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  1. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    I feel like I need an "OH SHIT" likey tool just for this moment only, cuz that was what was on my face but I was momentarily speechless to say it
  2. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Well, yeah. That's the entire point of a CCW. You get threatened, BOOM! Threat is blown away and the situation is defused just by the presence of a firearm. So... next time you're rallying you have to worry that the person you're screaming at is armed. Maybe you'll be nicer! No. He's racist.
  3. As this is the "political" side of the forum I figured I'd see if anyone else tries discussing on other forums and what their experiences are. I have from a time or two and, frankly, it's tough. Traffic is often less, this is an extraordinary active board in my experience. There's a lot more group think and moderators somewhat enforce it; if you go against the grain, even if you are civil and bring up points, you get public callouts to be nicer, somehow, even as other posters gleefully conflate your targeted points as racist or communist(or whatever other keyword means you're automatically wrong). That's if it is a lightly moderated forum. Furthermore, posters tend to be less willing to read into nuance and also less willing to be informed. Anyone else know of any other rhetorical wonderland like mwcboard?
  4. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    It happened in Spain. Also I don't know how much a bullet weighs in imperial
  5. halfmanhalfbronco's thread

    CJ isn't from Laramie
  6. Maybe she knew exactly what she can do and this was like driving halfway across the country only to have Bieber cancel the tour on you kinda thing
  7. MWC Predictions

    SDSU and Wyoming go a combined 1-7 in OOC play and are undefeated in league play. Somehow the winner is still the highest ranked G5 team, and pounds the P5 team in the bowl. This leads rampant speculation about everything and an offseason that not even mug can stand
  8. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    mug when he's cashing that sweet "yer dumb" money the first... 30 or so pages are decent
  9. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Doubled down on the board being more collegial with you gone? You think that this exchange is collegial? Or productive? Or an exchange of ideas? Or not derailed?
  10. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Wow, I'm amazed you found my hidden text talking about how much easier I am to get along with you, how I have restraint, and how in comparison you suck. It's almost like someone can make a comment on someone else without necessarily referring to them-self. Also, bonus points for thinking that any word redlined by a plugin doesn't exist. Lol.
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    That you don't flame or post in a non-engaging manner or totally derail threads or act like a bully?
  12. I officially feel like an old man

    Also the damn program doesn't tell you what you need to do next. "turn right" ok .... cmon man, right or left lane? how long do I have? google? "in 400 feet GET 17 LANES OVER HARD LEFT" whelp I missed the exit because god forbid after you complete one step, you get told of the next step before the proximity notice "calculating" f off machine. Christ programmers must solely drive on single lane roads with super obvious signage at 20 miles an hour.
  13. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    You realize that every time you respond to me, you're strengthening my initial argument?
  14. I officially feel like an old man

    Tell them about going on mapquest and printing out directions for your car Then tell them that that was considered a quantum leap in direction finding
  15. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Yeah, I totally needed mugtang's backup that he for sure provided. Definitely didn't want to inform the dude who implements different features, a guy I regularly banter with (and who also called me out in a sorta similar manner the first time I 'idioted' one of his posts).