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  1. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    LOL http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/chargers/sd-me-soccercity-20170327-story.html
  2. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    I guarantee the Vegas Bowl is done with the MWC once the new stadium is done. Book it.
  3. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    No, both parties said this won't work. Thanks for trying to change the subject though.
  4. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    We couldn't without another west team.
  5. How many years in a row now is this that our first or second best team is matched up against one of their middle of the pack teams in a bowl game? They certainly aren't P6 but they certainly aren't even with us. "The war is over Mr. Lebowski. The bums lost."
  6. Selection Sunday

  7. Selection Sunday

    Armed Forces Bowl for SDSU.
  8. Selection Sunday

    Dollar General is full Toledo vs App St.
  9. Selection Sunday

    I hope we got left out due to the Commish's shenanigans. If that doesn't fire up the administration to bail I don't know what will.
  10. Selection Sunday

    USU is back in apparently...
  11. Selection Sunday

    I don't think NMSU is going there either.
  12. Selection Sunday

    Some crazy last minute horsetrading going on right now.
  13. Selection Sunday

    That would truly be BS that USU got a bowl over you guys.
  14. Selection Sunday

    Wyoming vs CMU in Tater Bowl locked in.