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  1. I think you're confusing interest and facts with PH continuing to throw chit against a wall. Obviously it would be big news for the state of MWC bball if Menzies lands these players.
  2. You misconstrued my comment about market to mean TV. I didn't mean TV because I agree, using TV as a metric is about as stupid as it gets and caused shifts in conferences that will eventually fail. What I meant is location (first and foremost), and then things like fan base, airport, enrollment, and all other factors in between. I would point out this is the exact same argument we've had on this/and other boards with Vandal fans for nearly two decades. And in that time, Idaho fans have basically ALWAYS blamed the "current" administration. And when you say peer, who exactly do you mean? Because when Nevada's AD/fans talk about peers, it thinks of Fresno, of Boise and of Vegas. It does not think of Idaho and hasn't for years. That's not meant to be rude, that's just the reality of our fans and administration. The fact of the matter is that the OLD guard MWC programs want nothing to do with Idaho, or Nevada for that matter. So does Idaho's administration undervalue athletics, or does it realize that maybe other AD's don't see the value in Idaho athletics that its fans do? Look, the Big Sky is what it is and admittedly I would be pissed if Nevada was returning because it feels like a step back. But, I've argued on this board many times that if something doesn't happen in the near future, ALL of the schools in this conference are f'ed because we all have warts too. And I would argue that conference affiliation is fragile. It wouldn't surprise me if this conference is around for another 10+ years or dead in 3.
  3. Actually TJ, then Fox and now Muss. And Vegas' coach was hired by McKinley Boston at NMSU. I'm not sure you can get more sleazy than that if you tried.
  4. Don't compare a school that has won with one coach to those programs. That's asinine.
  5. I think Idaho is a fine school with a great campus. But it's 8 miles from a pac12 program that also struggles in that market. We've argued this for years and what has changed at Idaho in all that time? Same argument, different year.
  6. Has Vegas ever won a football title that it didn't have to forfeit for cheating?
  7. Maybe you can read and learn something from your hometown rag.
  8. Yes it is. Throwing money down a hole a perfect way to look at it.
  9. Vegas' subsidy is a larger percentage than Nevada's because of T&M and simply because it has more students. But there is NO WAY IN HELL Nevada receives $9m or Vegas receives $19m. These numbers are a joke. The newspapers in Nevada would have gone ape chit if either school was receiving that money with the budget cuts they experienced.
  10. People should listen to Dave Colins! BTW, who the f is Dave Colins?
  11. Jealousy? No. I think the stadium looks great, I think CSU's an awesome school, I just don't think that people in Colorado care much about its sports programs having lived there. We shall see.
  12. Isn't that standard practice for most of the elite college football programs?
  13. Well that settles it! SDSU nearly beat TCU years ago!! And Dre says it's so! Is there a single article written by a third party that suggests that the recent SDSU teams could compete with those past MWC championship teams? I highly doubt it. SDSU was swept by South Alabama, and hammered by CSU at home. End of argument.
  14. Longwood. Dre's mom approves.