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  1. teamprivilege

    UPDATED Bowling Green Falcons @tspoke
  2. teamprivilege

    South Alabama @UNLVFan90 is up
  3. teamprivilege

    Hawaii @tspoke is next...
  4. teamprivilege

    Give me the Yellowjackets... @UNLVFan90 is up.
  5. Misquoting me now....you TSDSUF will do anything to be right in an debate. If you want to quote me, use what i said.
  6. TSDSUF...thanks for proving my point I guess reading comprehension isn't any better on the Mesa....I said "if" dipshit....
  7. You know it happens all the time around here. School "x" has a guy that gets national attention and everyone else has to crap on said school. Happened with FSU/Carr, UNR/Kaepernick, BSU/Moore...even Utah/Smith back in the day....UW/Allen is no different. Would like to think that if he had a good season and actually was able to pull off wins @Iowa and Oregon and make a NY6 game, that other fans of MWC teams would be positive about it instead of crapping on each other (TSDSUF) Not sure where TSDSUF got this sense of entitlement...but they sure love to crap on everyone else around here.....
  8. So....Dan McGuire is a legend at SDSU? Damn, you guys need some new role models....
  9. Show me yours first....LOL, Dan McGuire....LOLOLOLOLOL
  10. Now see TSDSUF, this is a legit troll because UNLV actually had a real QB come out of their school. Dan McGuire....that's some funny shiz right there......
  11. you guys actually played FB in the 90's? good to know that you have such a rich history in the game....LULZ
  12. Dan McGuire? LMFAO!!! So, how far back can we take the FB discussion with regard to how it is relevant today? Would love to know because TSDSUF seem to keep moving the goalposts on this one....
  13. Trying to discuss QBs with TSDSUF reminds me of a movie quote that ties in perfectly: "It would be impossible to discuss the subject without a common frame of reference."
  14. teamprivilege

    Michigan State @tspoke is up
  15. teamprivilege

    @UNLVFan90 is up