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  1. Apparently spending the day with your father and mother (who has cancer) to celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary is wrong.
  2. That's our big rivalry game. UNH used to be our sister school so it's usually close to a sellout when we play them.
  3. 10 months ago
  4. So are you trying to imply we should only build a 30k stadium?
  5. There you go again
  6. Good season Pack. That was a disappointing end. But the team competed to make a game of it. I'm happy to see that Nevada basketball is back. The MWC basketball landscape is changing. The future is bright.
  7. I went with 12 seed and not winning. I hope to be watching you in PHX, but you haven't beaten a strong team yet this year.
  8. Prediction time. Clavell will pick up 2 personal fouls in the first ten minutes. Pack wins by double digits. The only legitimate team in the league this year dances.
  9. Keep thinking that
  10. Which ref was featured in that video?
  11. For the sake of the topic of this thread. We only got one bid last year.
  12. LOL, can they revoke that?
  13. Go Pack!!! I hope you guys have fresh legs. Nothing against CSU. Nevada is my team when the Aztecs aren't playing.