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  1. Battle for the Oil Can

    Take a deep breath. Then take two more. The last two games sucked. Those are solid football teams. We are not the same team with the injuries. But they aren’t a bunch of pansies and they aren’t going to fall apart. The coaching staff needs to step up and both get control of the team’s focus and change up the offensive game plan.
  2. BYU is now a basketball school that plays in Catholic gyms.
  3. Battle for the Oil Can

    Now that’s funny
  4. Battle for the Oil Can

    I’m stunned with how quickly this season went from so good to so bad so fast. I’m still hoping for what seems like a miracle right now and the Aztecs can turn this around tonight. it looks like Fresno made a great hire with Tedford. I’m happy to see Fresno good again in football just like I’ll be happy to see UNLV good again in basketball (hopefully soon). Now my Aztecs need to step it up and return to form.
  5. Thank you for your thorough reply. I appreciate knowing your reasoning to oppose SDSU West.
  6. You’ve got my attention. I live out of state so I don’t know the details of what’s in the City of San Diego’s best interest on what to do with this valuable land. I would like some information on the existing proposals. Would you mind letting me know some specifics on the benefits to of the Soccer City proposal for the city of San Diego? What are the expected returns for the city over the next 5, 10, 20 and 30 year’s. Also what opportunity costs do you see for the city for other projects that might be out there including SDSU West that would be passed on by the city? I want to give Soccer City some serious consideration.
  7. Battle for the Oil Can

    I think the OL and offense rebounds tomorrow. I’m giving credit to the BSU defense. And as horrible as last week was, the overall stats weren’t that lopsided. Although you can’t assume that everything would have remained the same (stats), if the score was closer.
  8. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    I found it brave.
  9. NIU @ SDSU official game thread

    He made a great block, that unfortunately was targeting according to the rules.
  10. NIU @ SDSU official game thread

    I didn't see too many calls that weren't penalties. Maybe on the punt return because he didn't touch him. There were a lot of DUMB penalties that could/should have cost the game.
  11. Ot: NM fans I have a green chili question.

    You sick fu$&. Leave those poor animals out of this innocent thread.
  12. It's time to come home BYU

    Nope. Not for the next few years while we're still here. They can come back after that.
  13. SI: Penny currently #3 Heisman contender

    This is not much different than basketball season. The UNLV fans talk in the pre-season and we talk during the season
  14. Aztecs fans post here

    What is BroncoOrange's wife's answer last night when Dre arrived and asked what she had for him to eat?
  15. Chapman vs Allen

    Week 1: Chapman: 16-21 for 220, 2 Td 1Int, 186 QB rating Allen: 23- 40 for 174, 0 TD, 2Int, 84 QB rating Week 2: Chapman: 9-18 for 73, 1 td, 0 int , 102 QB Allen: 22-32 for 328, 2, 0, 175 QB Week 3: Chapman: 21-29 for 187, 1, 0, 138 QB rating 9-24 for 64, 0, 1, 51 QB rating