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  1. What happens to Ole Miss?

    nothing will happen to Ol' Miss. Southern Miss will get hammered for some triviality which pales in comparison. But it'll be done to "make an example of " and discourage other people from commiting similar future transgressions.
  2. MW Saturday Games on TV Released

    It's CBSSN picking the game that's going to get eyes. Of course it's not bad for the Lobos, but it is bad for the Aztecs and it's more of the SOS that comes from this POS TV deal.
  3. SDSU

    They had some tremendous staffs in those days (60-70s). Several went on to be NFL head coaches.
  4. SDSU

    There were only a handful of schools whom had more players in the AFL/NFL than the Aztecs in the late sixties/early seventies. An example of coaching players up. Was Ernie Zampese also on that staff or did he come later?
  5. Who ever said Cheating doesn't pay?

    what's even worse is the UNC fans are not ashamed.
  6. Who ever said Cheating doesn't pay?

    what's even more sickening is that a school loses out on a pay out....a school that played by the rules.
  7. I'd love to see BSU and SDSU playing for the MWC championship in San Diego with both in the top thirty, but with two or more teams being in or on the edge of top 40. It's time for some teams to step up. Who is it going to be...AFA..UNM...CSU...UNR?
  8. The early losses had to go with offensive line play. The Aztec's best offensive lineman was among the players on suspension. When the offensive line started to jell, then everything fell into place. It's been a long time since the QB situation was in this good of shape
  9. Your statistics for comparison might be more relevant if instead of using city statistics you used county populations. San Diego County population is 3.3m, Clark County population is 1.95m. Both are a far cry from the numbers you state.
  10. PAC-12 --- overrated BB conference

    a "1" seed advancing is nothing more than a self fulfilling prophecy as they play a the lowest seeds. Move them to a 4 or 5 then see what happens.
  11. I selfishly wanted to see him in pads as a tight end. Sick athletic ability.
  12. Why not go back to 16 game conference?

    They may have made the tourney if they were in the PAC. Wins would've meant more. The Aztec's RPI regressed in a couple of MWC wins this year. Would not have been the case in the PAC. The PAC got lots of love this year. Nobodies blaming anyone else but facts are facts.
  13. There have games that the MWC teams have crapped their pants when they shouldn't.....therein lies the problem. MWC teams must take care of business where expected and do so also when it's not expected. As far as SDSU is concerned this was not done. Yes, they beat Cal, however they lost to West Virginia, Utah, and Kansas. Early on in the season it's fair to say those results were expected. Change one or two of those losses and they'd be in. Shoulda couldas do not equate to wins.
  14. Does SDSU still get in?

    I agree with the conference being down but they didn't take care of business at the beginning of the year. It's not good when a win over a conference opponent causes your RPI and schedule strength to fall. I don't think they get in. However, whether in the NIT or MM, they have an opportunity to spring board to next year. If they get in, it'll be because of their resume.
  15. Congrats Fresno

    Good game and congrats Dogs.