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  1. Mountain West Basketball Week 6: December 11th - 17th

    They are 3-7 currently. I mean Wyoming (or anyone) can't afford to overlook anyone but I am not particularly worried about EWU.
  2. I have to admit, I saw it(or something very similar) somewhere online and stole it.
  3. Well they did warn us. Just didn't know it was actually a threat.
  4. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    He fell of the radar? He didn't have a great year statistically but the hype/discussion around him never went away. Any discussion about QB's coming out have included Allen. He didn't fall off any radars. He will be 1st round and a high first rounder.
  5. Roy Moore

    It was obvious from the first time I looked at the inscription that the last part was added later. In fact I didn't know this was a point of controversy. I'm sure by here at the time so she can remember the people who signed her stuff. It was obvious because none would sign it like that. Doesn't mean she lied about it. At most she misspoke by not specifying what was added by her (which is of no consequence, the part he did write is the part that matters) because she probably didn't think that the last part mattered and didn't think the right wing media would go looking for any reason to discredit her. The previous part and the Roy signature match up with the graduation card the other woman has and with other samples imho so I don't know why people are freaking out about this one thing....Oh wait I do.
  6. Roy Moore just went BEYOND full retard

    What about all the people OJ didn't murder? Did you ever think about that?
  7. Surprised.....

    This is the way I see it but I admit I haven't looked very much at this, I didn't know anything about it till the verdict was announced. BUt it looks like the prosecutors over-reached. This guy is not a good dude but there wasn't enough evidence to convict him of the crime he was charged with. Now Trump has a rallying cry for his wall.
  8. I can see that argument but I consider the state department and or diplomats to be just as important as a strong military for keeping us safe. These people are the first line of contact with our allies/not quite allies.I don't think the State department is one of the places I would like to see massive cuts. But I am no budget expert so what do I know.
  9. I don't really understand the love for Tillerson I see around here. I mean he is obviously better than almost anyone else in the administration but that is a pretty low bar. SOme of the things I've read about his handling of the State Department are pretty disturbing. He has dismantled it and left our diplomatic corps severely hampered around the world. I get that he is an adult in the room and I appreciate that about him but I don't think he deserves all the love I see for him around here. Just my opinion of course.
  10. Agreed its never been used but Mug asked where the crime was and it looks to me like a crime. And I would think this would be one situation where the Logan act could or should be used. HAving a private citizen undermining the current government with promises of future actions. But you are right it would be hard to use. That's probably why he wasn't charged with it but it may have been on the table if he hadn't made a deal.
  11. Depends what they talked about. I saw some things(and remember a discussion about these conversations earlier this year) that said he was discussing the new sanctions that the Obama administration placed on Russia in Dec 2016 and asking them not to retaliate because the Trump administration would remove the sanctions. This would be a violation of the Logan Act.
  12. Finally. A president who is bold enough to say

    What I don't understand is even from a purely christian perspective "Happy Holidays" is fine. Its a short way to wish someone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Growing up thats how I always understood Happy Holidays. Just once I want to say Happy Holidays to someone and have them respond with "You mean Merry Christmas?" in a shitty way so I can respnd. "Alright F@(# your New Year"(Will never happen but it sounds cool)
  13. Audiobooks

    Yeah, I've joyed the mistborn books quite a bit. Haven't loved them but are very entertaining. Will check out the others after I'm done but I agree he is so prolific it seems a bit daunting to get involved with. This "Red Rising" series is the first YA book I've read since I was a YA. Seems a bit more adult than young to me but I guess since I haven't read others I wouldn't know(and the Hunger Games movies were violent). I have a friend that keeps getting me into book series that aren't finished. He originally hooked me on "Game of Thrones" back before the show. He got me on the "Kingkiller Chronicles"(which I assume most of the fantasy readers here have read or know about but I haven't seen it mentioned, if you haven't check it out. One of the best) and then got me hooked on "The Lies of Locke LaMora" series(a great series about thieves sort of Oceans 11 in a fantasy world). So that is at least 3 series that I am patiently waiting for the next book. Trying to find new books in the meantime. He also tried to get me into the "First Law" series and I have been reading it but I have never been able to keep with it long enough to get hooked.
  14. Audiobooks

    I enjoy audible books. I don't have a long commute so I don't listen very often in the car except if I am taking a long trip but I like to listen doing chores/mowing the lawn and I'll listen at work if I am doing something that doesn't require a lot of concentration(even then I have to use the rewind button quite a bit). I am on the 3rd mistborn book and have enjoyed the series. They are the first Sanderson books I have read so your discussions about his universe are mostly going over my head. Was that a good place to start? Where should I go next? I am actually on a break from Mistborn because my wife and I were going on a trip and I wanted to get something I thought she would enjoy along with me. She doesn't read much but enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and a couple other similar YA books. I looked around Audible and found one I thought would work for her as well as me. I downloaded "Red Rising" by Pierce Brown. She ended up not really paying attention on our trip and not that interested while I got hooked and am currently finishing up the final book of the trilogy and there is a first book of a second trilogy that recently came out. NOt sure if these books are considered YA or not but they have been actually really great. The first book especially seemed like a Hunger Games rip-off at times but it changes direction and goes some interesting places. I would highly recommend them for some easy reading/listening Sci-Fi.
  15. Today I Settled All Family Business

