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  1. Love Botswana. It was never a colony and the people are fierce and proud. The Okavaango Delta and Kalahari have to be seen to be believed. The Okavaango in particular. Namibia is also great. Fish canyon, Etosha, the skeleton coast... It's very nice. Senegal is great and I'd love back to Dakar in a heartbeat. Diving on Isles Des Madelaines is fantastic. My best friend lives there. One can drive from Dakar to San Luis on the beach during low tide. You'll think I'm crazy, but Mauritania is pretty amazing as well. The Sahara is different there for some reason. The Oasis at Terjit and the Eastern Highlands near the border with Mali will overload your senses after the rainy season. The colors are mind blowing. Camping in the Masai Mara will change the way you think. Hearing a lion's roar at 2am, just on the other side of the boma, makes you realize how little we are as individuals. Hell, the whole damn continent is pretty fantastic and ought to be experienced (minus the parts where the machetes are out in force). It was (and is) a downer coming back to the states. Meeting people in Africa is what I think it's supposed to be like for humans. They ask how you and your family are and they actually mean it. I find that to be rare across much of the rest of the busy world. Going back this fall luckily. If any of you yahoos decide to go, please reach out and let me help with linkups and a non-touristy itinerary. More than happy to do so.
  2. This hurts my feelings and is therefore... invalid.
  3. Wow. The game in the Pit could be rough.
  4. VIEW FROM THE LIBERTARIAN SIDELINES Probably best to stop deluding yourselves. This guy can do anything he wants and, if that involves a second term, he'll get it. Impeached? Don't make me laugh. He has an army at his back and he doesn't have to get much right to keep them on a war footing. If Bill Clinton avoided it, this guy will. Those of you who were hootin and hollerin when Reid introduced the Nuke Option and Obama issued orders... Well, you will be hootin an hollerin for real as these are used to insert things in your collective rectum that are going to have long term and devastating effects for your imagined policy goals. They will be inserted into all of our rectums, but it will probably hurt you more. We are already entering financial crisis times. Go look at your newspapers. Most of your legislatures have returned and I'm willing to bet that DEBT, SHORTFALL, and DEFICIT are the most prominent words therein. You see, the almighty interest rate is going to continue to go up and that is going to wipe out a fourth of the Federal Budget. Nobody has planned for this (I asked) and the boneheads who keep suggesting that inflation will control it are even being abandoned (a lot of this recent debt is short term and will be unaffected by inflation). That will have a couple effects on the Democrats. 1. You own the most immediate causes for the debt over the last eight years. Oh, you will cry about the cost of war and that might work for a short time, but eventually the Deplorables will figure out those costs are immediate and the long term costs are something else entirely. Democrats will be blamed for this (probably deservedly, but neither side has been fiscally minded). Regardless, it is going to stick to you. 2. You have no plan. Your party isn't exactly strong on the debt thing. Never really has been. 3. Same ole same ole. Many of you woke up to the gap between your nonsense and middle America for a brief moment after the stunning election loss. There were a couple tweets about 'reaching out' and 'understanding'. Those all died by 1 DEC. You know how I know? Because you brought Peolosi and Schumer in to lead your awesome Team Blue comeback. Collectively, these two represent the biggest dose of Sameness in all of Sameville. 4. A lot of those 'bennies' that your party has handed out over the years to your self-interested groups will be eaten by the debt payment. Add to that, Trump knows Unions better than you and he is a consummate showman. These parlor tricks with the automotive industry are exactly the kind of language they understand. 5. The labelling thing has run its course. You painted an awful large segment of the population with the Racist/Sexist/Xenophobe brush. It worked at the outset of the Obama thing, but it obviously isn't working now. Your still using the same playbook and are oblivious to the kind of resentment that breeds in the so called deplorable crowd. 6. The deplorables are tougher than you. These people travel 800 miles to go to rallies in freezing temps and get spat upon. They love what Trump is doing to the media, because they were portrayed as basically KKK rally attendees by the same media. I see zero change in the media's tactics so, this will play into Trump's hands. 7. Ultimately, the Deplorables are made out of Iron, while you are pretty much fluffy corn silk. It's wise to get ready to put your palms on the prison shower walls. Find something to put between your teeth if you can. I don't think this crew is going to be pleasant and I think they will go in dry. It could be the world's first mass prison rape that actually was asked for. SMH
  5. Well, he looks like a Viking Warlord so, that pretty much spells doom for the rest of you pansies and your Revlon model looking little b$@# a$$ DCs. Ultimately, Bohl could have brought in an inanimate object and still cut through your little weiner offenses like a scythe next year. Probably better you just submit now, put your iron collars on, and get to foraging with the other captives.
  6. No worries, didn't take it that way at all.
  7. You must send your most finely perfumed courtesan here, to the Iron Bank of Bosler where we, those who control your destiny, will determine if the future of your children's children hold value to us? If we agree to loan you gold, so that you may vanquish the false prophet in your realm, you will immediately build Taco John's on every street corner of your cursed village. Valar Morghulis. P.S. don't send Scooter, he displeaseth me.
  8. Gotta go to the rim Pokes.
  9. Congrats to the Aztecs, Lobos, Falcons, and Warriors on their bowl wins. Here's to the long dark of the offseason.
  10. Way to go Falcons! Had me worried there for a bit.
  11. Although we saw progress with the D this year, I'm actually pretty happy with this. Ultimately, I'm an impatient bastard!
  12. Uncharacteristic game with the Falcons. Expected 4OTs again.
  13. I tell ya, they clean up some of these little mistakes and this could be an interesting season. Like the chemistry out there.
  14. Wow, I missed the T on the AF coach. Anybody see what it was about?
  15. Lots of whistles in this one.