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  1. Sounds exactly like what the current rule for the Hawaii Exemption is. Instead of adding a week at the end of the season. You add it to the week that Hawaii used as "Week 0". Which gave 2 bye weeks like this rule. The difference is Hawaii allows the extra game 13 games and 1 bye week, rather than 12 games and 2 bye weeks. Unless that would also be allowed under the rule being proposed. So unless Hawaii starts another week earlier(Week -1), it would negate much of the effectiveness of the Hawaii Exemption again. Since this is what happened in the original rule as well with the NCAA just expanding the season to 12 games.
  2. Hawaii has got a new commit by Blessman Taala. 3* DE out of America Samoa. "recently committed to the University of Hawaii (UH). I believe that coach Legi Suiaunoa and Head Coach Nick Rolovich are building something out there for success – I just want to be part of that success with great people. I believe it will be a great experience for me to showcase my talent there.” Scout profile: But we have also lost a commit in Kesi Ah-Hoy who is now deciding between Hawaii and Oregon St.
  3. New commit TE Gavin Reinwald
  4. 3* DT Anthony Mermea has committed to Hawaii. Greatly needed commit to sure up a DL that doesn't have a lot of depth.
  5. You could probably buy a $120+ graphic card like the GTX 1050 and match or beat the performance of the XB1. Both the original PS4 and XB1 used custom AMD 7000 series GPUs (7790HD for XB1, 7870HD for PS4) which are 3+ years old. The PS4 Pro and XB1S are close to a $250 RX 480. If you buy a high end graphic card like the GTX 1080 now it will likely closely match and maybe even beat whatever the card will be in the "next-gen" Scorpio. The thing with graphic cards and PC gaming in general is the way you can just adjust graphic resolution to last multiple console cycles. If anything just overclock the thing and get more performance out of the card. With Steam, GOG, etc. it also allows you to find games cheaper than on consoles because of the amount of sales and discounts they have. That usually are better than whatever is on PSN/XBL. That Rise of the Tomb Raider game on PS4 still going for $30+, I bought recently for $20 with a discount on steam. I always felt that the Sony and Microsoft consoles no matter how close they are just to being a compact PC with their own OS's. Will still be made for years to come just on the reason it's a simple plug-and-play thing. Don't have to be a tech guy in order to get a good gaming experience. Tech guys though will get more bang for their buck in terms of the hardware lasting longer.
  6. I'm glad that Hawaii is finally not being picked in the 100+ range like they were for the prior 4 to 5 seasons. Hopefully Rolo can build upon last year's success. Starting QB and RB are back, a good depth at WR along with one of the best OL recruits in the state in recent years transferring back home. The Defense needs some help and hopefully they got it in this year's recruiting class. A more balanced schedule this season is also very beneficial.
  7. Commits By Position (as of 1/19/2017) [17Total Commits] WR: (3) Isaia Mullen, 6'3", 190lbs, HS Drake Stallworth, 6'1", 183lbs, HS Marcus Armstrong-Brown, 6'3", 196lbs, JC TE: (2) Gavin Reinwald (TE/WR), 6'3", 215lbs, HS Ralph Taufa'asau (TE/WR), 6'4",220lbs, HS OL: (2) Eneasi Kavapalu, 6'7", 310lbs, HS Emil Graves, 6'3", 280lbs, JC DT: (1) Anthony Mermea, 6'2", 305lbs, HS DE: (3) Jamie Tago, 6'2" 250lbs, JC Josaiah Ma'ama, 6'4", 270lbs, HS Blessman Taala, 6'1", 250lbs, HS LB: (1) Penei Pavihi, 6'2", 220lbs, HS CB: (4) Donovan Dalton, 6'4", 200lbs, HS Akil Francisco, 5'11", 151lbs, HS Jeremie "Jay" Dominique, 6'1", 193lbs, HS Damario Mclean, 6'2", 185lbs, HS S: (1) Manu Rasmussen, 6'0", 185lbs, JC
  8. after recent visits a few new commits have committed to Hawaii. With Rolo's usual Hana Pa'a tweet as a confirmation. OG Emil Graves, 6'3", 280lbs Fullerton College, CA hudl: scout: S Manu Rasmussen 6'0", 185lbs Riverside City College, CA hudl: scout: DB Jeremie "Jay" Dominique" 6'1", 193lbs Old Montreal Cegep, Quebec hudl: scout: ATH Ralph Taufa'asau 6'4", 220lbs Samoana High School, America Samoa hudl: WR/DB Damario Mclean 6'2", 185lbs Elk Grove (Elk Grove), CA hudl: scout:
  9. I'm mainly a Nintendo and PC guy, with a side of PlayStation. Agree the switch presentation was okay, third party support will likely be announced at E3 and most are probably holding off because of how the WiiU performed. Nintendo at least made it so every few months another big hitting franchise comes out. Zelda in March, Mario Kart in April, Splatoon likely May/June, Xenoblade sometime 2017, and Mario in Nov/Dec. With the Switch combining Nintendo's console fronts of portable and home system, there should be better game lineups. I'm hoping the reveal of Pokemon Stars, Beyond Good and Evil reboot and the Smash port is announced either at E3 or sooner.
