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  1. Boise got a commit on Tuesday. I was waiting for details before I posted, but apparently it's a silent commit. It is someone on the DL. Don't know anything else besides that. I figured it would leak out somewhere, but hasn't yet.
  2. It wasn't directed at CSU fan but was directed at Wyofan, yet neither one was ever mentioned? You've pulled an argument out of thin air. Congrats.
  3. Asking a question is ill-informed? Do you know what that word means?
  4. Srly, there seems to be a new one every week.
  5. Certainly common for college, but new stadiums tend to go with chairs. At least on both sidelines. Reser was 100% chairs on the new section. Minnesota was chairs endzone to endzone. I'm not bagging on them, I just thought they'd go that route with such a big capitol expenditure. Especially for a program that fancies itself as a Big XII/B1G/NFL East school.
  6. Is anyone else surprised that they just spent that much money and decided to put in bleacher seating throughout most of the stadium instead of real seats? Cuz I am.
  7. Kellen was a finalist in New York. Not the same at all.
  8. Maybe he should start with earning 1st team All Conference on the way to his Heisman trophy. Being an NFL prospect and a Heisman candidate are completely two different things.
  9. All plays have a name (fake or not). If a play is called "The Riddler" then the play is called The Riddler regardless of what fans say. In this case the play was named after the coach who drew up the play, special teams coach Kent Riddle (<----- see the play on words?). It's not really overzealous fans, it's just fans that happened to read the paper or watch the coaches being interviewed after one of the multiple times they used the play.
  10. BTW, this is the 4th straight year where Leon has landed a HS 4**** recruit. Although, this year Roberto Gittens reneged after being committed for 8 months. It also looks like Leon is gravitating more to athletes over the skill guys he seemed to attract before.
  11. They are so in need of this. They should have done this decades ago. It looks awesome.