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  1. Evaluation is one thing... it's the hyperbole that gets attacked.
  2. That's an ancient way of thinking. Women are much more progressive these days. I've had way more dinners/activities bought for me than the other way around. And to be honest, sex is the biproduct of enjoying someone and having a good time.
  3. The Owyhees are to the south. It most definitely sits in a valley. It's the reason why Boiseans know all too well what an inversion is.
  4. This is why you have to pay for sex. You don't need to say everything that pops in your head.
  5. You could save your money and just quit saying stupid shit all the time.
  6. So he's like almost every other coach in the MW.
  7. A lot of states have weird little rules. Colorado you can't get anything over a certain % at a convenience store. So you can't get good beer or even wine, and they cut sales off at midnight. I had to stay a night in Wyoming and couldn't find any booze in the convenience store. They said it wasn't allowed. I had to go to a bar where they put it in a bag for you to take home. I'm not sure if that was that county or a state thing, but that was weird.
  8. They have restaurant hours, though. They were closed after the game the last time I went there. I walked with a small group to the bar that was "just down the hill" I was told. It was WAY further than we expected. We were trying to get a cab ride the whole way there, but the dude doesn't work late on weekends. 'cause, ya know, so needs a cab ride then? By the time we got there they were almost closing. We paid a patron 20 bucks to give us a ride back. I'm exhausted just talking about.
  9. Shouldn't this be in the "Irrelevant" thread?
  10. Yeah, it's crazy to me that the only bars in town are so far from the stadium. And they only have, what, two bars?
  11. Did you know that UNLV hasn't won a regular season conference championship in 17 years? Did you also know that Boise State has won regular season conference championships in three different conferences over that same time? And we're a football school.
  12. If you included the Georgia Dome as an SEC game, I've been to a game in every conference. I have not, however, been to every MW stadium. I have not been to SDSU, Air Force (was supposed to go this year, didn't when out), or SJSU. You are correct.
  13. He does. Don't assume he is a Boise State fan, though.
  14. Got me. That's George Michael's even more gay brother.