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  1. Any news on Josh Allen?

    Lunch is ready and packed.
  2. Rank em basketball edition

    I agree.
  3. The State of MW hoops programs

    Beating Arkansas and Oregon, and a good showing in conference, may get us there.
  4. Fire Dutcher

    Arizona State had too much firepower.
  5. If Fresno Doesn't Win the BBall Regular Season

    I believe this Friday.
  6. MW power rankings

    Fresno wasn’t “expected” to be 5-1 in conference, at this time. We were expected to finish last in the West Division, so this is a major surprise.
  7. Fresno State @ Hawaii

    We were going for the win, that’s why we threw the ball. The interceptions were from tipped balls, unfortunately that’s what happens on the rock. One more win and we’re West Division champs and in the Conference Championship game. No one predicted this.
  8. UNLV at Fresno State

    I think this game may get ugly. The dogs are at home and want to make a statement to the home crowd. I’d be surprised if it’s close.
  9. I’m not hearing this top 25 talk. Where are you getting this from?
  10. Best QB in the MW?

    Josh Allen still needs work. If he’s smart, he’ll be back next year. He has much more to learn.
  11. Best QB in the MW?

    It’s sailed for at least another year, because we’re going to be real good next year.
  12. Rank Em - Preseason Edition

    Can you blame him? 😎
  13. CJT has said FS is his last hurrah. We sure hope so.
  14. You may want to ask our New Mexico and San Diego friends that question.