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  1. Idaho vs Missouri

    Congrats on proving last week wasn't a fluke. Say it with me... Fresno... State....
  2. Dearest Mall Cop...

    Hey... !!!! Then I take it back... +++++in great win... this is not to take away from a very good game and... 2 very good squads. would be a great rematch.
  3. Dearest Mall Cop...

    I just came to read the online Game of Thrones Mountain West style... Both fan bases deserve the loss... And I would say the SDSU fan base needed this loss most... before you ended up like BSU fans... And now look at them... just happy to beat you... that's a far cry from where they once were... Forget about the bowl games ppl... It's now about winning the Mountain West... undefeated will never happen.
  4. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    That win on the road was impressive. Cozart is the answer. Let's see if Harsin starts Rypien again. Or is Harsin calling this a 2 QB system? Start Rypien, put in Cozart to save the day. A little tacky Harsin... a little tacky...
  5. More like... you know you've done +++++ed up when he's not resorting to HA HA HA HA HA HA HA after his post. HA HA HA HA HA HA!
  6. Ok Boise, what is going on?

    Typical donk spin... "He was a walk on that has never played!" Why does that matter? Everyone on that team was invited... walk on or not... If a guy from North Korea blows the world up.. It's... "the humans blew up Earth..." not... " a walk on who has never played blew up the Earth." So then... this BSU team is out of control... and this player should be kicked off the team.
  7. SDSU @ UNLV

    Point is... SDSU... is about to dominate your team. There is no avoiding this... 62-12 HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA!HA! HA! HA!
  8. SDSU @ UNLV

    Everyone knows you suddenly appeared in 2008... You're like the Idaho guy on the Apprentice who spoke with a southern draw... Total fraud.
  9. SDSU @ UNLV

    You are a Bronco bandwagoner... Peer pressure defined you to the bone...
  10. SDSU @ UNLV

    What choice do you have in the matter?
  11. SDSU @ UNLV

    We all know you won't be in attendance. The last thing you need is a stadium full of people reminding you how lonely you are...
  12. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    Stop projecting. There are other fish in the sea... plenty o fish...com...
  13. SDSU @ UNLV

    Considering your history of no money... we could always settle on an easy cyber bet, so you can hang onto your food stamps.. If SDSU wins, you can no longer type the word HA. If BSU wins, you can wake up... because that chit is happening only in your dreams.
  14. SDSU @ UNLV

    You are certainly an idiot, as well. Just admit it... SDSU is going to woodshed BSU...
  15. Where's the Boise State/BYU game thread?

    Awesome burn... now go dish out some ice cream for your little brothers. The grown ups are talking.