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  1. I don't know, guys. Boats are on water. They rock to the waves. It's not like you can just adjust your aim to the misses and still expect your bullet to travel to the same relative path. For that matter, those guys were on a boat too. You have to adjust for your boat rocking in the waves (not as big of a deal for a big cargo ship I imagine but still). It seems like shooting around a boat is possible but consistently hitting it especially with little bitty wind moves me lots .223 rounds would be tough.
  2. Sure. And Trump is such a snowflake he gets butthurt over SNL, a show that hadn't been relevant for longer than I can remember. I guess that means in your book I'm in good company!
  3. I'm not sure that "already having hundreds of million in real estate" is a major accomplishment. For that matter, I'm not sure that accomplishments that make you billions are accomplishments that translate into effecting good policy, or attempting to forge a consensus of politically powerful people who, in aggregate, are far more powerful than our lone chief executive. Furthermore, I'm not sure that making millions in the stock market is an accomplishment that translates to setting policy that positively affects the hundreds of millions of people whose futures are more tied to their wages than investments.
  4. team lavender springtime blossom

    LSU. @Billings Also, AAC ACC BIG 10 BIG 12 CUSA Central Florida Atlantic Division East Division Baylor Alabama/Birmingham Cincinnati Boston College Indiana Iowa State Florida Atlantic Uconn Clemson Maryland Kansas FIU East Carolina Florida State Michigan Kansas State LA Tech Houston Louisville Michigan State Oklahoma Marshall Memphis North Carolina State Ohio State Oklahoma State Middle Tennessee South Florida Notre Dame Penn State TCU Charlotte SMU Syracuse Rutgers Texas North Texas Temple Wake Forest West Division Texas Tech Old Dominion Tulane Coastal Division Illinois West Virginia Rice Tulsa Duke Iowa Southern Miss Georgia Tech Minnesota UTEP Miami Nebraska UTSA North Carolina Northwestern Western Kentucky Pitt Purdue Virginia Wisconsin Virginia Tech MAC MWC PAC 12 SEC Sunbelt East Division Air Force Arizona East Division Appalachian State Akron Boise State ASU Florida Arkansas State Bowling Green Fresno Cal Georgia Coastal Carolina Buffalo CSU UCLA Kentucky Georgia Southern Kent State Reno CU Missouri Georgia State Miami (OH) UNLV Oregon South Carolina Arkansas Little Rock Ohio UNM Oregon State Tennessee Louisiana Lafayette West Division SDSU USC Vanderbilt Louisiana at Monroe Ball State SJSU Stanford West Division South Alabama Central Michigan USU Utah Alabama Texas State University Eastern Michigan Wyoming Washington Arkansas Texas Arlington Northern Illinois Hawaii WSU Auburn Troy University Toledo LSU Western Michigan Mississippi Miss. State Independent Texas A&M Army BYU UMass Notre Dame
  5. "most people" call concrete "cement" and concrete masonry units "cinder blocks" too.
  6. Broccoli doesn't act totally independently, doesn't rely on itself for food, doesn't have a mind of its own Broccoli just has two different textures that don't work well together and a strange lack and abundance of flavor at the same time
  7. Loves independence, individualism, free thinking, and self-reliance hates cats
  8. Likes trendy things, especially focuses on trendy ideas hates subarus
  9. Promotes himself as foremost supporter of centuries old political philosophy, decrying modern rises in authoritarianism and populism "just riding the trend bro"
  10. Vapid useless fearmongering with side scrolling updates so nobody can even focus on the surface level stuff you post? That's pretty hard on yourself
  11. Voices opinions with wild abandon and expounds extensively "but I haven't officially tallied my single staid vote"
  12. team lavender springtime blossom

    Yeah, @bigd is on the clock
  14. Convert. Read. I deliberately went out and got a job so I no longer had to work so many hours.