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  1. The officials have done a good job...from the mayor on down.
  2. SDSU and it's not even close.
  3. Hate speech is in the process of being redefined and tolerance has already been redefined. Tolerance means that it's ok for you to have your own point of views as long as you agree with mine. Hate speech will mean any opinion or view point that doesn't whole heartedly, 100% endorse and accept another person's lifestyle choice and views.
  4. There are good backs in this conference however D.J.'s vision sets him apart and is what makes him special.
  5. Biggest turds of the about Moos and Leach at Wazzou? Oh sorry, this is about team performances.
  6. JB is a fan. His posts are reasonable and add something to the board. Blast's posts are usually nothing more than delusional dribble. I enjoy banter, but the same banter over and over again isn't banter but insane obsession. Ironically, I enjoyed Utenation's posts. No, I don't post very often but I lurk daily. Today I voted and yes 48 hours is up.