    I've been a little confused by this. Isn't the crown prince the one who just stated that he wanted Saudi Arabia to become more secular and is pushing for progressive reforms? If these arrests are politically motivated and a "purge" as they say then wouldn't these people be against those reforms? While the methods are not good and I am no way approving of this but in the long run couldn't this be a good thing if the crown prince succeeds in his reforms in SA? Or am I misunderstanding the situation?
  16. Rank em

    I agree the difference was depth especially on the DL. We were already thin there going into the game then suffered another injury during it so in the 4th quarter we had 2 true freshman forced to be our only 2 DT's and that lead to us not being able to stop you guys. SO I don't agree at all that it was a game we should have won, BUt with better luck on injuries it was a game we definitely COULD have won. And at home we seem to play even better especially in close games. We seem to find a way to pull them out, So I would like our chances at home. But Boise is still a better team and that game was not a SHOULD have won game for us.
  17. THOR Ragnarok

    Went last night. Thought it was great. You guys should really check out the Directors(I always butcher his name and don't want to look it up but I'll try anyway....Taiki Waitipi) other movies they are amazing. "What we do in shadows" is his first one(that I'm aware of) its a mockumentary about vampires in New Zealand. And his other one is "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" about an American(Sam Neil) and a foster kid on the run from authorities through the deep forests of New Zealand. Its hard to explain but it is really funny too. They should be on streaming somewhere but I don't think they are on Netflix currently, I know Wilderpeople was on Hulu. Being a fan of those two movies I noticed some interesting cameos in Thor and was actually surprised not to see Jermaine Clement or Rys Darby in it but maybe they would have been too recognizable. Edit: He also Directed Eagle vs. Shark which I haven't seen but heard good things about.
  18. Any good Netflix shows worth checking out?

    About half -way through the send season of Stranger Things. Great series. Haven't seen anyone mention Ozark. Its about a money launderer for a drug cartel. Kinda Breaking Bad vibe. Things are closing in on him and his family and he is struggling to keep one step ahead of everything. JAson Bateman is really good in a rare serious role.
  19. I don't get it. What word is getting out and having an impact? That you are an asshole and your twitter is so awful that random people at twitter are taking it on themselves to take it down? Am I missing something?
  20. Tax reform

    One of the worst things in the plan that I saw was it eliminated the adoption tax credit. That's pretty bad and it can't be a huge amount of money it saves relatively. Adoption is very expensive and a lot of families wouldn't be able to afford it without the credit. This will probably lead to fewer adoption meaning more kids in foster care which I would think would cost the government more money than the tax credit did. I haven't dove deep but for me I may save some money but not sure.
  21. So, who is next?

    There could be something to him already cutting a deal. He said he had a story to tell for immunity and he had just as much obvious stuff going on like Manafort so it was kinda a surprise that he didn't go down at the same time unless there is a reason he hasn't. He, like Pop has already been arrested and is working on cutting a deal for reduced charges. We'll see.
  22. Cayman Island Classic bracket released

    I'm heading down for it. Pretty excited. My wife's birthday is the 21st and she is a teacher and since its Thanksgiving week she already got most of that week off so we decided to take the trip for her birthday and she only had to take 2 days off. Got my brother to come along so I have someone to go with to the basketball games. Looking forward to a week of beaches, scuba diving and basketball. Hopefully we end up getting to play some of the better teams. Need to win the first game.
  23. Crypto currency

    I bought in some when bitcoin went over 2 k as well. I did some research and found some other cryptocurrencies that had potential to break out and bought in on them mainly Ethereum and Factom I also have some Maidsafecoin. I don't know much about blockchain and the technology of these but from what I read these had potential to overtake Bitcoin in the future. I've heard Ethereum described as facebook to Bitcoins Myspace. We'll see, what do I know but I had a little money and thought why not put some into these currencies and see what happens in the future.
  24. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    I would have agreed with Kelly recommendation about calling the family. There is nothing a president can say to mae things better but the president shouldn't make things worse. I agree that everyone should shut up about it and that particulary includes the president and his tweets and the white house staff for fanning the flames of this. A simple statement afterward of something to the effect of: "The president apologizes for any unintentional grief caused. The intention was to highlight how the soldier was a hero for choosing to join the military(or however Kelly said it very eloquently). It was never any intention to cause anymore pain to the family than they were already going through. The president loves the military and their family and takes the loss of life of our military men very seriously and personally." Boom it goes away but we know the president is not able to back down or apologize for anything ever so it has to escalate and he has to attack the congresswoman who is a family friend and make this into a story and making this gold star family a political pawn now.