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  1. I'll take Chapman over Golden Boy any day

    Even with all the interviews with him stating that the hype hasn't gotten to him, it is obvious that it has. He is not playing like the gunslinger that got him the attention in the first place. From what I can tell, he is overthinking every move during every play in hopes to not make a mistake instead just playing the game like he did last year. This is not the same Josh Allen we all saw last year...
  2. Oregon at Wyoming

    So, you are a Kardashian fan as well? Kylie is totally following you right now brah....
  3. Oregon at Wyoming

    Losing, Hill, Gentry, Hollister, Maulhardt, and Roullier is telling....
  4. Oregon at Wyoming

    Miss hanging out with you, John...need to catch up soon...
  5. Oregon at Wyoming

    Absolutely!!!! With Darnold, Rosen, and the number of QBs coming out this next year...Josh would definitely benefit from another year with a more mature receiving / RB corp....
  6. Oregon at Wyoming

    Just channeling my inner TBSUF and TSDSUF.....
  7. Oregon at Wyoming

    We'll still win the title of this crappy conference...
  8. Oregon at Wyoming

    After spotting the Ducks 14, looks like my Pokes decided to play.
  9. WYO 27, Gardner Webb 0 Final

    I know we are far from the next Brian Hill, but given that we may have a new threat in the passing game emerging in Austin Conway and the return of James Price...it may force teams to play off a bit more letting the running game get into a groove....
  10. WYO 27, Gardner Webb 0 Final

  11. WYO 27, Gardner Webb 0 Final

  12. The only crime here is that Humboldt is dropping FB instead of SJSU
  13. Hmmmm West vs Mountain

    Hard to talk shit on the west after the performance of UNM.... Discuss...
  14. WYO 27, Gardner Webb 0 Final

    Horseshit. Given the emergence of Conway this week along with C.J. Johnson getting his mojo back, teams will have to play back off the line a bit. Getting Price back will complete the receiving corps giving Hall, Overstreet, et.al. room to work.
  15. Who is going to crap the bed this weekend?

    Nice...I catch those guys every morning on the way to work...Love me some Chris Childers and Rick Neuheisel in the morning!