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  1. 980 and counting. You think I'd have more after several years.
  2. I am testing with 23andme and waiting for results. Supposedly 50% Polish (fck you) and 50% (fck you too). We shall see. I imagine I'm a mishmash of European.
  3. Nope. I live in Seattle. Don't work or know anyone in athletic departments. You are right. @just_chris is fine. I just felt his post was more speculation than inside info. I should have kept my trap shut.
  4. Thanks just_chris. My point about about the marketing department is 'there isn't one'. It's an interim director, a manager, an assistant and a graphic designer.
  5. @just_chris is actually Just_Speculation. Even if he is getting some inside info it's just rumor and speculation. UNLV isn't in position to upend Menzies and honestly if he tanks next year ANY basketball coach at UNLV would be on very hot seat. Most of MM's future will depend on his recruiting. Knowing MM, he'll get recruits and this will take off some pressure.
  6. You know that UNLV Marketing has an acting director and a staff of two more right? Unless you are talking about communications which is Andy Grossman (Mball, Mgolf), Mark Wallington (Football, Tennis) or Sage Sammons (Dir of New Media). Still she would not have enough information whether these people are qualified or not. She was likely told that she has authority to make changes or ask to make some specifically (and place her own people).
  7. Wow you must have some deep connections since she was only announced last week and doesn't even start until June 1, a full month plus away. So you are saying she's already been provided with enough information about marketing department where she has made the conclusion they have been stealing for year. By the way, TKM fired most the marketing department in February 2014. This was necessary back then as they were unqualified, inept and lacked any resemblance to a sophisticated marketing department. It even had a crony son of Frinfrock on the staff (even though sons should not be held responsible for sins of a father). So tell us more about about her stance on the current situation at UNLV. Because beyond the information she's learned and been explained to her in the interview process I have a hard time believing that she has been able to make the assessment you are stating.
  8. Actually it's back-to-back MWC Golf Championships for BOTH men's and women's teams. Damn talking about owning a sport.
  9. UNLV wins both Men's and Women's 2017 MWC Golf Championship.
  10. Way to completely over analyze a tweet. This could literally mean anything including referring to Bigby-Williams transferring or maybe even the McCoy has decided on OU. You gotta stop. Between this and teh transcending talk, it's an embarrassment.
  11. Formee Frog = Master Frog?
  12. I appreciate the job Thompson has done especially navigating realignment and bringing SDSU and Boise State back fron the AAC. However Thompson lacks a sophisticated modern strategy and acumen. He served his purpose but it's time for new vision and leadership. This conference could be doing so much more to improve itself as a brand and create separation from the Group of 5. It's time. Bring in a Jim Liverngood or another person with the ability to lead this conference in a new direction. The AAC is our main competition and they are pulling away.
  13. CBS Sports does have a streaming option now.
  14. I got it. How about? AFA Boise State Colorado State Fresno State Hawaii (football only) New Mexico San Diego State San Jose State UNLV UNR Utah State Wyoming