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  1. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    I would have agreed with Kelly recommendation about calling the family. There is nothing a president can say to mae things better but the president shouldn't make things worse. I agree that everyone should shut up about it and that particulary includes the president and his tweets and the white house staff for fanning the flames of this. A simple statement afterward of something to the effect of: "The president apologizes for any unintentional grief caused. The intention was to highlight how the soldier was a hero for choosing to join the military(or however Kelly said it very eloquently). It was never any intention to cause anymore pain to the family than they were already going through. The president loves the military and their family and takes the loss of life of our military men very seriously and personally." Boom it goes away but we know the president is not able to back down or apologize for anything ever so it has to escalate and he has to attack the congresswoman who is a family friend and make this into a story and making this gold star family a political pawn now.
  2. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    So it was as others have said. Trump tried and failed to be empathetic and consoling to the family. He asked Kelly what to say and Kelly told him a powerful story about what was told to him choosing to be the 1%, then Trump tried to relay a similar thought to the family but since he lacks empathy and can't communicate he failed miserable and made the soldier's widow cry. Both sides here can be right. Kelly can think there was nothing wrong with the call but the congresswoman can also be right with calling out the president for making a gold star family feel worse. She wasn't there as a politician but as a family friend who is also grieving. The thing that bothers me though is that there was no apology to the family for any"unintended hurt" caused by the call. In this press conference it was just about defending Trump from the consequences of his inability to communicate and show that he did nothing wrong but the fact is he made a gold star widow cry and made things worse https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2017/10/20/john-kellys-defense-of-trump-was-absurd-and-he-surely-knows-it/?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-a%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.afedef869ec0
  3. The Nazis are coming to UF

    I heard about this brewery doing this. PRetty genius idea really. Peaceful, and could actually hurt turnout.
  4. From what I understand he isn't even that huge of a donor. Around 1 million dollars since 2000 across all political donations. I mean that's quite a bit but far from the kingmaker people are talking about. 300,000 to the DNC over the last 17 years is not that much. He is a scum bag but to me it appears rightwingers are attempting to tie him to the DNC more strongly than actually exists. But I don't know, I don't care enough one way or the other to spend much time doing more research.
  5. NFL is losing the anthem battle....

    All of your posts after this one seem to contradict the bolded part. I don't think you ever would have been sympathetic to their cause.
  6. NFL is losing the anthem battle....

    A rich white guy tells everyone the country is shit elect him president, a rich black guy tells people the country is shit(which isn't what they are saying but sticking with the theme) +++++ him, what right does he have to say that.
  7. NFL is losing the anthem battle....

    Such great respect Trump has for the flag and the military. http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-retreat-military-salute-sean-hannity-interview-pennsylvania-2017-10
  8. NFL is losing the anthem battle....

    That's gonna be the key. What type of protest/symbol can they use that has the visibility as the kneeling does that will satisfy everyone. I don't think a patch or a sticker helmet will fly. Of course I would love to see them do somethin like a moment of silence or banners or helmet stickers to see people still get REALLY upset about it and not have the flag to hide behind.
  9. NFL is losing the anthem battle....

    I agree they have turned it into about the flag/patriotism but I don't think that is the only thing it is about. I think under the surface it is about the message. I heard a talking head on tv in a clip discussing this and his final point was, What if Colin Kapernick last year was asked about taking a knee had said his protest was about how we treat our veterans and military when they return home and he wouldn't stand till they are given the treatment they deserve? Would the reaction have been the same way? I don't think so but that is just me.
  10. NFL is losing the anthem battle....

    Who would have thought that in America's divorce the left would end up with custody of football?
  11. First we subsidize 'em, then we ban 'em!

    Well now we have actually changed the definition of literally to include figuratively, the economy can literally break.
  12. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Mine in white team still looks off. I should be 24-16. Of course I am hopped up on cold medicine right now so maybe I'm not seeing straight.
  13. There have been so many threads about this I wasn't sure which one to post it on and which ones have drifted off topic but this thread appears to be still going so I am going to use this one. Here is the best take I have seen on this and haven't seen it posted here yet.
  14. Trump is a moron

    Those are protected classes and there is a big difference between being fired for your beliefs vs being fired for your actions. Being Muslim is different than participating in a Nazi rally. And if they try to change the laws they will have quite a fight through the SC which I'm not to worried about. I don't buy your idea that people will just continue to patronize a place if they know the place of employment can't fire them. If I found out a bartender at a bar in my town was a Nazi(or insert whatever horrible thing that would offend you to the core) by him posting something on social media or being put on TV giving some speech, I wouldn't go there even if I knew the owner wanted to fire him but couldn't. I don't want to socialize with that person. I am not ok with the government forcing small businesses to go bankrupt because they can't make their own personnel decisions. I also don't see the firing of people for things they do outside of work becoming an issue except for the truly reprehensible. I have faith in people that there would be a pushback against this if people were getting fired for participating in in relatively mainstream events. You have faith that people would continue to patronize a place if the owner couldn't fire people and I have faith that people(and owners) will pushback if it goes to far with the trying to get people fired.
  15. What is Dear Cheeto's motive?

