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  1. "..Of course, UH had been thinking more along the lines of paying for 85-90 seats, a $45,000-$75,000 tab, for each of the four teams that came over annually. What it ended up having to agree to was $150,000-$175,000 per team, depending on time zones crossed, effectively the price of a charter flight...." "As an example of enlightened thinking, we offer you the Big West, where most UH teams in sports other than football will be heading in 2012. UH will pay travel subsidies there, too, but will pay a flat $500 per head for agreed-upon squad limits." Hawaii will not subsidize anyone that joined post-Hawaii in the Big West (so a UCSD if they joined for example wouldn't get travel subs), compared to the Mountain West which didn't have those types of terms and as a result schools like USU and SJSU receive those benefits.
  2. And just as I say that. Sampson and Snell took down their commitment tweets...well at least still get Anderson *crosses fingers*
  3. Don't forget about Colt Brennan who finished 3rd. He had to go against Tim Tebow, Darren McFadden, and Chase Daniel and finished behind Tebow (winner) and McFadden (second year Hesiman finalist) and beat Chase Daniel.
  4. Looks like Rolo is reeling in some new commits. Hopefully most if not all stick to their verbal. Darrien Sampson, DB 6'1 160lbs, 3 star Anthony Snell, WR 5'10 170lbs, 3 star Jarrell Anderson, TE 6'4 230lbs, 3 star (above) Along with some locals. Jonah Panoke, WR 6'2 185lbs, 2 star Kai Kaneshiro, DB 6'2 175lbs, 2 star
  5. I agree... what I remember from each... Microsoft: Teraflops, Xbox One X, exclusivity, Teraflops, Metro, Anthem, Teraflops... Could care less about the onex (same reason I don't have an Xbox One), already have a desktop that can run all those games (except that Lucky Tale game) better than what the onex will offer. Sony: Trailers...VR, 2018, Uncharted, 2018, more 2018, God of War, 2018, Days Gone, 2018, Monster Hunter World, Spiderman in 2018(?)... I'll be hyped once its 2018 as some games like Detroit look interesting...but third party support looks to be the main reason for the system this year. Nintendo: Mario Odyssey trailer, Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon semi-announcement, ARMS, Splatoon 2 stuff, indy games (Rocket League), Dyn*cough*Fire Emblem Warriors, Xcom (Mario+Rabbids Edition), Xenoblade, and other stuff Nintendo will 100% be pushing the Switch for a long while as this is selling 100% better than the Wii U did a few months from release. Lot of small titles from indy titles seem to be making its way over as well. Ubisoft won the show for me, Far Cry, Assassin Creed, Mario + Rabbids (yes I am hyped for that game after seeing gameplay as I am huge XCOM fan).
  6. So they erase a couple of seasons record of basketball and lose their Championship...That still seems small for what the violations were...and they still reap the benefits from being there at the time. It's like Hawaii saying we had to vacate our NCAA Championship in Mens Volleyball from the 2002 due to a player violation (he was considered "semi-pro" overseas by the NCAA prior to joining the team). All Hawaii fans know we won and it helped recruiting still, it just will always have an asterisk of it being vacated. Hawaii on the other hand got a year postseason ban, 2 years of losing 2 scholarships (later forgiven and reduced to one season with the Violations Committee saying it was overdone but damage was already done), vacated wins, a $10k fine, and reduction in allotted practice time. All because Gib Arnold gifted a player (Isaac Fotu) an iPad for a Christmas gift, Assistant Coach Brandyn Akana edited an immigration form for a player transferring in, and another player backup Center Davis Rozitis used a booster's car when the booster was on the mainland (even though he wasn't a booster but just bought season tickets within the past 2 seasons) to move into the dorm.
  7. It will come with time imo. The Switch, even though its selling out and has a lot of hype still has less than 10-20% of the Wii U market of 13m with its about 2-3m total of Switch's sold. Means it needs many times the attach rate per console compared to Xbox or PS which have sold a lot more due to being out a lot longer. Most analysts are expecting it to overtake the Wii U in sales sometime in the Holidays/early 2018 though. I expect AAA games start porting over with some visual downgrades due to the Tegra X1 limitations IF the hype continues in 2018. However if the Switch hype takes a nosedive going into 2018 I think it will still be a hard time for AAA third party games to come over.
  8. We are at least at the recording of late May around 14k season tickets. Which is still behind last years numbers of a little over 15k. The AD is hoping because of opening season tickets sales earlier to increase the number from last season. Hopefully we will get back to 20k some day, which was normal pre-Chow.
  9. Well if this was Rolo's plan to get Hawaii more the public eye...he did... I don't mind the offer, seems to be more common to offer middle schoolers and freshman players. Mack offered a few a few years ago that turned into elite players like Reeve Koehler (8th grade), Kamalei Correa (8th grade) and Faatui Tuitele (9th grade) Top 5 story on ESPN now...
  10. Hawaii should be able to get over 4 wins next season. As long as our defense is as good or better than last season the team should be able to get 6 or 7 wins at least with a high of 8 or 9. Offense returns a lot of starters and just needs to find a go-to WR. The Defense was never relied upon to pull out victories outside of the AFA and the MTSU games. It was always the Offense that had to pull out wins and why Rolo recruited defense so heavily this year. Hawaii should be able to get wins off against @UMass, and Western Carolina, as well as have about 50-50 chance against Fresno, SJSU, Colorado St, @UNLV, @USU, and @Nevada. The games I don't see a good chance in is the Wyoming game (with Heisman winner Josh Allen), UCLA (as long as they are healthy), SDSU (unless Dru Brown can figure out the Defense), and BYU.
  11. Honolulu/Hawaii: Jack Johnson
  12. "Passas said Cordeiro is 6 feet 1, 180 pounds and can clean 275 pounds." “He can make all the throws — the short ones, the intermediate routes, and the deep balls,” Passas said. “He has the opportunity (this season) to really showcase the type of talent he has.” I'd probably trust his judgement on a QB. He coached some of the best Hawaii QB's in recent years Mariota, Masoli, Chang, Tagovailoa, etc. If Cordeiro has a great season though, I expect the P5 offers to start flowing in with how close mainland schools are watching local players now because of Tagovailoa and Mariota.
  13. Well Rolo and the gang has continued to send out many offers throughout the weeks and months since recruiting started up again. But not any commitments yet until now. "under the radar" recruit for the moment. But supposedly he is pretty good. Hasn't had much chance to show himself because he was behind Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama QB) and was usually given mopup duty. He's small though. Rolo must see something in the guy to offer so soon as he doesn't offer everyone from the state especially the lesser known ones. QB Chevan Cordeiro 6'1 180lbs, 4.86 40yd, Saint Louis School
  14. You playing a FCS school (Abilene Christian) therefore no line. Which is what the thread is about. same reason SDSU doesn't have one (UC Davis)