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  1. I read somewhere but have no source or anything so it could be complete BS but anyway. The employees flight they had to be on wasn't for 30 hours. So I htnk they could have found plenty of other opportunities to get them there. If that is true. Either way United F'ed up big time and as others have said keep raising the buy out and people would take it.
  2. Empire New Hope Rogue One Force Awakens(These three are very close and I don't know how to rank them. Depending on my mood. Need to watch Rogue One again) ROTJ Revenge AOTC TPM
  3. This is what I'm thinking. Boise gets their 1.8 and nnone of the rest of the deal. The other teams get to split the other deal. If Boise gets to keep their 1.8 and get an even split of the other deal then it is a terrible idea and an awful deal.
  4. Except in the OP you never mentioned anywhere that it was liberal teachers encouraging him to do that. In fact it was your teacher friend who was a liberal who told you about it. It would make no sense for a teacher to try to get a kid to dumb down his answers since teachers are judged by their test scores. Is it more likely that this is a sensitive and empathetic kid that is learning to understand and feel his way through school in terms of standing out and feeling out of place and also not wanting other kids to feel bad about themselves. The kid is young he will grow out of it but I think it could be considered a natural reaction for a young kid that is sensitive and empathetic and also good at school(not neccasarily tanking a test but feeling bad for friends who have a harder time with school).......Or is it a liberal conspiracy to drive down scores and make everybody the same?
  5. I misread or mistyped cuz obviously there are only 28 memebers. You are right only 5 of the 28 are currently above 2% but according to an agreement we signed the other countries have till 2024 to get above the 2% mark and the countries have stated they are committed to do it. Will they? who knows but we can't demand and criticize them for not being there now if we have allowed them till 2024 to get there. I am all for encouraging these countries to get their spending up but not by threatening to pull out of the treaty especially since at this point they are still within the bounds of the agreement. This was one of the articles I was referencing. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/18/trump-merkel-nato-germany-owe-money-tweet
  6. According to the ttreaty countries have until 2024 to get there spending up to 2% 28 of the countries already are there and the others are increasing their spending. Germany's is low right now but have been increasing at a rate that they will be over 2% well before 2024. This is a good thing for everyone involved. If they aren't above 2% by 2024 then I will have a problem with it. This is the treaty we signed. We can't go in now and start dictating that it should be more or should happen sooner just because our president doesn't understand how NATO works.
  7. I haven't had any issue with it lately. I have it playing on my tv and still looks great at 65in. HD, little to no buffering. Wonder what the issue is.
  8. Have you watched Iron Fist yet? Its getting killed by reviewers so I don't know if I will take the time to watch it. I will give it a go but if it is as bad as im reading I will have to pass and read up what happened to get caught up for the defenders.
  9. They started distributing to Wyoming after they were bought by constellation brands.
  10. I agree with supporting independently owned breweries more than the ones bought up by the big boys. On the other hand I in no way blame the breweries for selling out. In the case of Ballast Point, they were relatively unknown outside of SoCal(at least as far as I knew) but they sold for 1 billion dollars. I don't fault anyone for taking that payout.
  11. I wonder if it is because they were bought by constellation brands(Corona and many others). There has been some debate about whether these brewers bought out by Constellation,Inbev, etc. are considered craft beer or not. I agree about Odell. They have been my favorite Colorado brewery for a long time but they have been doing really great lately. The new Drumroll is amazing.
  12. Really enjoy it. Battlestar is one of my top all time shows so it isn't at that level for me yet but it could get there. I love how they make space travel/combat seem realistic. Everything is very grounded with science(at least it appears to be). I bought the first book and started reading it but have moveto different things o read. I want to read them but want to know how much differentbetter they are than the show or if it is similar I would rather just watch the show.
  13. I just mean as an economic term. As income goes up people have less children. I wasn't putting an actual value on children or saying we should or shouldn't be having more or less of them. An inferior good in economics is something that as your income rises you purchase less of(eg ramen noodles). As peoples incomes rise we see a corresponding decrease in birth rate. My point(other than getting to call children an inferior good) is that for the people that are worried about "others" immigrating into a country the answer isn't to increase domestic birth rates but instead to work on increasing income for the "others"
  14. If we want to decrease population growth in other areas, then we need to work on improving their income and quality of life. Children are an inferior good.
  15. I also saw one report that he met with the ambassador later that day after meeting by the podium but not sure what article said that or how true that is but the fact remains this isn't about what was said to the ambassador this is about the lying about it after the fact. Bill Clinton wasn't impeached for getting a BJ he was impeached for lying about it.