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  1. Lol Cheyenne is the biggest federal welfare capital in the country guys
  2. Seems like you need more relevant examples for "famous last words". "Nah, I'll only drink 2 beers tonight" "Eh, the girlfriend will never find out" "Why bother running the ball, it's not like we'll get a strip sack safety"
  3. I'm not gonna lie that new trophy is a hell of a lot sharper looking than the first one.
  4. This looks like Aaron Rodger's grindr profile pic
  5. Oui?
  6. So we only deport illegal immigrants when English isn't their first language? Yeah it's almost like federal agencies have a long history of being way, way more concerned with cya than facts
  7. No, it's Utah that sucks. That's why our air moves
  8. It doesn't matter though. For one, if you aren't given an opportunity to produce your papers, anyone could be deported. For two, when did we become "show your papers or be deported"? I mean I have a hard time seeing "just sitting there" as probable cause but as others have said there's a lot of holes missing in the brief synopsis we have access to.
  9. Absolutely. We should remember this and give them the consequence of having the trustworthiness of NBC in future stories.
  10. Given our track record...
  11. The only (minor) caveat I have is that if you don't have the resources to enforce all laws immediately, you are necessarily going to pick ones of higher import. Deporting 10 million people... yeah we don't have the resources for that. However, as you say, it's the legislature's fault. It's also the electorate's fault. Why are we marching to keep a bureacratic guideline and not true reform? Why have the last two lame duck presidents, on both sides of the aisle, proposed more or less the same reforms only to be shot down by the congress? Why are we supporting a broken system of outdated laws that are checked by bullshit paper shuffling and not working on reforming the laws at least a bit? How is DACA not just codified into law? Happycamper for dictator, April 2019-July 2019
  12. So what do you think the play is? I mean, the kurdish rebels are more "nationalist militia" than "terrorist shitheads" (hell they fight with ISIS way more than against Assad). Do we let them hang? Do we support them in Iraq but not Syria because we actually have an in there? Do we force Erdogan to play his hand and announce support for a pan-kurdish confederation or something?
  13. Nah, it's Ole Miss. They failed to become the Rebel Alliance, so now they're ISIS
  14. and here's another one. Convert apparently thinks it takes "[a] master of what is right and wrong" to be able to call him out on his comments. Although... based his posts, half the board is a "master of what is right and wrong" in comparison.