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  1. I saw that as well. The suicide rate is significantly higher in rural western states and among young people. Most studies I have read point to the easy access and effectiveness of firearms. Intentional drug overdoses, wrist slitting and the like are far less likely to result in death.
  2. I wasn't attacking suicide victims. I was simply pointing to the data. You are continually attacking "city people," blaming them for everything thing that is wrong with this country. PS: I chose to work in government because I wanted to help people. I couldn't have chosen a more rewarding career. It is truly my dream job.
  3. I already posted a link to a Nevada source, citing Nevada data.
  4. Nope. There is free medicine in Africa because Hillary gave all of our uranium to Russia.
  5. You have that backwards. After the election cluster +++++, they realize they need my input. I told Obama he needed to have Comey issue a statement just prior to the election that the FBI was opening an investigation into "Pee Pee" gate. Instead he announced he was investigating Anthony Wiener's laptop. I have been appointed to a spot on the DNC politburo.
  6. I have always been a Sorel buyer. Which is one time, and they have held up for 20 years. I find it very curious that Trump, who has been bashing American companies that outsource overseas., is now praising a business that manufactures 75% of its products outside of the country. Who says campaign contributions don't pay off?
  7. ‘I find it hard to imagine he ran to a hotel to meet our girls of “low social responsibility”... though they are, of course, also the best in the world.’ Vladimir Putin
  8. A CIA source claims that there is more than one source for the Trump sex tape. And more than one tape. A BBC reporter who made enquiries to the CIA about the allegations said he received a message from the agency saying they had more than one source for the claims, which they regarded as “credible”. “There was supposedly more than one tape, not just video but audio, more than one date, and not just in Moscow but in St Petersburg as well,” said Paul Wood in a live broadcast from Washington. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-russia-claims-more-than-one-sex-tape-blackmail-cia-agents-bbc-paul-wood-a7523321.html
  9. Putin has used secretly recorded sex tapes at least twice to advance his political ambitions. http://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2017/01/11/509305088/a-russian-word-americans-need-to-know-kompromat
  10. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/pay-no-attention-to-the-spies-on-the-23rd-floor-17885145/
  11. FIFY. People like Obamacare now too.
  12. I can't find the actual poll question, but it would certainly be interesting to see what difference it would make.
  13. More Americans now view it favorably than unfavorably. http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/314610-obamacare-reaches-new-popularity-heights-poll Repeal away GOP.
  14. It seems like I read that private Manning had some psychological issues. That may have some bearing on the commutation.