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  1. You think those patents haven't played the travel and camp curcuit trying to get their kids noticed you have no clue how the process works.
  2. Exactly. If I'm a parent trying to get my kid recruited this is gold. I have a freshman who wants to play college baseball. That is half the battle. And BTW, that kids' coach is making money trying to publicize his business.
  3. Do you think this kid verbals to Nevada if a P5 program offers? Do you think that the publicity he gets doesn't get the attention of those type programs? Do you think Nevada didn't publish this without the approval of his father/mother? And odds are these coaches won't be at Nevada when this kid is recruit eligible.
  4. That and a bone-headed decision by OSU's coaching staff.
  5. Vegas and northern Nevada connection. Nate Yeskie, OSU's pitching coach - is from Carson and played for the Rebels. One of a plethora of studs from Carson HS (Matt Williams, Donovan Osborne, etc.) who Fred Dallimore recruited down there. That pipeline closed when Fred was basically fired by Vegas. I had no idea Yeskie was at OSU but surprised neither Nevada or Vegas has tried to hire him as their manager.
  6. I agree it's less important.
  7. I think that measurables are still incredibly important. Green is obviously an exception to the rule.
  8. There's no fixing the fact that he's a 6-7 power forward and has had two serious knee injuries. He's been a great player at Nevada and hopefully he makes some serious $$$ playing somewhere.
  9. I don't get your joke? Because of the recent terror attack?
  10. I lived in Denver back in the day. Watched maybe 5 or 6 games there. Honestly I don't even remember "an upper deck?" I remember a smaller venue, not a bad seat, easy to get in and out of.... color me crazy but not sure how that's any different than all of the rest of the venues in this league. The students weren't great but I don't think CSU was very good...
  11. It's old school but nice. I loved watching games there.
  12. They drive a dodge. That's definitely a Rebel "grad."