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  1. For Hawaii, Spring Ball has already started with the first practice this past Monday. QB, looks solid. Dru Brown developing real well. What really will be interesting is who takes the backup spot between two RS'ed players from last season Cole McDonald and Cole Brownholtz. RB, looks solid. Diocemy St Juste holds the starting role. Looks like Freshman Freddie Holly will be taking over RB2 Paul Harris's spot, and Melvin Davis was supposed to get Lakalaka's power back role before Davis had a bad leg injury yesterday which might be a season ending one. So might go to Tuiasoa who is in the same mold as Lakalaka. TE will be different. Rolo seems to want his TE's to be athletic types that catch 5-6 balls a game. Tui Unga fits that perfectly but wasn't really that great a threat outside the bowl game. Will be interesting how much Brown and Unga find chemistry. WR, will be interesting. Slotbacks are solid with Ursua and Collie but backups are the battle with very little experience. What will be interesting is who takes over for Marcus Kemp as the WR1 spot which will be a battle between a few new players like Armstrong-Brown and old returnees like Barker, Ewaliko, Stubblefield and Timoteo. Defense is secondary until Fall Camp when a load of new players come in. More interested in how our new DC and new Safety coach will be.
  2. Liberty, Idaho, UMASS, NMSU should start up the WAC again with any Big Sky/Southland Schools that want the move up as well.
  3. I doubt Hawaii would have lost to NIU as they weren't that good this season. EMU would be a different story with the travel and being on the road. Michigan is a given loss to any MW school most likely. @ Arizona and (neutral) Cal would be tossups. UNLV and UNM were lost on fumbles by Hawaii's QB that he corrected later in the year. The SDSU and Boise games were just complete disasters though. Both Hawaii and Wyoming had great seasons for where both programs were the prior year. Hawaii took a while to find some solid footing in regards to players starting(QB changing) and learning the playbook and while the season started 1-3 they finished strong by going 6-4 that could have been 8-2 without the 2 fumbles. While Wyoming matured a lot from the prior year which allowed a lot of success this past season.
  4. Chistensen's lifetime Wyoming coaching record (27-35). Norm Chow's lifetime Hawaii record (10-36). Hawaii didn't have a coach like Christensen...Hawaii had a far worse one. Chow had talent from Mack who never finished with less than 6 wins. Rolo had talent from Chow that had 1 MW road win (SJSU) through his four years.
  5. After probably the top 10 or so Hawaii players it was pretty weak in talent. Lot of players want to play in the mainland and after Teo and Mariota a lot of HS players believe they only can get to the NFL if they play on the mainland. Along with the usual thing to "experience life off the rock". Hawaii probably could have got some of the weaker talent but the mainland talent (Paul Scott for example) are better than anything left locally. Also most of these HS players experienced Chow and his dismal teams for most of their HS careers.
  6. According to someone on the Hawaii message board, Tata didnt seem into the High School Championship Game. It's rumored he didnt address the team at halftime, didn't talk to the team after the loss, and didn't help players during recruiting period. He probably wants back in at the college level after being dismissed from Vanderbilt for charged with a DUI and later suspended. Not sure Rolo would hire the guy if what is rumored to happen during the Kahuku game is actually true.
  7. Hawaii's old DC is accepting a non-coaching job at Michigan. Will be a Defensive Analyst to help his mentor Don Brown with the Defense. Legi has has some experience at the FCS level. Will be interesting how that translates at the FBS. Also it's expected to keep the same defense as what Lempa had. The only position open right now is at safeties. So maybe Rich Miano or Torres comes in. The DL will still be handled by Chaudhari and Legi.
  8. Huge jump for Hawaii. From 12th to 5th in a few hours. Of course...that may be because they have still 2 QB's that were already with the team from the beginning of the 2016 Must be they have special information nobody else knows about which has them as 2017 commits...
  9. 247 still doesn't update Hawaii...hopefully when that transistion of Scout happens they have better tracking. All those recruiting sites are also missing our RB that sent in his NLI. We are at 23 not 22 signees. Maybe it's because he still on his mission though but he's still arriving for fall camp. Even though ranked middle of the pack. Not many complaints if at all coming from Hawaii fans in terms of the players coming in.
  10. Hope they don't destroy the Scout forum boards. That's the main board for Hawaii fans.
  11. Many Hawaii fans are happy this day. Everyone that was expected to sign sent in their NLI. Including 3 bonuses that weren't expected.
  12. Hawaii kept a hold of Mermea. He sent in his NLI to us.
  13. MERMEA!!!!! Kept his commitment yeahhhh
  14. Class signings wrapping up. No out of the blue decommits but definitely very out of the blue surprises. Still have 2 or 3 scholies left open. Marcus Armstrong-Brown, WR Donovan Dalton, DB Jay Dominique, DB Eugene Ford, DB Hekili Keliiliki, RB Brandon Kipper, OL Isaia Mullen, WR Kalepo Naotala, DL Drake Stallworth, WR Manu Rasmussen, DB Jamie Tago, DL(DE) Micah Vanterpool, OL Damario Mclean, DB Miles Reed, RB Paul Scott, LB Emil Graves, OL Akil Francisco, DB Kade Greeley, TE Doug Russell, DL Blessman Taala, DL(DE) Penei Pavihi, LB Josaiah Maama, DL(DE) Anthony Mermea, DL Still waiting on Justin Uahinui, QB (walking on) Ralph Taufaasau, TE (if he is still signing with us)