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  1. Then prove it.
  2. Boy who cried wolf.
  3. Good. Seems like a bit of a cancer. Too important or a year to bring on someone like that.
  4. Thank you for keeping it kind of on topic.
  5. Info RELATED to the thread: UNLV may be looking at former SJSU/Miami guard Rashad Muhamma. I honestly don't want him near the program.
  6. It is pretty nice in my opinion definitely sticks out. Just takes time to get used to.
  7. So this means no more Ducks or Kings games in Vegas.
  8. Think it would be wise to start emailing now. Add ROOT or I'm dropping my services.
  9. This worries me from the Sun article.
  10. I was at the game as well love the peanuts in the bag and dollar beer until the second inning. Food price was a bit high in my opinion.
  11. You know how you get a higher attendance in Vegas? You have more talented teams. When UNLV, SDSU, New Mexico are all down, the conference suffers. This year attendance will be up, only due to a more competitive UNLV.
  12. Fun on a bun.
  13. I don't agree about football. Our injury situation was laughable and we never had a QB. This year we actually have our QB.
  14. Haha. Good luck. Rebels have improved drastically in both.
  15. I'll entertain this. What?