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  1. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Sorry but corporate marketing ruined beer, just like it ruined ribs. Beer has never been better. Even the old go to's (Stone, Ballast Point) are getting left behind by better options. To stay on topic, back when I drank cocktails my drink of choice was Bourbon.
  2. Comedians Just Seem to Love Reno

    He obviously doesn't know about the Gigafactory.
  3. OT: Lotaburger > In and Out

    The Awful Awful beats all of these. Disclosure: I haven't had Tops
  4. Fare thee well mwcboard

    Close. That's wicked pissa. or That's hella pissa.
  5. Fare thee well mwcboard

    "Hella" is similar to "wicked" This It's-It is hella good.
  6. Fare thee well mwcboard

    Who knows, maybe Musk is right and this is board is nothing but an AI matrix and I am one of your socks and don't know it.
  7. Fare thee well mwcboard

    Ok, I believe you now. On 7/27/2104 CT said that he met Elon Musk and the gigafactory would be built in CA. You replied with a gif of Hawk (from Spencer For Hire) putting his face in his palm while wearing a Star Trek outfit.
  8. Fare thee well mwcboard

    Wait a minute. Wasn't CT your sock? I can't remember the timeline, did you buy the board before or after CT was posting about the gigafactory?
  9. Stadium Talks - Raiders Look to Use & Abuse UNLV

    Is there a section in the article that mentions a PAC-12 invite?
  10. Weather in Phoenix

    Its going to be 115 today. I hope I don't hurt my back shoveling all that heat. Hopefully traffic won't be too bad with a the out of state drivers sliding off the roads when they hit black ice today.
  11. Weather in Phoenix

    I don't think anyone in Las Vegas needs a Facebook account because everyone they've ever known visits Las Vegas once a year. i added an edit to my previous post.
  12. Weather in Phoenix

    I got it. I wasn't taking a shot at your city. I would imagine you wouldn't say your city is PHX with night life. Edit: I lived in Las Vegas for a month. I have good friends that used to live there and I would stay with them and do the locals thing. In fact, one is debating moving back because he loves living there, and I am pounding his head telling to move back there. I've got nothing against your city. Except when they play the Aztecs or the Pack
  13. Weather in Phoenix

    Greater PHX has a soul. It's actually dramatically different than Vegas. And yes, not having that Vegas nightlife is a plus for those of us who live here. Most tourists fly in and don't experience anything but the resort, golf course, spa, restaurant, or spring training stadiums. edit: this is not a shot at Las Vegas
  14. California expands state travel ban

    Are you going to share with the rest of us?
  15. Weather in Phoenix

    My car's outside temp thermometer hit 121 earlier. I love living in PHX, but not in the summer. But I'll take this over the New England winters that I grew up with.