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  1. Nice knowin' ya.
  2. You should have an HBO special.
  3. Well folks, the end is here! Tomorrow at Noon (ET) the Beast is unleashed... And no, I'm not a liberal. I'm a conservative with a conscience. Were doomed.
  4. 11%, that almost puts it on par with FresNeck.
  5. You put AFA ahead of SJSU after the Spartans beat the Falcons in Colorado Springs. Your list makes absolutely no sense.
  6. Good one.
  7. FresNeck never ceases to let humanity down. Go Wolfpack!
  8. Chicago State is considering dropping athletic competition to cut costs. It's had all sorts of problems, including corruption and drop in student enrollment.
  9. I saw on 60 Minutes that the island nation of St. Kitts & Nevis is selling citizenship to it's country. I think Uncle Bernie should consider moving there to live out his golden years.
  10. He definitely earned it. Congratulation$ Rocky!
  11. Here's a disturbing and graphic list of the countries with the highest suicide rates.
  12. Coming from you, that's laughable! Do us all a favor and stay on your depressing side of the state line.
  13. Were the most populated state, yet were near the bottom of the list. It just goes to show that you blowhards who bash California are full of crap!
  14. I don't like the court, there's just too much going on for me. It's like Gaudi's architecture in Spain. Your big guy's are really good. If you're gonna win the MWC title, it'll be through them. Kudos!