
  6. Oregon at Wyoming

    He's gone, but I'm not so sure some more game experience wouldn't help him. He doesn't have a lot of talent around him this year but he doesn't look good either. He has a lot of raw tools but he needs more experience. Getting work 24/7 in the NFL will help, but he better hope he goes to a good team that can develop him because it will take a lot of work. Not being a high pick could actually help him in he avoids a team like the Browns.
  7. Oregon at Wyoming

    I really think Allen could benefit from another year of school. This team has a lot to work on.
  8. Gameday special on Josh Allen

    I'm so tired of the hype. I want him to succeed in the NFL but I'm more concerned about Wyoming winning football games. Hopefully Vigen opens up the offense more this week.
  9. Hopefully that is the last game Rex ever gets to do. That was terrible.
  10. The entire B league crew is just terrible. They just called Russell okung one of the best tackles in the league? WTF?
  11. I hope the MW office is using all of the major $ the conference is making from Facebook streaming on lube for everyone. Could be an ugly week.
  12. +++++ them. Let them rot. They can keep their ex Baylor AD and eat a bag of dicks.
  13. Mike Leach is an interesting dude

    They can't resist their fat little girlfriends
  14. Transfer Rules

    It will never happen but I would be fine with all money from TV contracts pooled to all schools and a players union. Equity across the board for all schools and players. Schools with big donors will still have the upper hand but it would be a more equal playing field.
  15. Transfer Rules

    Definitely two sides. I like the flexibility for the players, but look at a kid like Josh Doctson, he made the move and is in the NFL now. Smart move on his part with the changes to the coaching staff. I do hope they limit it to one move, then if you move again you have to sit out. You don't want a bunch of Gunner Kiel type kids who keep changing their minds.