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  1. Some of the worst locker rooms & facilities in D-1. Terrible location, dirt parking. It isn't "Las Vegas", it is run of the mill.
  2. Not having a marketable stadium is the biggest issue.
  3. Guess for a celebration party, Raiders already booked the Thomas and Mack for Wednesday/Thursday. Looks pretty good.
  4. Menzies will bring him where he is supposed to be. UNLV.
  5. Cal seems worse than UNLV with this search. That is saying something.
  6. This was my worst bracket ever. Last year I was in the 99% percentile. This year... not so much.
  7. Any chance a program steals Weir?
  8. The actual article. Not bad, but I need to know more.
  9. You could tell that he was setting up well-thought plays and the team was following direction. This team just couldn't execute. I rather see guys actually running a set and failing than scatterbrain chaos from a lack of direction.
  10. I have Arizona winning it.
  11. Another ISU fan.
  12. Never forget...
  13. We might be rooting for you, but you know it always going to be RENO or UNR.
  14. Only us UNLV fans bite. And we bite hard if you remember.
  15. Trying hard to find that Rashad Vaughn thread.