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  1. Three of them. And a corner office, blonde on both arms, etc.
  2. Agree. Dude is an icon already.
  3. Trump's not wearing an American flag lapel pin! Remember the brohahah whenever Obama did not wear that lapel pin?
  4. That would be amazing. [Note, I don't actually want anyone to blow up half of DC - but the reference was very good]
  5. Fake news. Way more eloquent and articulate than Trump could ever be.
  6. We are actually still at a lower level relative to GDP than we were prior to 1950 ish. Not saying I agree with the spending, but it's not unusual.
  7. Wasn't Trump the defacto third party?? <
  8. If that's your excuse, then I'll accept it.
  9. I can verify this. I watched every member of my family go batsh-t crazy over the past 8 years. Like, carrying loaded weapons to Christmas dinner because they thought Obama was ordering the military to start a civil war and kill citizens crazy. Like, they make Alex Jones seem well adjusted, crazy.
  10. What, sanity?
  11. I'm picking up on what you're putting out there..
  12. Not me. I want to see it all burn down. -Every Trump voter 4 and 8 years ago.
  13. You're wrong. So so so so so so wrong. Dude. Like, so wrong. (Serious)
  14. I grew up in a small town. I spent more than half of my life in a small town. My parents and most of my immediate family lives in a small town. Don't think I don't know what small town life is like. Rural people are less likely to think anything they do affects the environment. They drive their side by sides, 4 wheelers, 4x4s, and whatever they can all over the place. They dump sh-t in the desert. I see it every time I go back home, and I've seen it all my life. I do agree rural people probably have more connection to the sourcing of their food than urban people. That said, let's not pretend every rural family is eating meat they raised and/or killed and/or grew. Go to the Walmart in Jerome, Idaho at any given time. Go to the Twin Falls Costco and see how many Nevada plates you see, or 2G, 2J, 3C, 4C, or 4L plates. Everyone I know shops at a damn market or supermarket - the difference is how long the drive to get there is. Disagree that rural people are any more or less savvy on plastics v. leather. Agree that rural people tend to support mining and farming more than urban people, probably because their livelihoods depend on it. But do agree that many urban people have a disconnect as to how necessary farming and mining is. Many just want better practices in these (and other) industries. A rural person has to be a bit more self-reliant, and there's probably a self-selection factor there, in that the person probably chooses to live in a rural area because they value the freedom, space, and self-reliance that small towns and rural living offers. Duh. Rural people claim they want less government services and interference, but they either ignore or aren't smart enough to realize the government more than likely butters their bread through some sort of subsidization or grants. Most rural people are not truly self-sufficient and off the grid, and there just isn't enough "market" to support most people who live in rural areas. So they work in professions that are subsidized, or directly paid for, by the government. Ranching. Farming. Any public lands extraction. PILT. SRS. Moreover, government services are stretched further (less efficient) because the population density isn't there to support it. It goes on and on.