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  1. My impression of Munson is that he's very instinctive and reacts much more quickly and efficiently. he will play somewhere.
  2. As would injuries from people slipping from stepping in the spit.
  3. The San Diego market supported the Chargers just fine. The Spanos' plan was to leave to Los Angeles all along. The Chargers would be welcome back with open arms but not the Spanos'. Their "efforts" were designed with failure in mind to "justify" a move (window dressing). The Spanos' did not want to spend a dime of a their money not that they have it to spend. Mark Davis is one of the few owners with less than the Spanos family and his most recent rent demand caused investors to bail on the Las Vegas plan. However, with the SDSU/MLS plan gaining traction, Qualcomm will be raized. If an NFL Franchise comes to San Diego, it'll be one with a new owner that has money.The Spanos family purposefully ruined the relationship with San Diego. There will be a piece of land set aside to build an NFL stadium as a part of the Qualcomm site plan.
  4. This is precisely why I was in favor of the downtown proposal. The only problem with that was Spanos was involve which made it a non-starter.
  5. Yep Fresno. What a town- where the men are men and the sheep are scared.
  6. And it won't happen. 20k plus 10k temporary seems small to me. 30k permanent plus 10k temporary seems small as well. That's why The opportunity to measure fan support after the Chargers having left might be a good idea. Qualcomm in it's present configuration is terrible. But improvement or redoing the lower bowl (lower the field bring that seating closer without obstruction, adding suites, maybe removing some or all of the scoreboard seating might work. Taking the capacity from 73,000 to 55,000 plus suites would make a big difference. A 90% full 55k seat stadium versus a 55% full 73k stadium is a huge difference in atmosphere.
  7. A two year extension will give a better indication of fan support. I don't believe that a 33% increase in attendance is too far out there this year given the departure of the Chargers and the improvement in this year's (and subsequent) schedules. I personally believe a 30k seat stadium is too small. While this doesn't mean a full Qualcomm, it may make a remodel a better idea with a new lower bowl, luxury suites (prepurchased) and possibly end zone. I have believed that the PAC is where they belong but that door won't open up with an invitation, they need to kick it in. With the exit of the Chargers, that possibility has been increased ever so slightly. Is this a dream? Yes. . Is it an impossibility? Only time will tell. The time is now and it is crucial.
  8. This couldn't happen to a more deserving network. ESPN has ruined college football with their influence and meddling. As a general rule, I will not watch P5 athletics, exclusive channels (I.e. PAC12 network BYU Tv, BIG12 network) and will complain to my cable provider every time I can about ESPN's lack of local content. Just like the bowl games (many of which are owned by ESPN and jaundiced as a result) the market is over saturated. Monday Night Football while it used to be a family event is no longer watched unless the Chargers (or anther team of interest) are on and will always watch on the local channel instead of the network whenever possible. I really don't care about the dynamic causing them to lose viewers, only that they are and that warms my heart.
  9. Those ten seasons also represent the worst ten year period in SDSU history.
  10. it's TCSUFC, a little bit of respect!
  11. If winning matters UNM has never had any ten year period with as many wins mentioned. Not ever. As someone mentioned, market matters.
  12. A few of your "flagship" and land grant schools have done a good job of tarnishing the image of this conference on their own. Going back what does Dave Bliss and Mike Locksley remind you of? A "flagship" means something in some states. In others, it only means something to the people living there. How many schools in New Mexico? Sort of like tallest midget?
  13. wouldn't the NCAA credits stay with the conference they leave?
  14. Don't they have a good baseball program? If the Koch Bros would be supportive, that would be a good thing.
  15. when you're in New Mexico they're good. NO to UTEP!