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  1. I was just sharing my prediction, but I agree with you. If SJSU can beat either Nevada or Wyoming then we'll finish with a winning regular season overall record for the first time in six years. If...
  2. I'm pretty sure they are. When I went to SJSU (a thousand years ago) I was a member of the Karate team, and we were in a conference with Stanford, Pacific, Cal, St. Mary's and Santa Clara. And they were all club teams too. Paying your own way makes it harder, but you cherish every game or match that much more. Bruised ribs and all.
  3. I have a gut feeling that the Rams will beat your Pack. Upset in Reno.
  4. Bill Paxton was a great actor. Known more for dramatic roles, but he had a quick wit too. May he rest in peace.
  5. And the Bruins (26-3) ended up winning it in Tucson, 77-72.
  6. It's a club team and not financially supported by SJSU. Our ice hockey team is the same way. The players pay for their own gear, transportation, etc.
  7. I bolded that part because it's a great description!
  8. That one deserves a rim shot.
  9. Congratulations Colorado State.
  10. Makes sense to me. RPI should matter and did here.
  11. Here's the BBC America link for Planet Earth II.
  12. Speaking of BYU, the Spartans swept you in baseball (3-2 and 4-2) in our only games this season.
  13. Gonzaga was obviously over-rated.
  14. A miracle indeed. I'm sure we'll lose Wojcik to another program like most mid-majors do when they find a good coach. But I think he'll be around (and Brandon Clarke too) for at least one more 🏀 season.
  15. Have you seen the program Planet Earth II on BBC America? I just binge watched 4 episodes and the cinematography is amazing! Here's how they pull it off.