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  1. Sad days now, great days ahead. Not worried, just frustrated with the present.
  2. 9 times out of 10, I can watch even a loss. This one I cannot take much longer.
  3. Voted UNLV because I have a dream. Not that I believe there is a chance, but a dream.
  4. I miss the day I went there and saw UNLV beat them on the road. It was a great trip. Randomly saw Stacey Augmon in the Gaslamp Quarter.
  5. Easy way to change this is go MLB rules. Out of high school you can go to the NBA, but if you go to college you stay until you are 21.
  6. Wow that looks like you just copied and pasted a stadium in an empty, abandoned lot. Doesn't look good at all
  7. Rice is the game at MGM Grand? Quite a fall from last few years. Hope we add amother T-Mobile game during rodeo season. Edit: didn't see mini tournament with Utah involved. Still add T-Mobile game.
  8. Green has improved and the coaching staff helped him weather the storm of his extreme drought.
  9. I would boycott NCAA if this was implemented for real. A lot of the reason why I love college ball over the pros.
  10. Just saying, I would have been to 4 more games this year if it wasn't for these 3PM starts.
  11. I really think at these times, UNLV should be reaching out to middle schools and youth programs to fill seats. $5 a ticket for groups of 10 or more. Get butts in seats as if this is minor league baseball.
  12. You mean to tell me there are such things as SJSU fans? Crazy world we live in.
  13. I would have been to a lot more games if it wasn't for this. I am watching on a computer right now doing paperwork.
  14. Big issue is doing these stupid 3PM games. Games in Vegas should be at night...
  15. I know nothing about this kid. 3 star I guess?