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  1. Well I don't have Dave Rice to blame for my underperforming basketball team. So I need to take it out on someone.
  2. Maybe so, but you're worse than the Aztecs (Football)
  3. Don't bother. We have some lousy fans mixed in.
  4. Good game Pack.
  5. That's got to be number 1.
  6. Last year went down to the wire at UNR. I see UNR handling the Aztecs unless we get hot from 3. edit: Why are all SDSU at Nevada games on Wednesday nights? Would like to make a roadie sometime if it's ever on a weekend.
  7. One good season is all that it will take to put attendance right back to where is was and probably higher.
  8. The majority of bowl games are meaningless. I doubt very many games have two teams that care about winning. The results don't say much. edit A better thread title would be SDSU vs the Mountain West Conference. Everyone else is playing for second.
  9. Sorry I've been to Oktoberfest twice ('96 and '02). On each visit the night ended with me stumbling out of a beer tent and walking past a section of amusement rides. In both years the same amusement ride (which had an Olympic theme) was blaring "Last Christmas" as I walked by. I found it odd and now "Last Christmas" headlines my Oktoberfest playlist.
  10. Oddly "Last Christmas" is my Oktoberfest (Munich) theme song as I stopped to listen to it as it was playing at an Olympic themed ride as I stumbled by at the end of the night. This happened on both of my Oktoberfest trips that were six years apart.
  11. "we now know that this report was false, and that no tape of the walkthrough ever existed."
  12. Here's the documented public apology from the Boston Herald to the Patriots for their false story about filming walkthroughs. Only some lame Charger fans think that actually happened.
  13. That definitely cost you the Super Bowl
  14. That interception fumble still stings, huh?
  15. A lot of people cared for 18 months when it involved the Patriots. Nobody cares when it involves another team.