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  1. Rice (1-2) vs. UNLV (3-0)

    I would love to go. Everyone backed out on me so I will go Wednesday.
  2. Rice (1-2) vs. UNLV (3-0)

    It is a good channel. Just needs streaming.
  3. Rice (1-2) vs. UNLV (3-0)

    Home of the Golden Knights.
  4. Rice (1-2) vs. UNLV (3-0)

    Damn. I am out and they don't have streaming.
  5. Rice (1-2) vs. UNLV (3-0)

    Hour till game time. Is this on any TV?
  6. Rice (1-2) vs. UNLV (3-0)

    $30 plus all the taxes gets up in the $40+ range.
  7. Rice (1-2) vs. UNLV (3-0)

    Trying to go. Tickets little pricey for my taste.
  8. Beard is not a Vegas kinda guy. He can't sell this. He would have been a lesser Kruger. Sure the teams would be well coached but they would have inferior talent.
  9. UNLV at New Mexico

    And AF.
  10. Prairie View A&M at UNLV

    I was. I got the tickets on StubHub.
  11. Prairie View A&M at UNLV

    Really been missing Rebel Extra.
  12. Prairie View A&M at UNLV

    Man these discussions are absent, fans are missing, sad to see.
  13. Prairie View A&M at UNLV

    At the game. So little in attendance.
  14. Prairie View A&M at UNLV

    Anthony Smith looking good.
  15. Prairie View A&M at UNLV

    Oregon is a team that lost their top five scorers. While they reloaded a bit with Troy Brown Jr. and Elijah Brown, size is really not there.