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  1. It's simple. Just count the turnstyles, then move the decimal right one place. Yep. Theres's your 31,340 right there. Congrats on inflating your numbers up to 1% of the population.
  2. I really doubt you've been to our stadium. Actually I doubt you ever leave your Mom's basement. All the "Mom talk" is making more sense...
  3. Sure it is... Easy... Everybody believes those attendance numbers you guys report...
  4. Yes. It may be. And it is also leveraged to the hilt.
  5. Nothing could really be much worse than the "Q" with 0 fans in the upper deck, the Field level seats mostly empty and the club and terrace levels seats about half full. Honestly..
  6. And SUDS has the stadium to hold the neighborhood Mighty Mite 8 year old Halloween Weekend Challenge.! Actually, no... They don't even have that! Enjoy dropping your program when SUDS can't even come up with the money to buy poperty or conduct an Environmental Impact Study.
  7. So says the village idiot fan of the MWC team with no stadium, no real stadium plans, and a pending demolition order for the rent-a-stadium home they utilize to grossly over estimate crowd sizes. Where is SUDS going this week? PAC12? Big12? Big West? It's hard to keep up... Y'all have done such a crap job of managing your athletic programs and facilities that you might be lining your 2018 schedule in Estadio Caliente.
  8. Watercolers please.
  9. I expect further East Side expansion to put Maverick stadium over 30K within the next 3-4 years. Inexpensive and straightforward expansion opportunities are plentiful with the way it is built into the hillside. Also could build out another large double - decker luxury suite facility along the the lengthof the East Side From there, South End Zone seating can easily and inexpensively expand by another 8k to 10K. At that point, Utah State would have one of the best / newest / largest football staiums in the MWC. All locker areas, meeting rooms, equipment area, laundry,coaches and staff offices, position group rooms, weight rooms, nutrition center and training table right in a very nice 40K stadium complex.. Iidoor practice facility is a 2 minute walk. Not sure whose would be better in the MWC.
  10. I'll defer to the reigning troll derby champion and his "mom = tramp" smack. On the other hand, I have been to a couple of football games in "the murph" and here is my assessment. 1. If there was a reasonable football stadium in San Diego, the Chargers would still be there. 2. "Field" seats are too low and too far from sidelines. 3. "View" seats mostly are rarely even open. 4 "Club" and "terrace" seats are ok, but far from the action and there are really only about 15K or so of these seats. 5. In a couple of years, the whole thing will simply be a rubble pile that SIDS is working on cleaning up while they argue about whether playing in a baseball stdium is better than playing in a soccer stadium. .
  11. True. I'm not on the site much these days. So what is the plan for SUDS football? I must not have heard anyone clearly articulate the direction they are going.
  12. Does not the City of SD own Qualcomm Stadium? Without pumping any money into it, cant they use the existing stadium, as is, without improvements? I suppose within a couple of years, SUDS will need to decide what their long term plans are going to be. Either: 1) Start into the modifications to make Qualcomm a suitable home for the next 20ish years. 2) Find a spot for a new stadium site, Get plans drawn up, Do the Environmental Impact Study, Get Crackin on Construction. But for now, can not they just move forward with the Q? It's far from the perfect college stadium, but honestly, it's a darn site better than what many programs in the conference have today.
  13. I've been to Hawaii, and you would not trade it for that one either. It was a pretty nice stadium when it was built 40 years ago. It is a giant rusty bucket today. In fairness, they have updated playing surface and put in some new scoreboards in recent years but it is not a great venue and I would not trade for it. The best feature there are the swap meets.
  14. Yes, it is a fairly attainable level.. I'm not saying we have amazing facilities, but we have pretty good. Our IPF is not fancy but but very functional.and within a few hundred feet of the stadium. Quite a few in the MWC don't even have an IPF. I'd put our strength facilityies on par with many PAC12 programs and better than most in the MWC and it is right there steps from the stadium and locker areas.. Our lockers, meeting rooms, coaches offices, training areas and equipment are really nice. Few in the MWC have better. They are all right in the stadium and very functional. They are all in one building and work very well. I really doubt anyone in the MWC has anything that functions any better. I'd like to see us have some on the field success quickly over the next couple of years and do the fairly simple additions to get us over 30K. Further expansion to 40K is pretty straightforward to achieve, but demand needs to be there. Hard to get fans excited about 3 total wins and just 1 conference win.
  15. The only total that really matters for us in the Win total. If we can become more comptetive in the MWC over the next couple of seasons we will have reasons to talk about further expansion of Maverick Stadium. If we can't, we won't, and instead we'll be talking about buying out the contact of the old coach and hiring a new coaching staff Reality is that a dozen years ago, we were really struggling due to our facility situation. We now have pretty nice facilities compared to th rest of the MWC. We have a very nice indoor practice facility. We have a pretty amazing Football Complex (lockers,offices, meeting rooms, equipment ares, etc), we built an incredible the StrengthtPerformance Center, and we upgraded the stadium quite impressively with Club seats, Suites, press and broadcast facilities, and other amenities. And then we went out and won 3 games last year... Progress needs to happen on the field pronto! Otherwise we just invested almost $100 million with little to show for it...