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  1. Nevada Convert- All-American Idiot

    Will there be a new poster name Eminem that clearly has more talent than You? The posts will be sharper in lyric, more complex in rythme and ryhme, allowing Dre to fade away into over priced headphones... chronic... And memories of relevance.
  2. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    You guys can borrow the Kibbie Dome if you need to... but please leave our water alone.
  3. "This is unquestionably the WORST thread I have ever read on this forum." Well that post should further it's lead into the gallows of your esteemed rating system. Glad you could participate.
  4. Don't get it twisted. I'm solely here to tell everyone I told you so when BSU loses their opener against Troy. And later... watch the annual Air Force win, the Wyoming QB and coach outshine Rypien and Harsin... watch the reaction to the CSU upset over BSU... And after all of these unfortunate happenings... watch BSU beat SDSU... the eventual 2017 MWC champ... Their only 2 losses... BSU... UC Davis.
  5. You are correct, sir. Thank you... and I truly do believe this. The MWC has more talent in it... but the top teams in both conferences aren't blowing each other out in a head to head. I officially go on record - horizontal/lateral. I do not support Dr. Dre's postion - I won't buy beats, San Diego State loses to a team they never should every year... and Eminem is way more talented than Dre... even in his clone form... (as the real Eminem was killed a while ago.) University of Idaho Creator of the Clone you are eating for dinner...
  6. Grandpa Dre - sounds like you think the MWC is better than the Big Sky. That's funny. I think this move is vertical... Because I think the only gap that is widening in college football is the big 5 from the rest of the pack. The days of the Mountain West Conference making any noise nationally in the Bowl games is gone. That's because of the Power 5. It's why the Mountain West can count on San Diego State being it's champ AGAIN. BSU has lost it's edge... so when CSU wins it this year... and faces San Diego State (which most likely will back into this game again: see Wyoming destroy SDSU: see BSU fan claim SDSU purposely throws game to put Wyoming in driver seat) in the championship game... but all year long that UC Davis loss takes the MWC champion Aztec team out of any national title... Weak conference. You don't matter. The Big Sky? Yes... you can be a National Champion. MWC... never... ever... You see... there's you... Dr. Dre... the MWC... And there's Eminem... the SEC... not even close... just way more talent. Understand? As for the Utah alumni who chooses to cheer for USU... a lot of self hatred there... my prayers are with you.
  7. They are... UC Davis has Coach Dan Hawkins... he's the coach responsible for the BSU turnaround. They should erect a statue of that guy in front of Bronco Stadium... My point? Dan Hawkins will have UC Davis ready... every damn game... something Rocky doesn't have a reputation of doing... so don't be surprised when you eeeeeek this one out 10-7 because Dan Hawkins goes 8-10 on 4th down conversions... Either does Harsin for that matter. See Utah State absolutely annihilate BSU last year. So - is it not a sin for a Utah State Aggie fan to call himself/herself a "Utah" fan in their profile? Fix that. Either own it... and type State... or continue to come across cowardly.
  8. And SDSU's name is in that list of wins. You two need to recruit a Fresno State fan to take this stance over for you guys. You don't have much to stand on... South Alabama. Seriously? And you got worked. But your Coach learned his lesson. UC Davis... Nice... Now it's Harsin's turn... Troy 38. BSU 20.
  9. Hey guys... no need to name call. South Alabama was a tough team. We had them on the schedule too. We just didn't lose. Hell - you can see how they faired in conference. They had to travel to SDSU to grab a win... They had to get OC to win... Troll? Or fact bringer... Troll... or Mr. Reality Check... Seriously... the MWC just isn't as strong as the SunBelt. 31 South Alabama USA 5-6 , 1-6 38 Idaho IDAHO 7-4 , 5-2
  10. That attempt at redirection does not change South Alabama's dominance over a #19 Aztec team... Considering your fanship status.... that wound is still fresh... your post was a sorry attempt to cover your tears. The game... wasn't even close. Ps. You suffered a major defeat in that hut. A clear distinction not many of your conference mates can claim... LOL
  11. That attempt at redirection does not change South Alabama's dominance over a #19 Aztec team... Considering your fanship status.... that wound is still fresh... your post was a sorry attempt to cover your tears. The game... wasn't even close.
  12. A 6-7 South Alabama beat San Diego State last year... speaks volumes. 24 San Diego State 3-1 42 South Alabama 3-2 And then the Bowl season clearly illustrates the SunBelt is better. Troy will open your MWC season beating your number 1 team... BSU... You know... the team that Air Force clearly owns...
  13. As a vandal fan... the competition is a drop down from the SunBelt but I wouldn't mind listening... Would the conference attitude still be BSU and then everyone else... The MWC thought they bought a Ferrari... taint nuttin but a Kit Car...
  14. Shit... Can we stay in the Sun Belt? Better quality football. Last year proved that. Troy will remind you of that early... and often.