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  1. 1957 International Harvester A-100 I was joking about the Pacer earlier, but I would to have this 60 year old truck.
  2. 1976 AMC Pacer X
  3. A Hipster maybe, but not a hippie. Hippies don't man bun.
  4. Yes, I remember in the past you said that you teach at a Community College. Good luck behind the Orange Curtain.
  5. San Jose State beat St. Mary's, 6-5. The Dodgers beat the Giants, 2-1. It was a very good night indeed.
  6. I'd like to see Seattle get the 32nd NHL team, but I think it will be in Quebec City.
  7. Super Taqueria 476 So. 10th St., San Jose It's not fancy, but the food is real good. It's a local favorite with + reviews on Yelp & Trip Adviser.
  8. Orange County has some very nice place$ to live if you can afford them. Irvine is one of the safest cities in America. San Clemente is my personal favorite, love that old school coastal vibe. And there's richy rich Newport Beach. Too pretentious for my tastes, and definitely out of my price range.
  9. The bootlickers (aka Trumpanzees) are so filled with hate and paranoia that it's impossible to talk sense with them. I've given up trying, but I admire your efforts.
  10. If you ever come out to San Jose to see the Lobos play the Spartans you should take in a game at the Shark Tank. It's got a great rep among the NHL arenas.
  11. Yes, he worked full-time and took classes at night. But he's glad he did it and is making more money.
  12. My brother was a mechanic and eventually burnt out on it. So he got a degree in Criminal Justice and became a Sheriff's deputy in Riverside County.
  13. Does New Mexico have a minor league team? The most fun I ever had at a hockey game was in Fairbanks, Alaska. The players take it seriously because they want to move up of course, and the fans have a blast. If you don't have the NHL you make do and enjoy what you've got. Fairbanks Ice Dogs (white jerseys)
  14. You're correct, it will be the Frisco Bowl.