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  1. This is the way I've observed things this off-season with regards to the Josh Allen stuff and TWYOFs. Wyoming fans posted stuff national media are saying about Josh Allen(while being surprised and saying this is cool)---> Fans of other teams start saying Josh isn't that good and Wyoming fans are idiots/crazy/TWYOF for thinking he is that good(even though it wasn't Wyoming fans making the claims initially)----> Wyoming fans defend Josh Allen----> Josh Allen memes start and good time is had by all. Throw in some sock puppets to stir things up and you end up with some TWOF type posts but I really don't think we are there. Even though we all think JA will be great this season and are expecting quite a bit out of him and expect a good year from the Cowboys I think most of the over the top posts about JA are TIC or sock puppets. There are a few posters that could be treading towards TWYOF direction but I don't think we are there yet. Give it some time though and we can get there. Edit: I was using the T____F term as a way to illustrate my point but as BSUTOP25 pointed out I shouldn't use the term yet if it hasn't been authorized.
  2. teamprivilege

    FSU @PokeTransplant You're up
  3. And Brett Smith. Agreed. Along with others I am suspicious Chris=Stunner
  4. I was just going to say that Grand Teton used to be Wyoming and sometimes still considered a Wyoming brewery. I saw a map some publication made with the most famous alchohol from every state and they had Grand Teton for Wyoming. I was annoyed by that. they are also always invited to the Wyoming Brewfest in Saratoga WY which is only open to Wyoming brewers. I gotta disagree with the bolded part however, Their Sweetgrass APA is amazing. One of the standard bearers for what an Americacn Pale Ale should be IMO. Not a huge fan of many other of their beers but Sweetgrass makes up for it.
  5. That's a legit concern but I'm not too concerned about it. Yeah he lost his 3 best receivers but we have plenty of young guys coming up and a couple that have shown flashes. ANd as far as losing Hill, that will hurt but we are a run first team so there are backs that can take his place. I don't expect our running game to be as good but I expect our passing game to pick up some of the slack. Or oppentents will start focusing on Allen leaving room for our running game to do some damage. Our offensive line will be better as it was young last year and we only lost one guy(a very good one but only one) and I expect our defense to get better(can't get much too worse and we are returning lots of talent and I think they are finally understanding the scheme) to keep us in games and take some pressure off. As far as the INT's that is a concern and he needs to get better(not sure why he won't get better from his soph to JR year) but the vast majority of his picks came in a handful of his worst games. 4 came in one quarter against NEB when he was pressing to make a comeback and also had a nicked up ankle not allowing him to get behind his throws fully. So he needs to get better at the mental aspect but he has shown in most games last year he can keep the INT's down but needs to not throw them in bunches. That's whats crazy with all this coverage. We Wyoming fans love Josh Allen and expect him to be good but the amount of hype coming out of the national media was shocking. Wyoming fans just seem surprised and excited with every new thing coming out nationally about Josh. It was unexpected and is pretty exciting.
  6. NVGiant already disputed everyone of your points but I wanted to expand on the Central Park Caesar play. Every president since Clinton has been depicted in that play at one point as far as I have heard. And even if that isn't the case, The stabbing of Julius Caesar is not the happy ending of the story. It is in no way is celebrating the death of Caesar/Trump. It is a tragedy and is treated that way. Dumbest fake outrage ever.
  7. I know we often get sidetracked in threads and threads get hijacked all the time. We often have several different topics being discussed at once in a thread. But, this is my favorite dual discussion ever. We have feral cats and Walmart vs the causes of WW2. Great stuff. Haha.
  8. I'm in.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/06/09/theres-no-indication-comey-violated-the-law-trump-may-be-about-to/?tid=pm_pop&utm_term=.160a3cf561f6 Interesting take on Trump threatening to sue/complaint to IG.
  10. I realize that there is most likely plenty of politicians involved with the parade. You said"what do laws and policy have to do with pride" implying they shouldn't be political in the parade while at the same time saying who cares if some have trump signs. I was going along with your premise of keeping politics out of the parade, then they wouldn't want Trump signs in it. And if they are including politics in the parade then I would guess they would only want to support politicians that are friendly to their cause and most gay people do not consider the Trump administration to be friendly to their cause so they most likely wouldn't want them to march. I personally don't care one way or the other if they march or not and don't know why anyone else does either.
