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  1. http://cordcuttersnews.com/playstation-vue-just-added-cbs-sports-network-1-channel/
  2. Idaho does not wear blue uniforms or play outdoors and UNLV wears red, not orange.
  3. 2017 NFL rosters by school

    FIFY The 4 guys that are on rosters are from last year's team. Most of them likely wouldn't have even got a workout had it not been for UH replacing Chow and his staff. UH's current staff had the contacts to get these guys opportunities. Chow didn't even want to hold a pro day.
  4. Mike Leach is an interesting dude

    Yeah, but he also reminds me of Nick Searcy's character in the Comebacks. The starting QB's father who works at the "Mill."
  5. MWC Players of the Week

    Did the MWC give OPOW for week 0 or did they ball them up into week 1. I know that the MWC Connection gave out a Week 0 award. If there was no Week 0 award, John Ursua should have been a lock for Week 0-1 POW with his 272yds receiving.
  6. 2 Deeps

    UH's LT is an All-MWC preseason pick. UH's RT was the #1 guard recruit in the country for 2015 that started several games for UCLA as a true freshman. What they lack in size, they make up with a whole lot of skill.
  7. Week 0 TV

    Rutgers was still in the supposed 6th best conference at the time. Even though the Big East was a BCS conference, they were the ugly stepchild. The PAC-12 controls the Sydney College Cup's TV rights. The MWC doesn't. The Big Ten controls the TV rights to Michigan's home games. The MWC doesn't. The MWC controls Hawaii's TV rights(aka all their HOME games), and their Tier 1 TV partner(CBSSports) chose to show UH's HOME games against Colorado, Oregon State, Washington, and USC on their network.
  8. Week 0 TV

    ESPN wasn't an option because CBSSports gets first dibs. They have broadcasted every conference controlled MWC-Power 5 matchup that didn't involve Boise State since 2013.
  9. Week 0 TV

    Eleven Sports Network(UH vs UMass)is in 55 Million US households. The game is also being shown on Spectrum sports in Hawaii and NESN in Massachusetts.
  10. Nevada fans, think back to the 2010 football season

    Chow originally wasn't even a finalist. JD and the selection committee picked their 4 finalists. Somehow, Chow got added on the list as a courtesy to appease BOR members. When JD presented the UH President with their pick of Dirk Koetter, she and several BOR members said no. Then they said no to Brian Norwood, Mark Banker and Duane Akina. So Hawaii went with its fifth pick. It pissed off a lot of people on the selection committee, many of whom were major donors to the athletic program.
  11. Offensive Statues

    What is UNLV's new logo doing in San Jose? Shouldn't you Spartans find that offensive?
  12. I highly doubt it. The family moved to Alabama. His little brother plays for Thompson High School, which is coached by Jameis Winston's former HS coach.
  13. Hawaii

    Walk-On DL Zeno Choi is presented a UH scholarship from a KPOP girl group. Rolo is pretty creative.
  14. Boise State @ Hawaii 2007

    If he could read, I'd probably agree with his adjusted assessment 2012 SJSU ≥ 2014 UH
  15. Boise State @ Hawaii 2007

    hmmm SJSU, the only team to lose AT HOME to Hawaii during Norm Chow's tenure(13-0 in 2014), talking about UH losing to a superior opponent. How did your BCS game go? #Lamer