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  1. To be fair to communists, "staring at people until they publicly espouse the Party line" is an excellent metaphor for secret police
  2. Tried your Firefox fixes. No go. Chrome still not functioning
  3. Some computers are having trouble for me, mobile is not. Unfortunately if one computer is not posting then pming is impossible
  4. So you deliberately chose to reference a sister not present in your Facebook gaffe so you could imagine a minor getting hit on by internet strangers? And we're the weird ones? Yeah your rhetorical strategy is on point.
  5. It was far from instant. And dude you had links to your sister's FACEBOOK PROFILE. Where she was older than you. And this was what, 4 years ago? 3 year olds not only don't have profiles, they are not noticed. Nice of you to keep pretending though. Are you by any chance related to Steve?
  6. Man this is a great insult, I might have to steal it for elsewhere.
  7. Holy Jesus. Just that chart alone makes my corporate clinic idea worthwhile So is more nurse practitioner/ pa positions an answer?
  8. I like our global role, I just think we've made markedly poor decisions with it. However I think that 2% is an achievable goal. We're at 3.3%. Fine, we are the big stick and we benefit from our hegemony about as much as they do, but IIRC Germany is at 1.1% or so. That's laughably low; we thought that Europe was going to become a peace and love and flowers zone and we forgot that Europe (and North America, really) is a peace and love zone because we actually spend the cash to keep it that way. It's an unstable equilibrium. I wonder how much European cabinets are secretly accepting of the tough talk so that voting to increase spending isn't electoral suicide?
  9. Of course we're not going to actually ban him. That's why we self-like requests to ban him. Because it is tongue in cheek. But seriously ban him.
  10. comments like this are why self likes are sometimes acceptable
  11. Probably. No reimbursement concerns, located ideally to encourage people to attend, people's work has a vested interest in getting them to go, no dealing with medicare
  12. Why stop at Wichita State, Gonzaga and Saint Mary's? Why not invite Villanova, Xavier, and Notre Dame while we're at it?
  13. Nah. It is better that you can't self like. It helps filter out the wankers.
  14. "Just sports" was what happened after sports icons figured out how to cash in on marketing. The apolitical nature of Jordan was in stark contrast to Ali and John Carlos before him. It's just a cycle.
  15. Sure. Double down on alternative facts when half the board was witness to the original gaffe. Christ you suck at message boards dude