  11. Kinda contradicting yourself here. While sure, I think most gay people are not fans of this administration, maybe they want the parade not to be political and about pride.
  12. I've read the same things too. I haven't personally talked to any lawyers but I have seen articles stating the same thing. This twitter thread explains it the best IMO. https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/872532952055513088 I am no lawyer so I don't have any idea if this is correct but it helped explain it to me. Interesting things.
  13. This is kinda my thought too. I'm in my mid 30's and my wife and I don't currently have plans to have kids. It could happen in the future but we are loving the DINK lifestyle right now. If we decided to have a kid it would only be 1 kid.
  14. He can't talk about the investigation but he can talk about "loyalty pledges" and the other conversations between him and Trump inlcluding if Trump asked him to end the investigation into Flynn. Those are interesting questions.
  15. This is what I was thinking. So if in this thread we have decided that most everyone has ID's(they are needed to function in this society and few people have trougble getting them). We have 2 options: 1:spend a lot of money making sure everyone has a free ID so we can then check ID's at the polls. In an effort to stop voter fraud that doesn't seem to exist. 2. Just keep the current system that allows the few people in this country that don't have a government ID to still exercise their right to vote while also not experiencing any meaningful voter fraud. We arrive at essentially the same place with one option being more complicated and expensive.
  16. I briefly relooked it up and the one I was thinking about was in Alabama and they closed a bunch of rural counties DMV centers and it just so happened that 8 of them were in the 10 most democratic counties in the state. It was to save money and of course the governor said it had nothing to do with politics and I thin things were done to lessen the effects like opening the offices one day a month(still not very accessible). This was done a year after voter ID laws went into effect. I'm my mind though it doesn't matter if they were motivated y politics or not. If you are forced to shut down DMV's across the state that hamper peoples access then you shouldn't have voter ID laws.
  17. I agree with the bolded with the caveat that they must not put hoops up to getting the ID's. Like the reports out of Georgia or Tennessee or some other southern state where they were closing DMV's in the poor democratic districts forcing people to have to travel for several hours to receive their licenses. However, until that happens then there must not be a requirement for an ID to vote. I don't know how people get by without an ID either but apparently it happens. And those people still have the right to vote. So if they make it easy and free for every American to get a photo ID I would be inclined to agree to voter ID laws however since in person voter fraud doesn't seem to be an issue then it isn't a major thing I think we need to do. The current system seems to be working.
  18. And they've found that they aren't voting in our elections. At least at any rate that is worrisome. And if the government provided ID's to people for free and had great access to places to receive ID's then voter ID laws would be fine(in my mind). But getting an ID requires a cost which makes ID requirements essentially a poll tax. Sure most people have a hard time functioning in society without an ID but some people choose to live this way or are forced to live this way due to circumstance. Since there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud due to lack of ID requirements, this is a solution in search of a problem as a way to cover for trying to take away voting rights of the poor/minorities.
  19. He is the first james Bond I remember. Watching with my dad. Since that time I have learned that Connery is the classic Bond and I have a strong like for Daniel Craig but I still(as others have said) really liked Moore. Here is a great story that I saw circulating around twitter yesterday by some English man named Marc Haynes. Made me smile. Roger Moore seemed like a great guy.
  20. I think I am gong to have to drop out of the game. I am going to be on vacation next week in Puerto Rico.
  21. I am going to watch it and it could be good but that trailer did very little for me. I also agree with retro lets move forward. I never really cared for enterprise because of it being a prequel and I think I may end up feeling the dame about this one.
  22. Jeez Slap and Flo, Just stop. Using and defending homophobic slurs are not a good look for you.
  23. I'm very curious about this. The trailer has a galaxyquest vibe. But from reading about it it sounds like it could be more serious too. They were calling it a dramedy. I like the star trek spoof aspect and am curious how much comedy to drama there will be.