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  1. Independence won't work for SDSU

    The Pac 12 only owns the San Diego market when SDSU is not on. Many times it's the only other thing on so it's as much default as anything. In terms of recruiting the PAC gets the best San Diego recruits because of P5 status and location. Other P5 schools also get their fair share of recruits as well and top programs are ahead in the pecking order. When SDSU has years of success and blue chips see choosing SDSU will give them visibility that will change. Some kids no matter what will still choose to go away to school.
  2. Independence won't work for SDSU

    It may not have been in the past but could be in the future. This just depends on how things shake out.
  3. Stanford at San Diego State

    I won't say what your brown and yellow logo looks like but I'll just say I'm usually about to flush.
  4. Agree with you on this but I don't think this had anything to do with the Broncos- you can blame than on the Chargers. Just another reason for the Charger fans to turn it off!
  5. There needs to be a challenger to ESPN......

    I'm not even a gnat in the soup- just my preference.
  6. There needs to be a challenger to ESPN......

    ES PEE YU.... this family of stations is not allowed on any tvs in my house unless SDSU is on or any G5 teams I'm interested in. P5 vs P5 are not watched including bowl games. ESPU has had too much control over college athletics and did too much damage. I will watch P5 games on other networks but that's rare. If all G5 fans did the same ESPU would be in serious trouble if not already.
  7. If true this must be a bitter pill for Wyoming. How many do you have again?
  8. If these recruits were ranked by the same guys it might matter. They are not. As I said- proof is in the pudding.
  9. Hey, San Diego Fans

    The decision by the Spani (Spanos'- similar to fungus or fungi) was made long ago. Alienating and pissing off the fan base and voters was the only way to achieve that result. If the county was included there n the vote a stadium would be built.
  10. Bragging about 2018 recruiting right now is like a freshman bragging about his physical endowment before his first gym class and first shower room welcome to reality. Let's just say he rightfully earned the namec"shorty." Proof is in the pudding. Prove it on the field- what's the bowl record?
  11. Best Bands/Musicians from Your School's City

    Jason Mraz got his start in San Diego coffee shops. My daughter saw him 6+ times/free bees...she was telling us about him before he caught traction. JJ Cale Ann Wilson Jewel
  12. Best Bands/Musicians from Your School's City

    Gary Pucket and the Union Gap frim San Diego
  13. Didn't SJSU have 239 at their last home coming game? Oh never mind, they were counting the band.
  14. SDSU sending 4 to NFL Combine

    My impression of Munson is that he's very instinctive and reacts much more quickly and efficiently. he will play somewhere.
  15. Montana Attendance Better then 7 MWC Schools

    As would injuries from people slipping from stepping in the spit.