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  1. How Many of The United States Have You Visited?

    I have been to all 50 except Alaska, Maine, and North Dakota. I can easily envision making it to Alaska and Maine in the next few years. I have no idea how/why I would end up in ND, ever. If it comes down to that, I will just get in the car and drive there to finish it out.
  2. MW Athletics Revenue Update

    I probably overestimated the # of view seats. It is more like 22-24K. But nobody is sitting there and the field seats are tarped off and the club and plaza seats rarely are more than half full. 70-22-8 = 40 40 X .5 = 38K? Nope. More like 20 - 25K Good luck!
  3. MW Athletics Revenue Update

    Never been to a USU vs. SUDS game at the Q. I have been to several CFB games at the Q and a few Charger games at the Q Put whatever lipstick you want on that pig, it is a very poor stadium design for a 30K crowd.
  4. MW Athletics Revenue Update

    Meh... SUDS kinda gets what they deserve. They play in a rented crumbling concrete abyss reported to hold 70K. The upper deck is 1.5 miles from the action, but her 30K seats are closed for Aztec games anyway The field seats are closer, but hard to see anything, due to crap viewing angles, so they tarp those off 8K too. The club and plaza seats might be a little better, but only 1/2 fulll. Still, Monty wants us to believe that they got 38K Doesn't add up.
  5. BSU does have some nice football facilities. Their stadium however is far from great from a fan's perspective of actually wanting to view the game. Sight lines and viewing angles for entire lower bowl are just bad. Don't buy a sideline ticket below row 20. You will basically have a nice view of the game through a wall of butts of 300 lb. linemen standing 100 feet away. Best seats, IMHO, are Upper Level first 10 rows, except they are so far from the action, you will end up watching the entire game through binoculars. For this reason, I would place the BSU Football facilities down near the middle of the pack. I think CSU's are clearly now the top football facilities of the conference.
  6. Sorry, I did not notice the line of P5 conferences that have wanted nothing to do with SUDS ever that are suddenly interested in a football program wiht no stadium, no plans for a stadium, and no money to build a stadium.
  7. Despite multiple delays and literal crumbling concrete, your stadium will be a rubble pile before SUDS will figure out what they are doing and get anything going, despite the massive population base of the SD metro area.. Based on the progress to date, my money is on the Aztecs playing a year or two in Estadia Caliente.just over over the border
  8. Those that live in delapidated crumbling houses that they rent really should not waste their time and anyone else's bragging about "their stadium" or knocking anyone else's until they at least have a plan, designs,, approved EIS, etc. If SUDS' stadium construction project was a track event, they would call it the 10,000 meter high hurdles. And you have not yet cleared the first hurdle. Put a cork in it until you have something...anything..even any sort of a concept in place. Right now, all you got is talk, not that that ever shut you up before.....
  9. BSU awarded 18 Phd out of 12 whopping Phd programs last year. BSU is not going to any P5 conference in the foreseeable future. More likely they try the indy route.
  10. bad tv year for BYU

    When you are playing 6 MWC teams in a season plus ECU and Umass, and 5 of those games are on the road, I honestly do not get the point of the indy schedule
  11. MWC Stadium Dwellers

    In 5 years, SUDS will still be petitioning the City of San Diego to give them one more year at the Murph, before it gets imploded, while they try to figure out which end is their head and which end is their a$$.
  12. MWC Stadium Dwellers

    No. Have not. I have no idea how you define light years ahead,, but CSU's looks very nice. Sure, we are jealous of it. Maybe not so jealous of the financial burden that a quarter of a billion bucks can have on a college football program that basically has 6 chances per year to make money, but I think it will be a good thing for CSU football. I think some additional phases of construction will happen in the next several years and Maverick Stadium will come out of it as one the top stadiums in the MWC and it will mostly be payed for. I'm ok with that.
  13. MWC Stadium Dwellers

    It's simple. Just count the turnstyles, then move the decimal right one place. Yep. Theres's your 31,340 right there. Congrats on inflating your numbers up to 1% of the population.
  14. MWC Stadium Dwellers

    I really doubt you've been to our stadium. Actually I doubt you ever leave your Mom's basement. All the "Mom talk" is making more sense...
  15. MWC Stadium Dwellers

    Sure it is... Easy... Everybody believes those attendance numbers you guys report... http://www.trbimg.com/img-57d6d82b/turbine/sdut-san-diego-state-aztecs-football-cal-pumphrey-faulk-2016sep11