  10. Crazy how close the two look to each other. Guess the concept artist wasn't really going for 1-to-1 as possible. The only thing I would worry about is how easy that would be for expansion beyond 30-35k as a permanent seating. If/when Hawaii was to fill out that capacity every game eventually there will be talk of expansion. I still say build the whole thing out of cement. No rust and easier to maintain. Put in individual chairs if needed or just keep steps that can be made into bleacher seats.
  11. Nice pick up. Hopefully he isn't a highly recruited player that just ended up a flop like Hawaii had with Wittek from USC.
  12. Aloha Stadium looks like it will finally be replaced. Needs to be approved by the state governor and legislature first then goes to developer proposals. The Stadium Authority voted 5-0 with 4 absents in favor of replacing the aging facility. They are the ones that manage Aloha Stadium and the site surrounding it and are proposing a 30-35k permanent seating (40k special event) stadium in the same location, along with building new condos, restaurants, etc. in extra space for extra revenue. Unfortunately the conceptual renderings of the proposed stadium have some lack of creativity... imo the new stadium at the very least needs to be 35k capacity with an easy pathway for permanent expansion. Prior to Chow's first season at Hawaii, average attendance was over 30k nearing 35k even during the 6-7 season under Mack. My guess of how this turns out, stadium proposal goes to our governor who then proposes to just another extension of maintenance/sustainability of Aloha Stadium until the rail transit system that is currently being built is fully completed. Also would much rather have had our prior AD's design of the new stadium compared to the one that is being proposed.
  13. Hawaii's ethnic population is around 40% Asian, which has been studied to have one of the long lifespans in the US. Its by far the largest ethnicity group in the state, bigger than Caucasian, pacific islander, etc. Maybe its because of the amount of Pacific Islanders (Samoan, Hawaiian, Fijian, etc) and Hawaii's location in the Pacific it changes the ethnic image of Hawaii to one of being "bigger". The average Hawaii diet has heavy Asian influence and probably consumes a more fish and rice than anywhere else in the US. Loco Moco is more a "local" Hawaiian dish, like that of spam musubi, poke bowl, and Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice; than of real Hawaiian food. Real Hawaiian food is like Haupia, Pipikaula, Pork/fish Laulau, Lomi Salmon, Kalua Pig, Poi, Squid luau, etc. Hawaii also allows hiking, surfing and swimming within a 10-20 minute walk of any part of the island. Which probably helps with the longer lifespans as well.
  14. Hawaii ranked #1 in the nation in life spans. At least as of 2013-14 the most recent available state data.
  15. I see nothing wrong with what Norvell is being paid. DeRuyter was paid over $1m and outside of his first few years way underperformed his cost. If the coach does well in the first few seasons they will eventually get a raise or leave to a higher paying job. If not at least the University isn't overpaying for a coach if the guy does underperform. Rolovich was last in the MW in base salary $400k in 2016 in one of the most expensive locations in the nation. Took over a team with 4 combined MW wins in the prior 4 seasons. Yet finished 7-7 (4-4 MW), 2nd in the West Division with a Hawaii Bowl win over 8-4 Middle Tennesee State. Along with a win over AFA when they were riding the 15 game home winning streak.