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  1. UNLV at Ohio State

    Going on fourth down so many times was a very shitty thing to do.
  2. UNLV at Idaho

    I might bet on the Rebels this time. Tony will be fighting for his job basically on this game.
  3. Howard at UNLV - Season opener

    All due to that stupid ass logo. Who can take them seriously with that?
  4. UNLV personnel change

    Looks like Dave Rice was the reason. Hmmm.
  5. New UNLV Athletics Logo

    This is the email I got back from President Jessup.
  6. New UNLV Athletics Logo

  7. New UNLV Athletics Logo

    I am just this logo is beyond the worst thing I could have imagined seeing.
  8. New UNLV Athletics Logo

    It is like they replaced the Bellagio fountains with a large gay circle jerk with them ejaculating in unison to the Village People. That is what I see with that logo. Sorry for that image but this is truly that bad to me
  9. UNLV recruiting

    Then prove it.
  10. UNLV recruiting

    Boy who cried wolf.
  11. UNLV recruiting

    Good. Seems like a bit of a cancer. Too important or a year to bring on someone like that.
  12. UNLV recruiting

    Thank you for keeping it kind of on topic.
  13. UNLV recruiting

    Info RELATED to the thread: UNLV may be looking at former SJSU/Miami guard Rashad Muhamma. I honestly don't want him near the program. http://runrebs.com/2017/05/23/report-unlv-recruiting-miami-transfer-rashad-muhammad/
  14. VGK games on Root Sports

    It is pretty nice in my opinion definitely sticks out. Just takes time to get used to.
  15. VGK games on Root Sports

    So this means no more Ducks or Kings games in Vegas.