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  1. Nope. Quite possibly the best stadium, aside from CSU, in the MWC.
  2. Ass...

    @PokeTransplant giving me the LACASEY reaction was uncalled for. How long do I need to be on this board before people quit thinking I'm a Boise fan?
  3. Ass...

    The Dogs curb stomped the 'Tecs Twi-i-ice as Ha-hard as I thought they would.
  4. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    How to improve the MWC; increase Hawaii's bottom line to the detriment of all other members'.
  5. Oh we back bitches!!!!

    Shhhh! We are a year away, guys. Don't listen to my friend here.
  6. Jeff Tedford

    Me too. Too small, but his break on the ball in the air....
  7. Pretty Funny

  8. Jeff Tedford

    Funny. When I'd listen to CPH call games last year, he was all over Juju and I could never figure out why. He never did much. Play maker waiting and just begging for coaching. It's OK to be happy, ROFL. We are Fresno State again my friend.
  9. Don't look now

    Fresno's awake.
  10. Pretty Funny

    Shit, man. Even I know enough to never count out Boise.
  11. Pretty Funny

    I didn't say the entire fan base. You said "no one" I disagreed and linked proof.
  12. Pretty Funny

    Read the thread. There were plenty of BSU fans predicting a win. As for "you guys" look a little closer at my avatar. You seem to be confused.
  13. Pretty Funny

    I'm not sure what you are claiming to have not said, but I didn't edit anything I quoted. I thought you asked for proof of BSU fans predicting a win and I linked one. If your comment was doctored by someone else, apologies.