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  1. CSU at NMSU

    Holy Shit! At least we lost to a potential 3/4 seed tonight.....
  2. Will the real contenders please stand up....

    May have to call in the board priest for this one. Looks like a case of being possessed by the spirit of Dre.....
  3. Wyoming B-Ball - could be a step up from last year.

    A little early to make that determination. We will see how the Pokes do against Cincinnati tomorrow (they are currently putting a whoopin' on Richmond).
  4. Feeling Really Good about UNLV Basketball

    Absolute and utter Horseshit. The fate of the conference does not fall on 3 teams (and their respective fanbases) living in the past....with UNLV needing a hot tub time machine to fully realize their "dominance". This conference needs ALL teams to perform well in OOC regardless of their presumed pedigree for this conference to gain multiple bids in the NCAA...plain and simple. If it turns out that Nevada, Boise, and UW crush their non-conference schedule with another 4-5 teams representing well...this will be a multi-bid conference regardless of what UNM, UNLV, and SDSU do......
  5. P6???

    Kick SanJoser and add the winner of the Cats-Griz game. A relegation game that would determine who gets to compete in the MWC the following year....Unless one of the two win the conference, then kick Hawaii to the curb the following year....
  6. How healthy is your team?

    Big props to the OP for bringing up this topic! This time of year is huge for teams still in contention for Conference Titles or bowl games. That said, I have a minor disagreement with NWC about the potential of not having JA costing us any hope of beating Fresno. We get some other big pieces back this week that will keep us in the game on the defensive side, and i haven't seen anything from Smith to say that he can't at least manage the offense. Still holding out for JA to return though.....
  7. If Fresno Doesn't Win the BBall Regular Season

    You guys done jerking each other off? In other news, the Pokes dominate the P12 in a snoozer.....
  8. Groundbreaking !!!

  9. Boise vs CSU

    Come on Sheep!! Do your Daddy a favor!!!!
  10. Honest Inquiry BYU Fans

    Where do you honestly see the BYU Football program next year...next 5 years?

    It used to be "Sonny in Ft. Fun"... Man, to relive those days.....
  12. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    It's amazing how a shitty, no-talent team can make an all-everything, BIG12 candidate, perennial MWC paper champion look barely average. That's one pretty good shitty, no-talent team!!!! Well, at least barely average....
  13. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    I honestly hope they do. A strong front range is what is going to pull this conference out of the shitter.
  14. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    Which totally translates into wins...how long do you think they will be willing to spend money at that brand new shoe box of yours???
  15. GG Rams.