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  1. Unless DC Legi Suiaunoa had a moment of enlightenment during the bye week. You will see many all-out blitzes and your QB will throw quick passes up the middle which should be wide open. The blitzes will also leave holes for Penny to run through and chances for long pass plays since the secondary won’t get help from all the blitzing. That’s been the case for every game so far with Legi at the helm.
  2. You don’t realize how bad our Defense is... We made SJSU’s Offense look competent and Nevada’s backup RB look like All-MW. I bet Penny will rush for at least 200 yards.
  3. Nah. The way the Hawaii Defense is playing, we will make your QB/RB look like a Heisman Finalist. Guarantee you will have over 400 yards of total Offense easily since we have yet to allow below that outside of Wyoming. Hawaii's Defense is the medicine that helps any opposing Offense that has struggled. Our DC will continue to blitz and blitz and blitz and leave the middle of the field wide open even when his scheme is not working. The only way we win this is if the Offense plays lights out and scores more than our Defense lets up and with Ursua and Unga gone for the year with injuries that's very unlikely.
  4. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    I think schools could likely have their own tier 3 rights right now. But like Hawaii would have to give up conference tv revenue which is why schools are opting out of it. we had an option to take part of conference revenue but pool tier 3 rights, or tier 3 rights but no revenue until the average MW school makes over $2.5m a year. It was a result of a “fairness” issue with other schools. Deemed “double dipping” which rose that concern.
  5. Funniest Last Names in FBS for 2017

    "Ha Ha" isn't Clinton-Dix's real first name, its Ha'Sean Treshon. But it is an awesome nickname combined with his last name. Sometimes it makes me wonder if the parent's are just trying to embarrass their kid by naming them names that combined with their last name end up meaning something else... I'd probably do the same thing if my last name was something better....
  6. Diocemy Saint Juste is a Beast

    DSJ will be worn down if we need to run him almost 40 times every game like against SJSU. I want to see some Holly or at least more of Tuiasoa to give DSJ a breather. He likely will be counted on more if none of our WR's step up to replace the loss of Ursua. Hopefully Collie, Ewaliko, Barker or Armstrong-Brown can make up that loss. He's probably the first legit pro prospect at RB since Alex Green.
  7. Week 7 in GIFs

    Hawaii fans during the numerous times each game our Defense gives a long run/pass play up.
  8. Oh we back bitches!!!!

    Last years Hawaii’s Defense was bad, but our DC last season was okay with adjustments and showed in AFA and against MTSU. We also were senior heavy in the secondary which this team is missing the leadership. This years Defense is B-A-D, our DC has struggled with adjusting out of his all out blitzing on every down even if the blitzing isn’t working. Which cost us in Wyoming and Nevada. In addition to having to replace a handful of seniors in the secondary with freshman and sophomores. Lempa’s Defense in 2016 gave up about 6 yards per play, Legi’s Defense in 2017 however is almost at 8 yards per play... Offensively Hawaii has playmakers, but they’ve shot themselves in the foot with penalty and penalty along with having probably one of the worst FG kicking in the nation compared to last year when we had one of the best in Sanchez. i agree Fresno had skill players last year and their Defense was decent. They just needed a guy like Tedford to get that team into shape.
  9. Rank Em - Week 7

    Top Tier Boise St SDSU CSU Fresno Potential Wyoming Utah St Meh Tier UNLV Hawaii New Mexico Nevada AFA Disgraceful of Disgraceful SJSU
  10. Turd of the Week! -Week 7

    For me has to be between UNLV blowing their multiple score lead and SDSU ruining the MW NY6 day plans. voted UNLV. That was a horrible performance in the second half.
  11. San Jose Sate at Hawaii

    Our defense still gave up a lot of yards but at least they didn’t let them score too much. The Offense didn’t shoot themselves in the foot as much as other games and finally made more yards into points. Hopefully this win helps Hawaii’s confidence for future games. I still want to replace our defensive coordinator for letting up 500+ yards again....
  12. UNLV at Air Force

    Should have at least thrown a ball past the first down marker...
  13. UNLV at Air Force

    Went from a nice run to a TO and touchback for AFA
  14. UNLV at Air Force

  15. Non-MWC game thread week 7

    Definitely upset weekend first was Clemson now looks to be Washington State down 27-3 in the 4th