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  1. Hawaii

    Nick Rolovich Show (highlights, the full video in a couple days). Week 0 opening game less than 6 days away.
  2. Week 0 TV

    Don't forget Hawaii was on ESPN for the Cal game in Australia, and when traveling to Michigan last season. CBS has controlled many other games though (Colorado, Washington, etc.) pretty much anything that wasn't picked by the P12N/B10N.
  3. Week 0 TV

    The Hawaii - UMass game will be able to be seen nationwide (not going through Hawaii Spectrum PPV). Spectrum is going to be using the UMass broadcast (Eleven Sports on DirecTV: 623, Uverse:1665, and FiOS: 597) which will also be shown through the UMass (and likely Hawaii) athletic website(s). http://www.staradvertiser.com/2017/08/12/sports/ferds-words/no-extra-charge-for-spectrum-subscribers-to-watch-opener/?HSA=1329220c48c1e7eaadd80737f3a07e257d50310c "Eleven Sports is a United Kingdom-based network that began operations in the U.S. in March, replacing One World Sports. Mostly known for soccer, it also holds some rights to Big Sky Conference and Ivy League football. The broadcast team for the game will be from Eleven Sports. UMass said the game will be streamed free of charge on its athletic website."
  4. Thompson at 19 years - Stability and Success

    Yup no extra bids for the mega conference, and no promise of increased revenue for tv contracts. Combined with the main schools of CUSA leaving to form the AAC, it put the merger in delay after delay until it was just decided to cancel the thought.
  5. Nevada fans, think back to the 2010 football season

    Hawaii should have fired McMackin. We should have never hired Chow and instead had let the AD Jim Donovan decide which he wanted Koetter during the final selection process. But was overruled by the school President and some BOR members that didn't like Koetters past at Arizona St along with the "local" factor of Chow. I was a Koetter guy, and always will remember a tweet from a news sport castor that prematurely said Koetter was the new HC, only for that tweet to be replaced with Chow being the HC instead. McMackin was a average coach that never did that bad, but really didn't have a good year outside of 2010. He never won a bowl game during his tenure and had that controvery during the Hawaii Bowl with ND. Especially with his over $1m salary which was the contract that was supposed to go to JJ if he had stayed instead of bolting, Mack wasn't worth the cost. I think if Mack originally got a $500k salary he probably would have been the coach at least through the 2012 season.
  6. MWC Predictions

    For me I guess depth means more about how many players are on scholie and have potential rather than the amount of players that had playing time in prior seasons. Rather than dipping into the walk-ons (like Padello and Choi) which we did on occasion last season I doubt we dip much if at all this year unless an injury bug occurs. Lot of newcomers on Defense with potential to be starters, Rasmussen, Scott, Ford, Hicks, Tolliver, Augafa, Russell, and Hendrie I could all see having significant playing time on Defense and while they lack experience I believe they have the talent to play. Agree worried about the Special Teams, Rigo was the rock for both punting and FG's. Hopefully Meskell performs well enough that it doesn't make people miss Rigo too much.
  7. MWC Predictions

    Our DC is different, we don't play 3 P5 schools to open the season, we have more depth on Defense with all the Freshman playing last year(Keala Santiago(S), Ikem Okeke(LB), Viane Moala(DL), Ro Farris (CB), Jeremiah Pritchard (LB)) and Rolo recruited heavily on Defense especially DL and secondary for this year as well. The Defense will look improved and the Offense will be better as Rolo opens the playbook a little more as players have gotten more used to the RPO/RnS system. I still feel SDSU will take the West at least until our QB and OC can figure out the SDSU Defense...
  8. Hawaii matte green helmets

    We used a variation of the UH-Rainbow(1992) when Chow was coach in 2015. Didn't use it last year though with Rolo. Rolo said if he got his way, he would bring back the classic black-green look of the JJ years. Probably something is planned when Under Armour does our new jerseys for the 2018 season.
  9. MWC Message Board Fanbase Breakdown...

    Hawaii fans are stuck on the Hawaii boards and blog. Warrior World, Warrior Sports Network, and Sports Hawaii. Don't think I've seen more than 5 Hawaii fans on this board. Not sure if they even know/care this place exists.
  10. Oregon State Transfer QB McMaryion Selects Fresno State

    Nah not saying that. Just saying P5 transfers don't win jobs because they are P5 transfers and sometimes there is a reason they don't play at the P5 school. Some just end up not developing past HS. Also that Norm Chow couldn't recruit a decent HS QB even though he was known as a 'QB Guru' lol.
  11. Oregon State Transfer QB McMaryion Selects Fresno State

    Colt was a JC transfer, although he originally began his career at Colorado. He had off the field issues during his Freshman year at Colorado, where the charges later got dismissed (If I am remembering correctly). It was the reason he transferred to a JC (got kicked off at Colorado) and played a season there. Also the reason JJ recruited him (as he was a guy to give second chances to players). Colt was a 4* QB during JC, but many thought either Tyler Graunke (who was the #2 QB all 4 years behind Colt/Moniz), or Jack Rolovich (Nick Rolovich's brother) would be the starter. Norm Chow was the master of P5 QB transfers...Sean Schroeder (Duke transfer), Taylor Graham (Ohio State transfer), Max Wittek (USC transfer) all in 4 seasons of him as HC. Yet the only player to keep the starting spot for a season outside of Sean Schroeder was a guy that Mack recruited as a greyshirt (Ikaika Woolsey) lol.

    According to the paper this morning. Where there was word that Hawaii "may" not be the preseason number one team pick this year with the new HC. Which was proven not true when votes were released, but it was closer in votes. The last time Hawaii wasn't picked to finish first in a conference was in 1995.
  13. Season Ticket Sales

    Every year under Chow we lost between 1-2k of season ticket holders. Our fans are both band wagoners but also 4 years of bad football under Chow disheartened many of even the most loyal Hawaii fans. Especially after the (1-11) 2013 season. Our AD Dave Matlin was hoping to at least have the season ticket number bottom out for this upcoming season and then start building it up which it looks like it has done.
  14. Season Ticket Sales

    I believe we were around 14k mid-July, down from last years 15k and way down from the pre-Chow era of 20-25k. Hopefully we can get back to that level eventually.
  15. Hawaii 2018 Recruiting

    New pickup. Interesting as he will be one of if not the only Pro-Style QB on the Roster. Most the other QB's are fit more for the RPO. Jeremy Moussa 6-2, 190lbs, Roosevelt HS Scout: http://www.scout.com/Player/Jeremy-Moussa-46039860 Rivals: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2018/jeremy-moussa-182894 Hudl: https://www.hudl.com/profile/4420127/jeremy-moussa