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  1. Rebs have Shaq Murray Lawrence playing for Vancouver.
  2. Here's a good list of Washington beer winners.
  3. It can be managed. Century Link, 67K seats is home to Seattle Seahawks and also Seattle Sounders. During Sounder games upper deck are warped off and it's an amazing game day atmosphere.
  4. Can you say cannon? As in the cannon will be red.
  6. I put together a Google Sheets Doc for everyone to update. Once filled in it will give a better view of returning starters and depth charts. All the college rags never get it right so I thought everyone can fill in their own school info. Heres the link. Please feel free to fill in your info.
  7. Guess you'll all be bitches next year.
  8. Can't make this shyt up. UNR's season ticket mailer. Two tiny mistakes. First obviously a typo. Second there's no such place as the University of Nevada.
  9. This is a joke right? Attempt to make G5 even worse?
  10. Thanks fellas. Yeah. Originally going to drive to San Sebastián or Bilboa but it's a good 5-6 hour drive. That's fine for 5+ days but I only have two nights. Im thinking of flying to Bilboa and returning car am driving to Santander or San Sebastián. I am familiar with Guggenheim and have always wanted to visit but most people say just stay one day. To the south of Bilboa is Rioja which is about 1-hour drive and loaded with cava bodegas. Other option is scrappy the north all together and spending time in wine country near around Barcelona. Decisions decisions and time is running short.
  11. Barcelona should be fine but we are going to skip town and do the north or Rioja or maybe even bodega country aliens Barcelona.
  12. Ex-girlfriend-of-bishop-gorman-coach-recants-abuse-story Ex-girlfriend recanted claim.
  13. Planning a couple nights trip to San Sebastián after arriving to Barcelona. Any one been to San Sebastián, Bilbao or Rioja region? Going to rent a car from barcelona and make my way to San Sebastián for a night and maybe to Bilbao for a night and back to Barcelona. Maybe skip night in Bilboa for night in Rioja?
  14. Mug shut down his sock puppet and alter ego @mugstang.