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  1. I didn't get to see the game because of some extreme bullshit at work, but how did UNLV's zone defense fair? Did they use it the whole game? Were they able to prevent open 3PTers?
  2. Damn. Need every 3 star we can get. Hard to lose Lloyd
  3. She took me to the Duke game for my birthday. She gets a pass. Haha
  4. So glad I missed this game due to my girlfriend's birthday. Sounds less fun than the Duke game.
  5. Y'all know Mooring was recruited by Memphis in 2013 before family issues and grades got in the way?
  6. I still shutter to think about the game at Moby on February 7, 2015 when UNLV was up 36-18 on Colorado State and ended up losing by two. That let down was the story of the Dave Rice era.
  7. I am excited for the future of this team.
  8. Good luck with that. Hahaha
  9. I am not even going to attack TKM. She does what she knows how to do, and that is bring in money. It all comes to who made the decision to put her at the helm. We all know this is just an extended interim job.
  10. At least Zion got some use.
  11. Let's not throw the book at Menzies yet. While he may not be our first choice, he does have a great personality, Final Four experience as an assistant, and a proven ability to recruit even in the worst of situations. While the circumstances of his hiring is a blemish on this university, he is the coach and he has resources now to make this program successful. Even with this being an obvious down year, Menzies has impressed me with the ability to put this rag tag team together with two fringe four stars, a few three stars, and JC/Grad Transfer players. Not only to put the roster together, but to understand the balance needed to ensure he can have balanced recruiting classes as he gets on the trail in the coming years. Menzies is no dummy and it appears he understands what needs to be done to rebuild this program. I was one of the people that sent emails to TKM saying not to hire Menzies after the Beard situation. Now I wish he was hired to begin with to better align this team.
  12. My theory is TKM was hired only to raise money for the programs. That she has done and it has helped football at least. But that is all she can do. The reason why we fail is that our Presidents have put incompetent people at the helm of AD. It is obvious with the Rice situation that either TKM couldn't stand the pressure of boosters or that Jessup made the decision for her. If it were the latter, I feel a competent AD would push against that bad decision. I won't even put this blame on the TKM. I won't put it on Livengood. I will put it on the presidents that have hired them and have made a toxic climate for everyone involved. Jessup has time to make things right. I am hoping he knows what he is doing on keeping TKM until May and does a real national search to find the right AD.
  13. If Rogers isn't ready, that would be nice.
  14. We have Rogers and Stanton. That is good enough.
  15. Give Menzies some slack. Dave Rice came into one of the best situations possible by having an almost entire returning team of solid players and an elite transfer in Mike Moser that had practiced with the team the previous year. Menzies came in with three returning players, one of which hardly had any minutes last year. You have an entire team of players that are playing out of position and do not know their role. No point guard, no trusted big, and no one that has been tested. For most of these guys, the first game against South Alabama was the highest level of competition they had ever faced. To put it plainly, this year, especially out of conference play, is a wash. It was always going to be a wash. No coach could have made this any better given the circumstances. Starting conference play and beyond is where we can start evaluating this team. We will still be abused in conference, but with how down the talent level is, UNLV has as good of a chance to finish top seven as anyone else. It will be a time to develop our potential. But we are still not going to win. I am excited to see what Marvin can do with Dembele and Troy Baxter over the years. We are three years away from being competitive. But we will get there.