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  1. I guess I had heard people complaining about it so much before I got there I had braced myself for the worse so I was expecting it. The ending couldn't take away the trip though. It was amazing to have choices you made in the first game still mattering into the 3rd game. And seeing characters show back up along your way. I really came to care about my Shepard and his crew and would sometimes agonize over hard decisions to make.
  2. Looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda coming is year. The first Mass Efect( actually all 3 games I consider one long game, loved taking one created character through 3 separate games) was one of my favorite games of all time(ending somewhat disappointing). Recently been playing Battlefield 1 and started getting back into Xcom 2.
  3. That was one thingfor me too. I didn't see much of it and from the sounds of everyone here he seems to be impressive so I will give him that and consider that he probably will be a decent appointment but hearing that quote gave me some pause. When asked if Putin has had opponents/dissadents/reporters murdered he said I don't know, those things happen to dissidents. Maybe it was poorly worded or sounde better in context on the surface it didn't sound great.
  4. I actually thought the reporter that got called on should have yielded his question to the CNN reporter in a show of solidarity and was actually surprised that he didn't. Then I just read that the reporter that was called on was from Breitbart, so now it makes sense why he didn't. Trump wouldn't answer a question from CNN claiming they are "fake news" while moving on to answer one from Brietbart.
  5. I don't get the dumping on CNN. They didn't publish the documents. Once Buzzfeed did, CNN reported that the documents were part of the briefing given to congress and the Pres and Trump. They are trying to pin Buzzfeed's "mistake" on CNN in an attempt to brand CNN "fake news" which nothing in its reporting on this can be considered fake. Here is CNN's response. http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/11/politics/cnn-statement-trump-buzzfeed/index.html Now I didn't watch a whole lot of CNN but looking online and the little I did see last night they didn't talk about anything in the report only mentioned briefly how it ended up at the FBI(through John Mccain)
  6. Bohl runs a Tampa 2 as well. I have heard it said that he runs a bit of a modified version of it so it is a bit different(I'm not enough of a football mind to know the differences). Hazelton was with Bohl when they created the defense at NDSU so there is great familiarity there.
  7. Dumb Dumb idea.
  8. I am only around halfway through the season but you are right about Smith. I enjoyed his performance and character last season but am glad they have given him more this season. He is by far my favorite character(or performance of the actor, not that I am neccesarily cheering for him as a character but am pretty fascinated by him). At the end of the first season I was worried where they were going and if it was going to get too scifi-y(I love scifi but didn't want this one to go there as much) but I have enjoyed how they have done this season so far. I love all the little details they have about the world if we had lost WW2.
  9. There is a app called "WYO Gameday" it should have the radio call. Not positive. I've never used it to listen but it has other information that I have used it for and it claims to have radio.
  10. Loved the movie. My one complaint was they used Tarkin too much, at least showed his face up close too much. The CGI they used for his face was amazing but knowing that it couldn't be a real actor(cuz he is dead and even if he wasn't would be way older) made me notice the CGI. Which wouldn't be a big deal if they hadn't had so many up close shots of his face. I think I am really going to love the single star wars stories. So much fun. New characters and the stories can go anywhere. No it wasn't even related to rouge squadron. Rogue One was just a call sign the heroes used in the movie once. Kinda shoehorned in to have a cool name for the movie(in my opinion). I guess this mission could be the catalyst for them creating Rogue squadron in the future. I agree with you though, loved the rogue squadron books(also Wraith squadron) would love them to do a movie or TV series along those lines. A Tv series could probably work really well. An ensemble cast that we get to spend a lot of time with as they fight the war.
  11. I don't know were the line is of what animals are acceptable to be locked up/put in zoos. But I do believe at orcas (and other whales and most likely dolphins) are beyond that line. So the arguments about "what about <insert other animal her>?" doesn't work for me. My answer is "I'm not sure perhaps they shouldn't be there either." but I truly believe that orcas should not be locked up. I've done some research beyond watching Blackfish so this isn't just some emotional opinion from the documentary.
  12. Damn I always miss the drama.... I missed the final thread at wyonation and I missed his thread here. Recap?
  13. They released the season tickets that weren't picked up Wednesday morning and more than I expected weren't purchased so the game wasn't as close to a sell out as it looked earlier in the week. Was a bit premature for them to be bragging about a sellout however.
  14. Haha...That's funny. Think I'll pass listening. Don't want to give his site traffic. What a thin skinned loser. Like I said in the other thread I dn't begrudge anyone trying to make a living so I am not going discuss Dino anymore.
  15. Forgot about that one. Be my last post on the topic because I don't bregrudge anyone trying to make a living but I wanted to post some of the info I found. http://awfulannouncing.com/2016/dino-costas-tenure-in-st-louis-is-over-after-a-short-six-weeks.html This one is a story about a twitter troll that was harassing him online(and sounds like a d-bag too) but has some links to other stories about him. http://www.cantstopthebleeding.com/dino-costa-castigator-bonkers-radio-host-threatened-my-life Now Some or all of these things may not be true I don't know but I keep coming back to the phrase "If everyone you meet is an asshole,......."