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  1. Exit fee (money) Basketball credits (money) Associating w BYU (Our Souls)
  2. Why would we go through the cost and process of going independent in 2019 or 2020 if our goal is to be not an independent by 2025?
  3. I thought tax season ended three weeks ago...WTF?
  4. Pathetic. Just Pathetic. Just lost a lot of respect for Muss. Muss should googled how Fisher handled Jerome Habel's much lesser offense.
  5. My first question was in regards to the draft confirming the demise of the conference, but you had already addressed that on later posts that I had not gotten to yet. For the non P5 I would say for football the 2010 Big East football conference fell close to as much as the MWC. For basketball, I would say the Big East football schools took a much bigger hit in basketball than the MWC has. For basketball, the AAC is a shell of its former Big East conference. I would say the WAC folding for football was worse than the decline of the MWC and their basketball has fallen worse than the MWC. MWC is in a temporary downward cycle in basketball. In three years we will be back to 3 bids again. We will also have a Big 4 instead of a Big 3. Nevada has a track record of top 25 and Sweet 16 performances. Edit: I will add the the MWC has improved in one aspect. It positioned itself into a more geographically balanced conference which will allow for better in conference rivalries to develop for the schools that remain in the conference for the long term. It is also better positioned to withstand future defections.
  6. And UNLV will be a hot job, so replacing him would be easy Edit: Nevermind just read the rest of the thread.
  7. How many players from BYU, TCU, and Utah have been drafted this year? And can you really say those not being MWC picks is Thompson's fault? I'll add, what non P5 conference is in better shape than in 2010?
  8. Apparently spending the day with your father and mother (who has cancer) to celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary is wrong.
  9. That's our big rivalry game. UNH used to be our sister school so it's usually close to a sellout when we play them.
  10. 10 months ago
  11. So are you trying to imply we should only build a 30k stadium?
  12. There you go again
  13. Good season Pack. That was a disappointing end. But the team competed to make a game of it. I'm happy to see that Nevada basketball is back. The MWC basketball landscape is changing. The future is bright.