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  1. Ohio Dem Candidate for Governor....

    He is a liar in my opinion. I want to see the pictures of the 50 "very attractive females". Also your left and right hand does not count has 10 women.
  2. Trump Frees UCLA 3

    I thought they was going to be tough on crime? What would that sheriff in AZ do for this?
  3. Not sure if real, but Trumps response.
  4. Kustra just quit

    Or he could be leaving due to this. BSU President Kustra not stepping down, despite Rep. Labrador’s call
  5. Kustra just quit

    Right after he saw the new CSU stadium...Hmmm. Must of thought there is no way he can compete with CSU.
  6. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    So who is your turd? SJSU? You can predict them being a turd until the life ends in the universe.
  7. Stephen Hawking accused of sexual misconduct

    It is a hoax. Check the link above.
  8. Stephen Hawking accused of sexual misconduct

    Well in the movie wasn't he into playboy or penthouse. Hoax.
  9. Roy Moore

    And Christian fundamentalist would not if they had the power? In the US this is not possible since liberals have a big say in the government. David Bahati, an evangelical Ugandan politician, recently attempted to pass a law that sought the death sentence for homosexuals
  10. Roy Moore

    Fundamentalist Christians have other avenues such as getting elected unless they are in Africa (Lords Army, etc). I think the Taliban comparison is more accurate.
  11. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Well, the sporting news reporters picked CSU to contend if not win in preseason. Senior qb and good schedule. But I guess that is FAKE news.
  12. This is a bad coached team. From all angles. Offensive, defense, special team, etc. The lack of consistency show it.
  13. Bobo did not leave him at the tarmac after the bowl game. What do think he will do that now? Marty will be here next year if Bobo is here.
  14. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    I say CSU. CSU was predicted to be good, but a 7-6 or 6-7 season is pretty bad. SJSU was already predicted to be bad.
  15. Sexual assault claims continue to climb

    Some of this is getting out of hand. I am not sure I will define some it as sexual harassment. Last week I saw another guy fake punch another guy at work. I joked that is sexual harassment in the new climate. Might be the same blowback as the PC stuff from Trump.