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  1. Have fun with them beating your champ team in the round of 32. If there is anything I know about Gonzaga basketball it is that whatever I pick them to do in the tournament, they do not do that.
  2. 1 time is "too many times"? If Gonzaga is ruining your bracket it's because you're picking them to go beyond what they are seeded as.
  3. Until the loss tonight, hell yeah. Still top 4.
  4. Yeah super clever to spend your last 5 possessions turning the ball over. Reminds me of the syracuse game last year
  5. eat a bag of dicks
  6. More than just milankovitch cycles then? Cool!
  7. But we already knew Maher is a shitstain
  8. I don't get the right's fetishization of law and order. Law is a means to a good end; more wealth and prosperity for people, a means to resolve disputes peacefully, protection of you and your stuff. It isn't an end of its own. Sure, you obey laws you think are kinda dumb because, what the hell, some laws you think are important are probably thought of as kinda dumb by others. At some point, though, the law stops serving the people. Where that line is depends on each individual person but when the line is crossed for enough people, you get stuff like the revolutionary war and the civil rights movement. I guess what I'm saying is that our institutions are there to serve us, not the other way around.
  9. Yeah I have to think if I kidnapped a kid and shot my lawn I'd be looking at 5-10 in rawlins
  10. Republicans liked to talk about libertarianism when Obama was President because "less power to the government and the feds" meant "democrats getting less done" Now they have the government so they don't give a rat's ass about less power to the government or more power to the states or the people
  11. Created the EPA and OSHA (which despite the rhetoric today were sorely needed in the early 70s), reformed welfare, continued moving civil rights forward... Elected officials have the option to say "no" but not the temperament.
  12. No, we don't. We have next to zero leverage with Mexico. We had to beg for 20 years to get them to sign on to NAFTA. We had to pester them for 40 years to get cooperation in the drug trade. Mexico is well aware that we are not their friend. Remittances can be sent via sneakernet. Money under $10,000 is not illegal to exit with. Hell, the political ramifications of what we've already done and said mean that Mexico would take a remittance hit on the chin if it means standing up to us. The educated over here should realize that hardball with Mexico is a game they'd win... for values of win. Pay the other countries to hold the citizens in their own detention centers. Almost certainly far cheaper than us holding them, gets them out of our country, and everyone loves money.
  13. I'd do both
  14. Mexico doesn't do a good job at their southern border. They do a horrible job, and it's a border with 1/10 the distance we have. Mexico picks up illegal immigrants passing through the country on the way here or on their way to Northern mexico where there are more jobs. Part of the reason why they do well internally is that they have less civil rights than we do. I mean, Trump's entire campaign of building a wall and making Mexico pay for it is pretty much it. People do not give a shit about illegal immigration. They care about browns coming in. If people gave a shit about illegal immigration, there would be no "wall" talk. You're not focusing on the root of the problem, home skillet. Those illegal immigrants are from the '90s to Bush's term. Illegal immigrants coming in today are from Guatemala, from El Salvador, from Hounduras, from China, from India, and so forth. A big part of why is NAFTA, so that Mexico is wealthy enough there doesn't have to be a massive exodus. So... let's go ahead and dismantle that. Another big part of why is we finally have the rapport with Mexico to collaborate on drug and illegal immigration from other countries. We've probably already blown that to pieces. Trump claimed he wanted to stop illegal immigration and then promptly has done everything he can to ensure there will be stronger sticks and carrots for illegal immigrants to come here. It's stupid. This is a useless sentence
  15. Seems like you are getting a bit fast and loose with revisionist history here. Dropping the bomb ensured a surrender. The Emperor was not in charge. Citing an opinion piece by Stone is, frankly, laughable. The decision to drop the bombs were based on the fact that Japan's strategy was to bleed the US out in amphibious invasions until they could secure a surrender that left the military junta more or less intact. The atomic bomb, while not worse than firebombings, showed that bunkering in the home islands was not a tenable strategy. Korea's precedent was that if the full security council of the UN agreed on intervention, it was acceptable. I don't see how this principal applies for Vietnam, or Panama, or Gulf War 2, or... whatever. For that matter, I'd have to say that Korea was FAR from the precedent of intervention. We intervened in the october revolution and we intervened in the Mexican civil war, in Haiti, in Guatemala... We are the colossus of the north. WE had interventionist foreign policy since before TDR. Our massive military industrial complex was a result of the cold war- but, frankly, the reason why it is so massive is our GDP is massive. Per capita, we have a fairly average military. Our standing army is what, half a million? So 0.15% of the population? That's equivalent to what, an army of 30,000 for a country the size of Canada? Furthermore, it took generations to build both the military industrial complex and a professional army. To pin the start of them 70 years ago is silly. They took outside threats, they took inside support, and they took both for decades. You seem to be reaching for "Truman bad" than really caring what he did