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  1. TDS has brought hatred to a new level for Trump and his supporters by the left.
  2. IMO prisons do not need to be much more than a pile of lumber and wire dumped off in the desert w the inmates.
  3. Hillary divorces Bill
  4. Bill invites girl scouts for a camp out on the lawn
  5. Such things, and including zoos are amongst the saddest places I have ever visited. If people want to see wildlife they need to get their lazy asses outside. Confined wild animals are better off dead.
  6. I agree w/ enforcing the laws of the land, like them or not. What a concept. As far as I am concerned.... smoke all you want, but what does concern me is that there is no test for driving while high. That bothers me. The only test I know of is a teen driving 20 in a 40.
  7. I would like to see her lick her own butt. edit...or not.
  8. If Hillary was on this particular list she would be #1 ahead of Bubba...that is after she won the Peace Prize before inauguration.
  9. You can cherry pick all kinds of low cost goods to make a point. Few of us from low to very high skills have a great deal of control over their economy. Factory and programming jobs are at risk by outsourcing . A good example is off shore companes do not pay for healthcare
  10. I am not trying to defend losers but it is absurd when our own laws and policies make us less competitive.
  11. Sure it's a cold world out there. One of the reasons Trump is prez is because hard working folks did not feel they were cared about by our own govt...they felt in many ways govt made their lives more difficult. We can not nor should we try to solve china's woes. We have already done enough.
  12. Lol. Who the fk is triggered here? You have zero self reflection.
  13. Hate goes deep
  14. You are right. Competing against companies abroad paying less taxes, labor laws and environmental laws is asking for a handout. Let's wait until you get replaced to see what you ask for