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  1. Picture is worth a 1,6 million words or thereabouts!
  2. I thought the same thing nevertheless I hope the singer George Michael is in a better place and is reunited with his loved ones. RIP
  3. No joke I just can't make it or I would be there to watch my sad pathetic team lose.
  4. Anybody out there have website for fresno and Hawaii game??
  5. I would like to see the video if any on that because that is one of my biggest concerns about having young men play for arseholes. I see coaches yelling a kids cussing them out which I find is inappropriate and to add physical attack to it would be a whole different level of offense.
  6. I don't think MWC will lose any coaches this year... except for the obvious -Fresno State who already replace CTD.
  7. We now know who runs the insider twitter account....dogs4me
  8. This is what's mug was talking about seems little overboard asking for a coach to be fired if this was all that happened??
  9. This might be about CTD cost savings if Tedford and Hill come back.
  10. Right my point is that did not necessarily actively recruit and develop those players and it was more of his coaches. I think Williams had a big influence and attraction to having receivers come to Fresno State.
  11. YEAH think that he would be a high risk and high reward hire... I dont think our AD/Pres wants to take a gamble especially after having to deal with the embarrassment of being caught with our pants down with CTD. The will have to be a safe bet and good return on investment.
  12. Well am not exactly sure how it is done but I would think the coaches that decided if and when a player is awarded scholarship, dismissed, or or disciplined.
  13. I think this is more about sending a message to our fanbase, recruits, and current players. If we wait until after the season to start the process than we'd be too late to effect any change in recruiting the year would be lost. With the mid season change of guard, nobody is free from evaluation and dismissal including coaches, players and recruits.