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  1. You obviously prefer to get a pos crammed down your throat with no debate
  2. The lefties can laugh all they want about the struggling gop. This debate is good. The problem is that the dem party is too far out there to be part of it. Now the gop can't act because half the party would make good democrats.
  3. I find it absolutely laughable all you progressive idiots HATE this idea because i brought it up.....when it origionally came from one of the most progressive administration's in the last 100 yrs. You should have slobbered all over it. You guys bought into your own hypocrisy. Precious....
  4. Still no real thoughts to add?...thought so. You have none.
  5. Giving away free shit is not governing. You remember I used the word voluntary?
  6. As you see I do not fear your attempts to belittle me.....liberals like you wont come out of your safe space...even on an innocuous message board because you know your arguments are phony. Never an original idea or offer up a solution. You are an unimaginative wimp.
  7. Eliminate FUTA...not state UI which should be limited to 6 months. Why has there been such a huge increase in entitlement programs in the last 10 years?...again, I see no solution from anyone.
  8. Cut 25% of unemployment, 25% of student loan programs, and 25% food stamps...kick able bodied people's asses off the couch. Take money enrollees would get anyway except they would have to work for it. Hopefully the value of the work minus the minimum wage would come close to their debt. Fat chance we would ever see an actual payment in full. OK...your turn .....Have you ever had an original thought in your head? .... gone out on a limb with an idea.? Scary thought, you may have to leave your safe space and risk belittling.
  9. Geezus...we are about $20T in debt, have over $1T in student debt and the real unemployment rate of about 30%...the way you think is f'd up buddy. From the most liberal rag out there: http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2015/08/sorry-donald-you-cant-count-retirees-unemployed We are better at teaching people that they should be more offended and entitled......than responsible. The time for a truly conservative small govt approach is long gone and we are f'd.
  10. I don't like talking down to people or lecturing anyone...but we obviously have a system of giving away free shit in return for votes and debt. No one wants to talk about it. Again, this requires different thinking...and I am still waiting to hear it from someone.
  11. I expect that from you when you have no alternative..."lets not address the problem and make fun of the messenger and shut down discussion" ...that is the liberal way, right? You are not even an honest liberal thinker.
  12. Another comment is that these programs would be voluntary as a way to pay back debt....If debtors don't, then there needs to be some type of consequences. We have taught people to be irresponsible already...its too late for a libertarian solution.
  13. I keep taking shit for trying to be a solutions guy....I'm all ears.
  14. I would agree...but our security is being compromised by numerous govt workers who only want Trump to look bad. They are breaking the law,I hope they are found and prosecuted.
  15. At this point I could give a damn if someone pushes a broom down mainstreet and picks up trash. Yes govt inefficiency and incompetence gave us a system of giving shit away for free....it has to stop. How else would you propose teaching people to be accountable?