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  1. Those ten seasons also represent the worst ten year period in SDSU history.
  2. it's TCSUFC, a little bit of respect!
  3. If winning matters UNM has never had any ten year period with as many wins mentioned. Not ever. As someone mentioned, market matters.
  4. A few of your "flagship" and land grant schools have done a good job of tarnishing the image of this conference on their own. Going back what does Dave Bliss and Mike Locksley remind you of? A "flagship" means something in some states. In others, it only means something to the people living there. How many schools in New Mexico? Sort of like tallest midget?
  5. wouldn't the NCAA credits stay with the conference they leave?
  6. Don't they have a good baseball program? If the Koch Bros would be supportive, that would be a good thing.
  7. when you're in New Mexico they're good. NO to UTEP!
  8. It's CBSSN picking the game that's going to get eyes. Of course it's not bad for the Lobos, but it is bad for the Aztecs and it's more of the SOS that comes from this POS TV deal.
  9. JB is a fan. His posts are reasonable and add something to the board. Blast's posts are usually nothing more than delusional dribble. I enjoy banter, but the same banter over and over again isn't banter but insane obsession. Ironically, I enjoyed Utenation's posts. No, I don't post very often but I lurk daily. Today I voted and yes 48 hours is up.