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  1. Didn't SJSU have 239 at their last home coming game? Oh never mind, they were counting the band.
  2. My impression of Munson is that he's very instinctive and reacts much more quickly and efficiently. he will play somewhere.
  3. As would injuries from people slipping from stepping in the spit.
  4. The San Diego market supported the Chargers just fine. The Spanos' plan was to leave to Los Angeles all along. The Chargers would be welcome back with open arms but not the Spanos'. Their "efforts" were designed with failure in mind to "justify" a move (window dressing). The Spanos' did not want to spend a dime of a their money not that they have it to spend. Mark Davis is one of the few owners with less than the Spanos family and his most recent rent demand caused investors to bail on the Las Vegas plan. However, with the SDSU/MLS plan gaining traction, Qualcomm will be raized. If an NFL Franchise comes to San Diego, it'll be one with a new owner that has money.The Spanos family purposefully ruined the relationship with San Diego. There will be a piece of land set aside to build an NFL stadium as a part of the Qualcomm site plan.