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  1. Metal bat in college is BBCOR. So it doesn't have much more pop than a wood bat. College baseball is awesome.
  2. Your mom! So maybe.
  3. That kid looks stiff.
  4. Dear god. That has to be the lowest Nevada has been ranked preseason since the Tormey years.
  5. That was just one of many issues some boosters (me) had with Groth. She actually fought with the booster club over the issue. She said that she would be "lying to the NCAA if she reported it differently."
  6. Reno smack? It was a response to smack and which part isn't true? The fact that the atmosphere at Vegas football games is currently garbage or the fact that Vegas crowds are going to look silly in an NFL venue.
  7. Well it sure as hell isn't a Vegas game. There's no place to hang curtains to improve the "atmosphere."
  8. Which one?
  9. I think the fans are naive. We are the people who have allowed our administrations the ability to pay our coaches absurd amounts of money and don't bat an eye. But the players, they are beholden to the system and if they leave, they are naive and have handlers and should stay for another year because somehow we know what's best for them.
  10. You don't lack for love of yourself.
  11. Not marginally better. Better by every measure. Campus, campus life, dorms, you name it. Vegas is a commuter campus in an area that is getting more and more sketchy by the year.
  12. I could give two chits about the governors trophy. All that matters is three sports as it relates to this board. You fools are the ones who are bent over losing it.
  13. Choke away baseball? Vegas baseball has sucked since a Nevada grad built that program. And he attends most Nevada homes games because he can't even stand what Vegas has become.
  14. What more funny is that Nevada is now better than Vegas in just about every possible measure and the Groth disaster is in the rear-view mirror. Academics, grad rate: Check Campus, and student experience: Check Athletics: Check You can still bitch about giving away your taxes as the Knights/Raiders move in to consume what fan base Vegas has left - using your tax money I might add. One baseball game away from sweeping your sorry asses in the ONLY sports that matter.
  15. Reggie didn't get a Shot at a major D1 job for a reason IMO. But the Foster situation is a tough one.