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  1. This is far from hypothetical. Does our govt not pander to the lazy side of our person for votes? So you are saying Americans are a stronger people? I thought we are supposed to be the same as everyone else.
  2. How are we different? The Venezuelans voted for massive govt aid, are we not?
  3. I dont completely disagree....
  4. Chavez/Maduro nationalized and confiscated large parts of industry and land. Trump, warts and all is not advocating that nor is he part of this discussion. Lets say, just a little bit more of the American electorate started voting for massive govt aid programs that are continuously peddled by our govt. Would we be on the same path? Assuming you wont answer the question.....Anyone?
  5. ...and gave money to Johnson hoping more libertarians would follow. .
  6. Is Trump nationalizing large parts of industry?
  7. Is this not what we are doing?
  8. Didnt vote for trump
  9. Hasn't the electorate had several chances to remove their leadership?
  10. You see no parallels? Progressives generally like to see govt "evolve" with changes in society....right? In this case, I see a greedy electorate embrace unrealistic govt promises and choose to grow govt to get more services. Am I wrong?
  11. Question for our resident progressives: What do you think is going on there?
  12. Shut the fukker down.
  13. As far as NKorea goes, SKorea would have joined them under the same leadership as they are now.
  14. We at least had the smarts to get MacArthur out of Korea because he was out of control and recommended that we use "limited nukes" among other things. There were lot of bad things we did not do. We hired people like Lemay to do a job and now we judge him....he was a symptom, not the problem. Most Americans want to do the right thing...our govt, not-so-much. We ignore/abuse our own history, beat ourselves up using today's perspective on selected events and then ignore Eisenhower's warnings. How is that translated into any solution? ....it doesnt. We grow our govt and then criticize it....instead of accepting the consequences. There are really bad people that only respect us for the worst we have to offer...no different than our own society and it sucks. Are we smart enough to learn from mistakes? Usually not.
  15. The smart ones figured it out...which means you are one of the many useful idiots