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  1. My bad. The AAC really isn't that strong. All it takes is a strong year by Boise or somebody else. And Houston won't be going 13-1 ever again.
  2. Hey, welcome back Bob! Good to see you. But I don't see either school joining the Big 12. ESPN polled the coaches and they wanted Houston and BYU. Athletic Directors want strong athletic programs. Can't get any stronger with either Cougar school. And presidents make these decisions. BYU is the best available choice and Houston is not far behind. Cincy next best bet. Memphis really has no chance.
  3. It doesn't make sense to Keep the 6 together down south and throw BYU up north. It leaves the divisions unbalanced. I think this is the perfect opportunity to balance divisions and make some travel easier. Football, travel doesn't mean much, but having divisions means that BYU wouldn't have to go to West VA as often if it's in the south with the TX schools. And OK schools might like having an easier path to the title game with the KS schools. It's basically the old Big 8 again with WV and the Southwest Conference with BYU
  4. Who's your rival j/w? BYU? NW, we do that in the Pac anyway with UCLA/Stanford, USC/Oregon, it's not a big deal. People want to see that title game. It's just a cross division game the Red River Rivalry
  5. If the Big 12 just expands to 12, I'm betting they take BYU and Houston See my divisions re: Cougars both in the South, Okies both to the north then The WCC replaces BYU with either Denver or Seattle (they would drop down to 9 and 9 is the reason why 1-AAA conferences expand to 10. An even # is better for basketball/Olympic scheduling.) So this gives the American the perfect opportunity to expand to 12 after losing just Houston. Do they take just Rice? To replace the H-town market 4th largest in USA? I can't see them taking UAB or Southern Miss or Army or UMass when they'd have a Texas sized hole in their western division. So I'm predicting Rice gets to leave the dumpster fire that is C-USA. But wait! Now C-USA is at 13 after losing Rice to AAC. So either CUSA can kick somebody or invite somebody. Well, I don't see them taking any schools from the Sun Belt. Who would they take? Texas state? Arkansas State? Kind of redundancy they have the state of Texas covered with UTEP, UTSA, North Texas. There's no replacing Rice, But maybe they can solve their travel partner problem with UTEP. I say they should consider NMSU. Because UTEP is on an island in CUSA. But it doesn't bring any new markets. So CUSA must expand back to 14 to even things out. Either that or boot somebody and go down to 12. Who would they boot? It's not the MAC with UMass football only which was an easy decision to boot. I'm guessing CUSA takes James Madison from FCS to make Old Dominion happy. Or they take a gamble on Georgia State for the Atlanta market. Idk. I'd like to see NMSU be #14 in CUSA but it is a crapshoot between Arkansas State, Georgia State, James Madison, and New Mexico State.
  6. Mine: Big 12 South Baylor University Brigham Young University University of Houston Texas Christian University Texas Polytechnic University University of Texas, Austin Big 12 North Iowa State Kansas Kansas State Oklahoma Oklahoma State West Virginia
  7. I used to think BYU and Cincy, but I'm convinced it is now BYU and Houston. Congrats, Cougars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys did it and you both deserve it. What has Cincy done? They suck. But if the Big 12 goes to 14, then I would throw in Cincy and Memphis (both aren't ideal). in a 12 team big 12, texas, tcu, Houston, Texas tech, Baylor, BYU Oklahoma, OK St, IOwa St, Kansas, K St, West VA i think Houston balances the division's perfectly. Let the sooner state schools go north! That's what Bill Snyder wants. The old Big 8 boys!! BYU and TCU back in the house! The BYU Cougars can easily compete in that South with Texas, Tech, TCU, Houston and Baylor who will now suck. Wow.
  8. I'm gonna say I think Houston and BYU for 12, if it's 14, maybe Cincy, BYU, Houston and Memphis
  9. I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because I'm a Democrat. I know that's not very popular, but her ideas are more aligned with my centrist philosophy. Donald Trump has taken things so far right, I don't know whether to believe him and take his word for it or hope he moderates and see what happens. Personally I don't want to see what happens. We did that with Bush (if you are a Dem) and with Obama (if you're a Rep). But what choice do I have? Bernie didn't make it. My generation (18-29) year olds want the old man in the White House. Not to poke fun at anybody because I'm sure you think I'm wasting my vote, but IMHO any vote for a 3rd party candidate is a wasted vote. We have a duopoly between the Donkeys(or jackasses, your preference) and Elephants. We don't get proportional elections in this country like England that allow for multiple political parties to thrive. We have either the Liberal/Progressive Party and the Conservative Party. I do believe the GOP is divided in more ways than one. There are true Libertarians who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. There are nativists like Trump who are conservative socially and economically. There are Socialists on the D side who are both liberal on the social issues and economy. Then there are moderates like myself who are generally progressive but depends on the issues. I don't like deficits more than my R friends, but we've had them our entire history save for the Clinton admin. Thanks to George Dubya, we lost that surplus. If it weren't for Dubya, I could see myself supporting a moderate Republican candidate in my later years, but I don't think I'll ever switch parties and vote Rep. Remember, Sanders is a socialist who only joined the Donks in 2014. Trump has switched both parties twice. Dem, then Rep, then Dem, now Rep again. Can you really know what he's thinking? i know people like Trump's gravitas but he has no knowledge of foreign or public policy and that scares me. I don't like politics as usual but a politician like Clinton is better IMHO than some firebrand. The devil you know is better than the one you don't imho. And Obama bashing aside, he mostly continued W's war on terror, which Hillary will continue, until the midterms in 2018. i don't get why Dems aren't the party of national security. Email jokes aside, we got UBL. FDR won WW2. Both parties are pro USA, but the D's don't want to spend as much on the military when every other nation only has 1 air craft carrier except France with 3, and here we want #11. Is it really necessary? cyber security and spec ops should be priority. I don't think we need million man armies anymore. We need to look ahead into 21st century warfare. Cyber war. Zero days was a good movie. Last OT thought, I don't know if Israel will ever allow a Palestinian state. Both sides blame the other but IMHO if you keep taking land like the US did with native Americans, pretty soon all the P's will have will be like reservations and it will basically be one state, the state of Israel. And I'm a supporter of Israel, but I think if they don't try and support a two state process and solution now, what will the situation be in 50 years? Might get worse. Who knows? If they get out ahead of it and allow the state of P to be born, shit maybe peace in the Middle East can be realized. It might give more Arab nations reason to recognize Israel. But as long as they keep killing each other, both sides are to blame, not one is innocent, and terrorism has no justification, I think it keeps the cycle of violence spinning. You take out Hamas, but more follow in their place. It's the pits. Both sides say the entire land is theirs. Well shit, where's King David when you need him? If nobody can compromise, nobody gets the land. Two state solution. As my dad would say, compromise means nobody gets what they want, they get half of what they want because they can't agree lol. Ah crap, I just hope our future presidents and congresses, both D and R, put USA first. Take care of our country at home and abroad. Don't start pre emptive wars without slam dunk solid Intel. We need to figure out a way to catch these Isis bastards once and for all. A retired colonel told me, every time we get rid of 1, 10 take his place. It's my generations Vietnam except our drones are keeping our soldiers out of harms way (for the most part, no infantry boots on the ground etc). Hope Hillary and Donald both focus on spec and black ops to really take the fight to these asymmetrical guerrila punks. What do you guys think? What's the answer? If Trump is POTUS, what do you hope/think he'll do? I respect each and every one of you and am proud you're patriots and fellow Americans. Just because we see things differently politically, doesn't mean we can't be lovers of freedom and supporters of the USA, still the best damn country on earth by far. God bless