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  1. We are screwed because our govt bureaucrats and major media are politically active.
  2. We cant trust our own govt....why should the Brits? There are govt stooges so willing to help Trump fail...they could give a shit about their own country. Our political left hates this country.
  3. Anyone follow House of Cards?
  4. Yellow snow.....................flakes
  5. On a different thing Dems need to note,...... Our racist Muslim hater in chief seems to have gotten a nice reception in the ME, just saying.
  6. I wouldnt be surprised at anything crazy after Trumps election.
  7. Would you have been in favor of a full Clinton Foundation investigation? I favor full investigation of Trumps stuff.
  8. Nothing to say about the massive hypocrisy?
  9. What should we think if.... Tillerson apologized and hit a symbolic red reset button w/ the Russians? Trumps foundation was paid $400k for a speech by the Russians? after which ....What if Trump approved uranium mining share sales to the Russians? Trump said on a hot mike to a Russian diplomat.." I can have more flexibility after the election"? Trump sought to reduce sanctions against Russia? Trumps foundation took money from Russian oligarchs and refused to disclose it? numerous Clinton associates lobbied for the Russians? Thought so, ..no need to answer
  10. Your brain was molded in concrete a long time ago.
  11. "Objective journalist" ....is an oxymoron. I would be interested in who you would label as objective. The past few decades have seen the profession become one of the least respected. They honestly believe it is their job to mold pubic opinion and that is dangerous. .
  12. I thought Pence was one of the few fiscal conservatives. https://www.cato.org/blog/mike-pence-solid-fiscal-conservative
  13. While a free media is essential.....the consumers demand that it whip up a partisan drama that is getting closer to inciting a riot. So much for anyone being responsible.
  14. Meanwhile in South Dakota
  15. The flip side is that too many folks we send to DC just substitute govt for religion...little difference. Religious issues get shot down by the SC...govt over reach ......not so much.