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  1. Air Force vs Nevada

    Pray for snow!
  2. Air Force vs Nevada

    I too am Vince Lombardi on a virtual sideline. I’ve never lost a game or made a poor call.
  3. Air Force vs Nevada

    So close but so far away. We need Kincade back and I wish Fossum was still in the mix too.
  4. Air Force vs Nevada

    No. But I like Nevada’s chances against a more traditional offense. I think Nevada is going to beat SJSU badly and Vegas by 2 TDs @ home.
  5. Air Force vs Nevada

    Can I ask how you are streaming?
  6. Air Force vs Nevada

    And it’s 39 degrees and windy. I’m in the confines of my house. I’ll admit it.
  7. Air Force vs Nevada

    Where was the chop block?!? No one even blocked below the waist on the replay?
  8. Nevada fans have little room to talk. The president at nevada, as much as I like him, doesn’t support athletics worth a chit. We’re consistently at the bottom of university $$ support rankings. And fans here will support the U but only if it’s winning. It sold 8.5k season tickets for football this year. It sold more than than that 25 years ago. And the only thing more pathetic is that there are worse programs in the MWC who actually bash SJSU for poor support.
  9. UNLV recruiting

    More than 20 percent of Vegas’ freshman class flunks out after their first year. At what point do you blame the students or the system for allowing them in, clearly not ready or capable?
  10. LV area recruit commits ..........

    Why recruit Arbor View/Liberty when you’ve locked down Gorman? Signed, Dirty Sanchez!
  11. Packing 'em in eh Rammies?

    I would love nevada to get 35k and then everyone leave. Best of both worlds. Good revenue. Then beer lines part for me.
  12. CHANCE

    Why is chance horrible? Great name for Vegas
  13. CHANCE

    They are native but I grew up in the desert in so cal and I never saw one of them. Hunting lizards was a pastime for 10 year old boys back then. Those are neat creatures... ugly as hell but cool. I personally think the Knights are killing it with their branding. The logo is awesome, the color scheme unique but well done. “Chance” is a great mascot name for Vegas and the kids will love it when it goes to schools around town.
  14. Ok Boise, what is going on?

    Whistling past the graveyard.
  15. OT: Is this real