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  1. Keto

    6 pack of beer and a bag of chips at the end of the day. Gained weight so i switched to a lager... didnt work.
  2. Hell froze over

    Agreed and this is why we need a small limited powers fed govt now more than ever.
  3. Hell froze over

    Trump being elected has more to do with him being an outsider to all the BS Washington has been cramming down oir throats through the years. Sigh... some people like things crammed down their throats.
  4. Hell froze over

    The Dem party gave us the trump shitshow.
  5. Hell froze over

    Thought so....let me reiterate....there is no evidence against Trump, it only exists in the minds for the haters. Trump is being investigated...Clinton is not even though there is a preponderance of direct evidence she sold favors. This is our power structure in DC. You have nothing.
  6. Hell froze over

    Then lay all that evidence on us man.
  7. Hell froze over

    Unlike the left, i have been critical of both sides. Even though there is hardly any evidence of anything, Trump is being investigated as we speak which is a good thing.....clintons...i hope this is only the beginning because their political machine still runs the show in DC. If you cant see the left bias in 90% of the media...yourre hopless.
  8. Hell froze over

    Certainly only conservatives are guilty of this shit. Right? I am talking about your precious media and entire party being complicit and protecting the clintons / kennedys for decades. But only now....throw em under the bus...excellent timing.
  9. Hell froze over

    Its ok to trash the clintons now because they are a political liability and have been irrelevant since the election. If she was prez it would be business as usual.
  10. Would forgiveness been given had the political motivation of the victim been different than the aggressor?
  11. Top 3 Most Embarrassing Incidents For You.

    In the penthouse suite
  12. Top 3 Most Embarrassing Incidents For You.

    After drinking all night during my sisters wedding, I puked on the door man's shoes when he opened the door for me at a fancy motel.
  13. Age of consent.

    I seem to recall a wedding
  14. Age of consent.

    Didnt know if the gal was 70 yet, defintely 60
  15. Age of consent.

    Started at 16