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  1. I seem to rotate through : Bowl of Cheerios w/ milk $0.50 or or old fashion oatmeal w/ yogurt $.50 bagel $0.60 weekend splurge : 3 eggs, cheese & bagel buck?
  2. The Dem party is not pushing for American jobs.....until they do, they will be out of the mainstream.
  3. Trump would have been a hero in the Democratic Party...IMO he would have destroyed Hillary in a primary. They all knew she was a shitty candidate. Trump has enough progressive views he would have been welcomed with open arms. his most derogatory comments would have been hidden by the press. But right now, as hard as the Trump derangement syndrome took hold, there are only a handful of people who could discuss this w/o political bias. 2/3 of the electorate doesnt look any further than the D/R/I with the name.
  4. Bubba disagrees
  5. XD

    Did the Sioux apologize to the Arikara?
  6. The part I am still trying to wrap my head around is that Trump is far from a right wing ideologue. Libs quietly like several things he supports.
  7. They knew it was a cluster+++++ and no one read it. At least the Republicans debate each other...something the Dems are not allowed to do.
  8. We hear the GOP healthcare plan debate is a disaster...The Dems have completely taken themselves out of the debate and are not criticized at all. Debate (bad) vs abandonment of the American people and not doing their jobs (good) . Thats f'd up.
  9. Any health care bill without holding the basic enrollee accountable is a disaster. It wont work.
  10. You had better not be visiting grocery stores then........there should be a law that farmers have to catch, neuter and feed all "their" cats?? Most cats in rural areas are semi-nomadic - traveling between farms....gone for months at a time. If you feed one you could be feeding a dozen. Cats are a parasite on the landscape. If you want any game birds around, Mr Fuzzy gets shot.
  11. Small game and bird "dead zones" up to a mile radius around farms with large populations of cats have always been obvious to me. All one needs to do is walk around and be observant.
  12. Purring brainwashes people....its evil.
  13. I once took my mother in law out to look in the tall grass under her bird feeder which was about 6' off the ground. Under which there was a large rainbow colored pile of bird feathers. A cat was jumping the 6' in the air to pick birds off in mid flight off the perch.. I could pick out goldfinches, grosbeaks, various finches, jays, blue birds, cardinals etc etc. Instead of having me take it down, she made me hang it in a tree about 10' off the ground so she could lower it.. Their big , lovable, friendly neutered tomcat was the assassin. As a kid, I spent all the time I could watching wildlife. I once watched a cat climb a ladder up into my neighbors pigeon house. cats kill an f'n huge number of birds. If more folks spent time outside listening to a birds song rather than doting on a purring killer things would be different. Cats should be kept indoors.
  14. Your heart has replaced your brain. You follow your cat in the wild for 24 hours?. Pretty much any cat that goes outside kills anything they can stalk. they do not discriminate. You cant catch and fix enough cats compared to feeding and making more cats. How many do you catch & fix?....if you feed a dozen cats, how many litters of 6-8 do we get? The internet is full of cat lovers who honestly believe their cats dont kill birds. My wifes declawed cat that she only occasionally lets into the back yard has brought in robins. Countless birds habitats are near/on the ground. House wrens, killdeer, meadowlarks, .....and on and on. There are over 100,000,000 cats in the US, If 10% kills one bird / week, thats a lot of birds.
  15. History shows that tyrants attack the weak or indecisive...and that same history shows leadership declaring a war to stay in power. Roosevelt sped up the inevitable and he knew it. With all that, the average American still correctly believed that the national interest was simply not fighting a war near/at home. War was inevitable.