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  1. Rank em

    Well, yes we have. A MWC division championship, a birth in the MWC championship game and a few more games than your Pokes.

    should've been flagged for block to the back.

    Whistle wasn't blown because his forward progress was not stopped.

    At least the field's not in the tatters like it was a few years back. There were HS teams with better turf the year Lionel Hamilton suffered the knee injury which effectively cut his football career short.
  5. Welcome to The Club, New Mexico

    no worries....especially this year.
  6. Division Championship Scenarios

    yep, that'll be interesting and controversial. The fan base in San Diego would be pissed. But there's a good side to that...maybe OOC games will be taken more seriously especially in preparation. A starting QB wasn't chosen until late. Some key players, under suspension . The loss to Southern Alabama was a bad loss. SDSU has no one to blame except themselves.
  7. New Mexico is going bowling folks!

    Congrats Lobos, I believe that your team is turning the corner. It appears your team is learning to win. If I recall didn't you have a good lead against the Donks last year only to give it up in the 2nd half? This year you built a good lead and built on it. You also managed two one point wins. Those are games that confidence can be won or lost based on the outcomes. Good luck.
  8. WHYome

    Maybe not even that...
  9. The Bottom 25

    UNM is just 4 points away from two more home losses.
  10. Rank 'Em!

    Two of New Mexico's wins were by one point at home. One over Hawaii, one over USU. One point wins are not decisive wins especially at home. For me, a home win by three points or less is like a loss for comparative purposes. Likewise, I don't put much stock in wins where the score was run up.
  11. Butkus award finalists announced.

    Would he start for SDSU?
  12. Sheep Week!

    Wyoming...where the Cowboys are excited and the sheep are scared!
  13. CHOW FIRED!!!!

    Gilbride's claim to fame is getting punched on the sideline by Buddy Ryan. Hopefully it stays that way.
  14. Coaching carousel 2015

    I hope he lands at Hawaii. We need some program changers in this conference.
  15. Rank 'Em.

    1. SDSU 2. USU 3. BSU 4.CSU 5. AFA 6. SJSU 7. UNLV- 3 point or less roadSime loss to FSU 8. FSU 9. UNM- 1 Point home win over Hawaii 10. Wyoming 11. Hawaii It pains me to see Wyoming and Hawaii at the bottom. Their fans deserve better. Boise is better than third but they lost to USU and SDSU is playing the best ball right now. To me a three point or less win at home is a loss for comparison purposes. Some interesting games coming up.