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  1. I get the off season pissing matches...but, I also think it speaks to the upswing in talent the conference is getting when players in the MWC are getting national press. Now teams just need to step up and show they know what to do with all this talent.....
  2. granted...it is a pretty tough schedule for a new coach with a team that has been floundering at best these past few years. Having Alabama, Washington, Wyoming, BYU, Boise, and SDSU as half of your schedule is pretty damn tough...
  3. for once i agree with Dre. Really? Drake???
  4. Andy Staples SI article on Josh Allen https://www.si.com/vault/2017/05/09/no-one-no-1
  5. Then why respond, you f'ing troll.
  6. must say that you are a hell of an artist. does Breitbart buy your material, or are you on contract for solely InfoWar content...
  7. For me, it's between the '69 Chevelle... and the '71 Oldsmobile 442...
  8. Refs were the MVPs of the game....at least in their own mind. Killed the flow of the game for both teams. Absolutely shitty job of calling a game.
  9. I am also interested in the insurance policies that are costing $20K a year with a $10K deductible. What does that policy actually include and who is forced to buy it?
  10. Would love to see the evidence of this...you know, actual fact based numbers....
  11. Gonzaga is a pipe dream of some here...the real possibility is Wichita State as proposed by some of my fellow Poke fans
  12. that was clutch by Nixon...well played Lammies....well played
  13. Rolo also didn't have Dave Christensen as his predecessor his first year....
  14. Listening to the college sports station on SiriusXM, Rick Neuheisel has been thrown around as a possible candidate.
  15. Would love to know your sources for this. I actually work for the F-35 program, and am unfamiliar with said "phucking".