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  1. I'm very happy for that young man. And will be rooting for him always. His Rams team has heart!!!
  2. For the Pats fans not in MA. This add aired immediately after the game.
  3. Looks like you got a lesson last night about the importance of time of possession and turnovers.
  4. Or they are 2 miracle Giant catches and a dropped pick from being 7-0. You also seem to forget about the miracle Seahawks catch that got them within the 5 yard line at the end of that game.
  5. Bahahahaha. Thank you to whoever's sock you are. Edit: 2016 3rd round pick QB Jocoby Brissett laughed at your post too. As did 2014 2nd round pick Jimmy G. As did 2011 3rd round pick Ryan Mallett. As did Aztec for life Kevin O'Connell (2008 3rd round). The Patriots have not drafted an Offrnsive Lineman in the first 3 rounds since 2011.
  6. 🐐 Sorry haters, the Pats are extending him through 2021 and trading Jimmy G.
  7. Belated Congrats. A rivalry for the ages.
  8. Damn, not looking good. Probably going to have to get my Championship DVDs out to cheer me up after the game. It's going to be a long night. 4 Pats, 3 Red Sox, 1 celtics and 1 Bruins to get through.
  9. We've got 31 acres set aside for them. We'll leave the lights on.
  10. I love how they don't do any research on deflategate. Completely embarrassing themselves. But my favorite is when someone referenced "taping practices," Bahahahaha. But I've got to admit, watching them win yet another Super Bowl would be almost boring without the haters.
  11. I absolutely love the haters. Winning is so much more fun with you.
  12. Oh yeah. I love BYU 😘 Jamie who?
  13. Same reason I hate BYU? Edit: if you are rooting for the Falcons then you are rooting for Goodell.
  14. Greatest of all time! Go Pats! F. Goodell
  15. Well I don't have Dave Rice to blame for my underperforming basketball team. So I need to take it out on someone.