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  1. Wyo @ Boise State

    Yeah passing for 15 yards in a half is certainly "just as good"
  2. Wyo @ Boise State

    The board is solely composed of virile, shredded men between the ages of 20 and 40 with awesome jobs and, like, the hottest of wives/girlfriends/harems
  3. Wyo @ Boise State

    Trey Woods for a yard might as well be motif of this game
  4. Wyo @ Boise State

    HMMM weird nobody in this thread forecasted this
  5. Air Force vs Nevada

    Can't stack the box vs an option team, they're built to take that apart.
  6. Dollars are make believe money, bud
  7. AA takes bitcoin vouchers. So yeah.
  8. A lot of people made a shit ton of money on it. Don't be butthurt just because they can fly cats first class when they bought it at ~100 bucks and sold it for millions. If you'd bought 10 bucks worth of bitcoin in 2010 you'd be worth about a mil and a half today.
  9. If yer gonna day drink and MWCboard at least direct your smack to CSU fans, thx
  10. Wyo @ Boise State

    Well, and we don't have the leading rusher and in fact have kinda sucked at rushing, so our game plan wasn't going to be all that similar from the get go.
  11. In the long term, millenials retiring is going to cause the market to fall, because there is going to be significantly fewer workers to drive the market. We kinda lucked out with millennials being the shadow boom that takes the spot of retiring baby boomers, but there doesn't seem to be another generation that is as large as those two. Less workers means lower stocks. In the short to medium term, internet advertising rates are crashing right now. Only google and facebook are doing ok. That is not great news for venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Combine that with, say, Amazon seeing only modest growth and all of the sudden the two drivers for real estate value in the West Coast are gone. Yay, another boom/bust in the housing market. In the medium term, people are getting more urbanized and it's easier to get around without your car. I see a lot less cars being bought, which means more money in real estate and restaurants, etc- but the car manufacturers are on the stock exchange and those aren't.
  12. Wyo @ Boise State

    Have you watched Mike Leach teams, like ever? Heck, did you pay attention to the Virginia game?
  13. Wyo @ Boise State

    Have you watched any Boise State games this year?
  14. Wyo @ Boise State

    Nah... trying to run the ball seems like a waste of time. Just pass. Every down. Maybe a read option every, like, 10th play. No short passes, either. Alternate bombs with 8-12 yard routes to the sidelines. We wanna second half Wazzu 'em and alternating drive UVA 'em, not entire game SDSU 'em. Rammies don't drive, they bike. DUH