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  1. Big Day for Aztecs

    unless SDSU (CSU system) is able to acquire the Mission Valley site and partner with MLS on a stadium seating 35-40k. This would also give room for campus expansion."Neutral" site games against top flight competition could be at the downtown sight to circumvent the MWC TV contract. I think this is the better possibility. I'm not in favor of a half full stadium.
  2. Terrible officiating...extremely inconsistent.
  3. It's OFFICIAL: LOS ANGELES RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually there is a way. The MTS yard could be moved to the Miramar landfill sight. The existing MTS site in Kearny Mesa could be merged into the landfill site and sold. Satellite MTS yards could be set up at Pershing (20th/B) or Chollas (another former landfill site). Through a series of swaps the downtown MTS site could be acquired by trade. No additional land would need to be purchased. The downtown site would generate more revenue through higher use and would be available for additional convention space. The convention expansion could still take place, and a downtown arena could also be built as part of the project.
  4. Pumphrey officially coming back

    I intentionally left out some names and recruits. Chase is very impressive.
  5. Pumphrey officially coming back

    I think that Pumph and Penny will both see time in the slot to get the best players on the field. The Aztecs three deep at running back this year will be as good as it gets in the MWC. If Washington is as good as has been indicated, those three on the field at the same time should send shivers down the spines of their opponents this year regardless of the fullback position.
  6. It's OFFICIAL: LOS ANGELES RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think Spanos has the money. Goldman Sachs,was the source for Carson. Spanos was on AM 1090 yesterday and sounded reasonable. He will look at what Kroenke has and consider it as he should. It will be weighed against all options. Bottom line is the NFL will give him $100 million for stadium renovation or construction. Spanos wanted to protect his base as they claim 25% of their business comes from Inland Empire/O.C./L.A..I'm hanging on to the hope that SDSU/MLS can partner, a downtown stadium, and acquisition of the Mission Valley site can take place. These venues would allow neutral site games to circumvent the lousy TV contract. Maybe a pipe dream but I can be hopeful. San Diego needs,a "can do" mentality instead of looking for ways things cannot get done.If Spanos/Fabiani are to be believed, they've said right along that they want to stay and Kroenke forced their hand.
  7. It's OFFICIAL: LOS ANGELES RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30 to 2 vote. LMAO Only Spanos and Davis voted against it.
  8. It's OFFICIAL: LOS ANGELES RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the other side is that LA fans do not want the Chargers...they want the Rams. Spanos would also lose most of his SD fan base. SD has been good to the Chargers for a long time. I think they were posturing to receive a pay out by another team moving into what they perceive or are claiming to be their area of influence. The Chargers lost but still have some leverage. Their plan w/Goldman Sachs (Carson) did not likely have this scenario.
  9. It's OFFICIAL: LOS ANGELES RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the NFL wants to see a citizen's initiative put on the ballot for a downtown stadium hence the time in the option.
  10. It's OFFICIAL: LOS ANGELES RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Chargers want downtown, the Aztecs want Mission Valley with an MLS team. John Moore's is a backer of this idea. My idea to go further would be to have SDSU acquire a large portion of of Mission Valley for campus expansion. A 35k seat stadium gets built in Mission Valley in partnership w/MLS, a retractable room stadium is belt downtown with a new sports arena which can both be used as convention center space. Both stadiums/arena downtown could be used for neutral sight against top teams which would draw well. We would then have a sports district with capabilities of hosting final fours, conference championships or NCAA football championships. As a neutral sight, it would then be possible to host top flight games against top competition with a decent pay out. I think the Chargers have wanted this right along. The sale of the MV site and the existing old sports arena sight would go a long way in funding this Endeavour. Value on the downtown sight would be in increased use Not just Charger football.
  11. MWC QB's Trolled

    It said in today's SD Onion that he had two cousins opt for the draft. One played a couple of reasons in the NFL, and both regret not finishing. Good decision on his part.
  12. MWC QB's Trolled

    His family wanted him to finish his college education.
  13. We can earn their respect by beating East coast trams. We had good chances against Penn State this year and North Carolina last year. Both were winnable and came up short. The late starts out here don't help as far as viewership back east.  
  14. Potato Bowl

    How many coaches are leaving? I'm aware of the OC. I listened and didn't watch. Hangover from Boise had nothing to do with them losing to SDSU, UNM and AFA.