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  1. Political Cartoons and Memes

  2. The Grand Jury says.........

  3. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    That may be the stupidest post I have ever seen on this board.
  4. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    If you are in the middle of a mob f nazis wearing body armor with clubs and guns, shouting the N word and the K word at people in the counter protest, you are not a peaceful protester. a peaceful protestor would walk away. the vast majority of the counter protesters were local folks.
  5. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    Trump immediately calls this a terror attack. Charlottesville? not so much...
  6. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Wait, I thought I was the worst poster on the OT board?
  7. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    Maybe, but it would make me feel a lot better to smack a Nazi with a stick.
  8. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    Spencer can only last so long with his pseudo intellectual bullshit. after about 5 or ten minutes, he goes full Nazi.
  9. Charlottesville: Race and Terror

    It's clear the Nazis purpose was to incite a riot.
  10. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Maybe it's because Blue is a half wit who they secretly identify with...
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

  12. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    I though we hated the ALCU?
  13. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    I think the NAZI outing websites are going to have an effect. Some of these people have jobs and communities they need and care about. It probably won't have much effect on the dim wit, neanderthal militia crowd.
  14. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Sweet alt right Mormon momma... http://nypost.com/2017/03/31/this-young-mom-is-the-face-of-mormonisms-hateful-alt-right/
  15. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Thanks for the tip, and very relevant in this case...