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  1. O still has disdain for his own country. Manning should have been hung for treason
  2. I am a solutions type of guy... We see the symptom of a larger problem. IMHO this bullshit will go on forever as long as the people we send to DC get a microphone. The solution is to allow them less power over our lives.
  3. Very different than what my kids told me....you apparently had a good prof.
  4. W/o having enough time to write a book ..... your post was very narrow minded.
  5. I could not disagree more....Trump on the other hand....
  6. I would guess that there is little difference in intelligence between.... say the college educated and those without. There is a very large number of intelligent people that have a hard time learning from a traditional school. My father in law wanted to be a cook in the Navy but sent him to radar school instead...only they didn't really have a radar school yet. The guy was an obnoxious SOB w/ nothing but contempt for authority but was one of the smartest people I knew. The only job he could hold was farming. The guy had an incredible library. LOL I also admit not reading an entire post...if my posts get more than this, I assume few actually read it. Cut and paste...I have no interest. IMO many "small" people who seek positions of authority, teachers, cops etc because their ego requires them to make up for ...some defect... the "Napoleon Complex" They are not really interested in service only prestige or authority.
  7. No
  8. No............many are useful idiots
  9. Shallow. I have not spoken against education, I speak against how an education is used by elitists. Education should serve all, not to control people as many want. To say that an education = happiness is just plain dumb.
  10. No hang up, I despise educated people who believe they are better than those who have less schooling. Most honestly believe they hold some type of high ground. Many fear being challenged. They may hold high degrees because they are basically insecure people, much like many in leadership roles. I refuse to put them on a pedestal.
  11. Some intellectuals are not as smart as they think they are....or they misplace emotion for intellect.
  12. I do not like elitists like Ryan, McConnell, the Bushs, overeducated pseudo-intellectuals as well, etc. You guys want to make this about ideology, it is not .
  13. You secretly wan to be part of the "in crowd"
  14. Streep vs Nugent, both wealthy. Streep looks down her nose at you and believes you to be stupid and inferior, Nugent just wants to have fun and be left alone...he gets it. As I basically said, elitism has nothing to with party affiliation.