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  1. Wash Post Mountain West Preview - "Lopsided" MW

    6,223 ft is natural rim. 6,229.1 is the outlet dam at Tahoe City. 6.1 feet of storage for Washoe County. While that is a crap ton of water -- excess is released to Prosser, Stampede and Boca Reservoirs. BTW, when the lake falls below 6,223 feet there is no runoff. Happens all the time.
  2. @Reno

    Reno HS. Huskies. I like that Nevada's AD doesn't play the game. No need. It understands its history.
  3. I'm stepping out

    Farewell speech = more conversation. Shocking development!
  4. I'm stepping out

    Maybe you can find a friend. A real one. Good luck.
  5. Nevada Convert- All-American Idiot

    The sweet, sweet smell of irony in the morning!
  6. Wagner transfer Corey Henson commits to Nevada

    How does that work? Rice but not Nevada?
  7. Season Ticket Sales

    First of all you're the only person I've seen in the interwebs take this stupid position and argue it sideways. I get CSU has a great student section. But to suggest those tickets equate to season tickets isn't accurate. That's just not how it works but that's what you do... And it is a stupid discussion that you have regularly. I am not jealous of CSU. It sold 15k season tickets. If I'm going to be jealous of a program I'd set the bar higher. Think Boise or Fresno.
  8. Season Ticket Sales

    The problem with your position is that EVERY full time student pays a fee. If a team is winning and the seat is used than it's a butt in a seat. If the team is not winning and the seat isn't used than theoretically it could be resold. It's not a season ticket. It's a fee applied to full time enrollment at almost every university in the country. I bash CSU over this argument because I don't think people care about that program in Denver but I do agree that CSU has a great student section. The only two I've seen that are better are ASU and Washington. Maybe CU back in the early to mid-90s when Folsom was rocking.
  9. Christian Wood Heading to China

    Ph's stupidly knows no bounds. China isn't effing rice paddies and oxen these days. I spent weeks last summer in a coastal city no one in the US even knows about and it was amazing. If CW plays his cards right, basketball will provide for him/his family for the rest of his life, and he isn't bouncing around the "G" league trying to eek out a living.
  10. Christian Wood Heading to China

    Who cares about money? Every single player in the NBA?
  11. Christian Wood Heading to China

    He can make a lot of $$$ in China. I was shocked at how much they love the game. Kevin Garnett's a god there.
  12. Airport meeting 1/1/2018

    I'm fine with that. Outside of my control. But back on topic... How sad is your life? Need conversation much?
  13. Airport meeting 1/1/2018

    How many times can someone make the same point to get attention? There should be a board award for that "honor."
  14. Boise State BB to play Puerto Rico Tip Off Classic

    Lucky bastards.
  15. OT - Visual Proof of Divinity??

    I think you discovered a metaphor for this board. Same chit, over, and over replicating itself time and again. Great videos btw.