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  1. Ehh... until "here comes the bride" played I was bored at my own wedding. Waiting is boring and listening to lectures is boring.
  2. I'm guessing autism. Because nothing screams autistic like playing beerpong and smoking weed at Coachella.
  3. Well, I was going to say that that didn't apply to you. You're wrong and an asshole. That's not how citation works tho You're mocking a doctoral student for not having kids while, if he had kids, you'd be all over his shit for not being responsible enough to have a job to care for his child
  4. You ever see what happens to a snowflake when it starts raining?
  5. You think you made up rent free?
  6. It was raining in 2017 and not 2009 In 2009 the unemployment rate was about double as today
  7. Hey Coog, remember in The Big Lebowski when The Dude would say to Walter, "It's not that you're wrong, it's that you're an asshole"?
  8. Maybe even the bible!
  9. Eh... that one I didn't like. In populism the populist leader is the ideal of the "people" and so anything they do has the stamp and seal of the "people". He wasn't saying "let's decrease Washington interference on your life". He was saying "I'm going to take power from the Congress and give it to myself, the one true representative of the people".
  10. Jackson and Taylor. Probably should have included WHH and Buchanan as well but Jackson was a mass murderer who committed what would soon be considered crimes against humanity before he was in office and Taylor just didn't want the job more obviously than anyone.
  11. Because it was clearly a failure and they claim that they'd actually like to govern. Also... it isn't the high road. It just isn't the lowest road. That's a stupid view. Congress as a whole has a low approval rating, and despite the fact that republicans had control of Congress, a democrat was in office as president so people associate the federal government with democrats. They voted republican because they were sick of how government was working. In 4 or 8 years with history telling us a median of 6, people are going to be tired of republicans again and are going to vote democrat again. If the democrats work with the republicans, they will not only get a little bit done they want while they are not in power, they'll lay the foundation to get even more done when they are in power. This isn't moral high ground stuff, it's just prioritizing getting policy enacted over election talking points. It's like the politicians have forgotten that no matter what they do, the pendulum will swing and the other party will have at least some power in half a decade.
  12. Nope. The election of a guy who is objectively better than at least 2 former US presidents I can think of means the death of our governmental institution that is more rooted in our congress, in our municipalities, and our state houses than in the one single office.
  13. I took it as thanking the rising tide of populism but I don't doubt that he'll get roasted for that.
  14. I think it would be fair to say that both the democrats and the republicans have, lately, had a disconnect between the kind of party their President wants them to be and the kind of party the legislators actually are.
  15. He thanked the "people of the world" for his election which was, you know, a little weird. Other than that, yeah, basic maga stuff