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  1. Imagine the drop if they ban fireworks at the stadium.
  2. They do have the poker chips. However, they don't know it. It's like the chips are inside the lining of their jacket because of a hole in the pocket.(It happens. I found $60 in my jacket once.) When they find them, watch out! They are practically already independent. They already have most of the key features that the successful independents have had. They have their own TV deal.(I have a feeling that UH PPV games would again be streamed via ESPN3, like they were before they joined the MWC.) They have some sort of an exemption.(BYU has mission exemption. Service academies have an extra coach and lax recruiting rules, UH has an extra game and/or week 0 exemption.) They pay every team's travel to come to Hawaii. They have their own bowl tie-in. (BYU gets agreements years in advance. ND has access to most of the ACC tie-ins. The service academies can have the military-themed bowls.) The only real difference from independence other than competing for conference championships is that UH has to pay for their own travel on road games. As an independent, travel would be covered by the host school. If done correctly, UH would make a lot more money as an independent, and could realistically have 8-9 home games each year.
  3. Are you sure the puzzle piece isnt blue? Coaches recently have been wearing a blue puzzle piece to raise autism awareness.
  4. Since the NCAA took over in 2005, the NIT is usually only filled with P5 underperformers and mid-major regular season champions who didnt win their conference tournament. For most mid-majors it is impossible to make it to NIT as an at-large as shitty P5 schools seem to have better RPIs just because of their conference association. In most of those mid-major conferences, the #2 team(usually with 20+ wins) is playing in the CIT even though they can beat half of the NIT field handily. The CIT(a mid-major only tournament) was actually created because of the NCAA's bias towards shitty P5 teams. If the NCAA expanded the NIT to 64 and gave each conference an autobid, the CIT would likely shut down.
  5. The women's NIT has a field of 64, but it isn't run by the NCAA. If the NCAA were to go to a 64 team men's NIT, I'd like the women's set up. 32 conferences each get a rep + 32 at-large berths. Regular season champs are automatically the conference rep if they don't make the tourney, but the conferences pick their reps otherwise. Also, teams submit bids to host tourney games.
  6. UMass is independent because the MAC wont take football only schools.
  7. Former UH AD Ben Jay is currently in the Bay Area as an AD for DII Academy of Art in San Francisco. Maybe the Spartans can hire him.
  8. Rivals???????? for Hawaii?????????? Never heard of them. They have no presence on the islands.
  9. I hope the NCAA rules it as a "foreign tour" since this is occuring in the offseason, and I hope they do it after Michigan takes the trip. Just like how basketball teams go to other countries, football teams can do the same. The big difference is that football teams are banned from postseason competition for the season that immediately follows the tour. Regular season games and practices in foreign countries don't count as foreign tours.
  10. 21,000 for soccer, 25,000 for concerts. If the Stadium Authority uses that format, they'll likely put in an upper deck to get to 30,000-35,000 for football. It's not that bad looking from the inside.
  11. Children's Mercy Park, Kansas City
  12. If we are going to talk about the would of, could of, should of teams, then 2006 Hawaii has to be there. I read somewhere that the 2006 Hawaii senior class had the most players signed(drafted or FA) to NFL camp rosters for the 2007 season of any team in the country. That team went 11-3 with losses at Alabama, at Boise State, and home against Oregon State by a combined 18pts. They were the most efficient offense the NCAA had ever seen at the time. UH was also the only team with a 475+ypg average in 2006.(They averaged 556ypg and 46.9ppg) If the NCAA didn't f'up all the clock rules for that one year, UH could have easily had 600ypg and over 50ppg. They only punted 17 times in 14 games(1.21 per game average), shattering the previous NCAA record of 18 punts in 9 games(2.0 average) by Nevada back in 1948. To top it off, the 2006 defense allowed it's fewest points per game(24.1) since 1994. If 2006 Hawaii played 2007 Hawaii, 2006 would have probably beaten 2007 worse than Georgia did. That 2007 team was lucky to have a favorable schedule, and they still almost blew it with close wins(last minute or overtime) against LA Tech, SJSU, Nevada, and Washington.
  13. Dru Brown, a 2017 recruit according to 24/7sports composite recruiting rankings, has been named the starting QB for Hawaii this week against Nevada. 2017 recruit Brown has had playing time in the last 3 games for UH. Under 2017 recruit Brown's leadership, UH scored Touchdowns on 3 of 4 drives against Arizona. Fellow 2017 recruit Cole Brownholtz enrolled at Hawaii to compete for the 2016 UH starting QB spot. After losing the competition, it has been decided that 2017 recruit Brownholtz will redshirt the 2016 season.