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  1. Who says Menzies will still be in Vegas? He could very well be fired if he has one more season like the last.
  2. Maybe the university and boosters need to wake up and realize this isn't the Big Sky. If the reports are true and Nevada does pay $1.1 I'll be shocked. I'm the last person who thinks schools in this conference have any business carrying debt trying to keep up. At the same time, there is a point at which we have to invest. Nevada saw 9k season ticket holders dwindle to 4K under Carter. Clearly now was a time to step up.
  3. SDSU is on top. It's top rated football program will do more for this conference than basketball.
  4. Sympathetic is a better word. But you Rebels do the best you can with your underperforming high schools so hopefully the situation will improve someday.
  5. Your compliments are condescending but I'm a dick for calling it out? Is that your point? Grade A weak sauce!
  6. IMO Fisher should be the highest paid. I think CSU and UNM pay really well too.
  7. You and ph should rendezvous and compare notes... weak sauce.
  8. I like your style Toonkee.
  9. Taste the pain Vegas fan. Not a good day for haters.
  10. Which btw is how it should be. A coach moves the needle and he is rewarded. The money some of the clown ADs in this conference paid for coaches who haven't proven squat is astonishing.
  11. One more year of Vegas fans whimpering one more year.
  12. It's primarily funded through ticket revenue. Unfortunately our state legislature won't let us spend money like Wyoming. Nevada fans will go ape chit buying tickets if he truly does return.
  13. I have insider information that all you with insider information are FOS. 👍
  14. Wait what? Nevada fans? You have more posts in this thread than most of us combined. I'm just waiting for the axe to fall, or not. All the speculation and "insider" info is fake news as far as I'm concerned. I did read one of the Cal boards and they didn't seem all that excited about Muss but then again all he needs to do is convince the AD he's the right man for the job. See Nevada's football hire that came out of left field.
  15. Link on your first statement? I've not read a thing from our AD mentioning that Cal has requested permission. Then again, I've actually been working the last few weeks.