    I agree. I have a friend that is there. He actually lived in the USVI and went through Irma there then made it to PR and was staying with his wife and her family and now Maria hit. They are all fine and through the little I have heard on facebook sounds like they are doing better than most but it has still been a nightmare. I went to their wedding on PR in June and I absolutely fell in love the with the island. The beauty, the culture,and history were amazing not to mention the people. Hurts to see them going through everything and people in power don't seem to care.
  16. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Seems to be an issue with my total win and lose count. I count me as 19-13 not 19-15. Maybe because I have 2 Florida teams that have only played 2 games?
  17. Trump is a moron

    I'm just getting caught up on this discussion, but yes I do. I am not comfortable with it. I don't like how people get doxed and fired from their jobs. It is a slippery slope but what is the alternative? Create a law preventing businesses from firing people based on things they say in public or online? That's even worse and taking away the rights of the owners of the company. If a bar tender at a small town bartender went to one of those Nazi rallies and gave a speech praising Hitler, trashing jews and all minorities basically saying all the worst things you can imagine and it went viral on TV and over the internet. Are you suggesting the bar owner should be forced to keep the bar tender employed even though everyone in this town knows who the guy is and that he bar tends at your bar and they won't come in for a drink anymore if he is bartending? Or another example, A guy works at a small store that sells religious trinkets/gifts and other items. He posts a satanic video(or insert whatever type of video would be most offensive to religious people). The store shouldn't be allowed to fire him even though customers stopped showing up and your business is going under? Are these examples extreme? Sure but so is the other side. I haven't seen any examples of people losing their jobs for exercising their rights outside of work except for the true assholes...yet. If it starts getting worse then I might become concerned but I think it is self regulating and there would be a pushback if people started getting fired for expressing fairly mainstream views. Should people lose their jobs for their beliefs? no I don't think so but once you put them out into social media or the public they are no longer just beliefs they are actions.
  18. Hurricane Maria

    I have a really good friend that lives in the USVI and made it through Irma. MAde it to Puerto Rico a couple days later. Now they are going to get crushed again. Just awful. Sounds like supplies are really short on the island especially after the PR were good neighbors and have been sending relief supplies over to the VI since Irma. Sounds like it could be bad. While most the media coverage focuses on FL we can't forget our fellow Americans in the VI and PR.
  19. The Orville

    The sets and costumes looked like it was supposed to be a star trek parody, some of the thrown in dialog tries to make it a comedy but in reality it was just not very good star trek. I'll probably give it a few more episodes however.
  20. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    No one is cool with the Mountain. Nobody except for Tywin likes him(and I'm not sure he likes him either but he was just a useful tool). There wasn't much you can do though since he was the biggest scariest guy in the world so nobody says much about him. And Jamie was a kingsguard he is held to a higher standard.
  21. http://www.nfl.com/labs/cfb247/josh-allen/josh-allen.html Here's the article. The quote is by George Witfield. I'm not saying JA is the best prospect since Cam but I think this guy knows more than most about QB prospects. Here is the full quote.
  22. I use amazon quite a bit. the only problem I have with using this link is that I use smile.amazon.com to raise money for a local charity and this link only takes me to regular amazon.com. Do you get money from clicks or from actual purchases? I can use your button to shop around and then go to smile for purchasing. I'll mix it up and help ya out.
  23. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Speakng of ruling families and the Riverlands, My buddy has been binging something up all season. Where is EdmureTully? Still sitting in a dungeon in the twins wondering what happened to all the Frey's. Did Arya forget to let him out. Haha.
  24. Oregon State at CSU Game Thread

    Well Marty English is their DC.
  25. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Are you suggesting that Jorah Mormont is the Child of Lyanna and Raegar? He is much too old. Jon was brought back from the war as a baby so he is really the only option for the child. there could be some sort of twist involved in this storyline but it will involve Jon in someway. Many times people name their children after people in their liege houses so it isn't strange for the Mormonts to name their girl Lyanna as a way to honor Lyanna Stark.