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  1. Charlie Rose joins the ranks of the accused

    I have no idea how you can quantify that. Could you enlighten me on your methodology?
  2. Ok so it's harder in cases where people wait 40 years to come forward. There still needs to be some kind of verification or preponderance of evidence to verify stories, that's what employers do.
  3. It's pretty easy to verify stories, it shouldn't take long.
  4. I only went to GU law for 2 years but they did impress due process was fairly important. I don't expect tiny hands to step down after 17 women have come forward against him. I would expect some sort of investigation. Or do you think trump should just step down?
  5. How about the ethics investigation he called on himself? So had he said "fake news" and they are "liars" that would satisfy you?
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/sen-franken-asks-ethics-investigation-lengthy-apology-sexual/story%3fid=51199313
  7. The woman's allegations.
  8. Charlie Rose joins the ranks of the accused

    Pretty evenly split. It's a perverted power thing.
  9. Charlie Rose joins the ranks of the accused

    Don't get the fascination with these guys pulling the naked guy move.
  10. It's my understanding al is cooperating, I could be wrong. If proven he needs to step down.
  11. It's more common then you think. Trump has 17 allegations against him from women along with being caught on tape but people still believe him. I'm not sure he is being investigated for it or not. Perhaps all the Russian stuff is taking too much time.
  12. Isn't there an investigation going on right now about Al?
  13. Hell froze over

    I don't think he's incompetent but his hubris won't allow him to keep quiet.
  14. Hell froze over

    What else is slick Willy being investigated for? I was under the impression he had several investigations completed against him including impeachment proceedings.
  15. Hell froze over

    I'm sure some people think that. Most just see all the fake black lives matter and other adds the Russians used to dupe the uneducated people to vote for tiny hands as worse.