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  1. Must be the pills
  2. He got UBL. He did what he could to eleminate as many terrorists as he could. He handled the transition well. I wish him well in the next chapter of his life.
  3. We are a lot less great than we used to be. We can thank W and O for a large part of that.
  4. And you made it through the Obama regime. Now you get to witness America becoming great again.
  5. I wonder how many of them will end up back in prison? I also wonder why White Boy Rick wasn't on that list? Props to Obama for taking out 85 ISIS guys as he prepared to leave office. O was a disaster as POTUS but I give him credit for taking out as many terrorists as he could.
  6. Much easier on the eyes than any past FLOTUS since Jackie. And not a raving bitch like Michelle & Hillary
  7. He will agree to pay for the wall in exchange for Trump's first pardon
  8. Did the right have riots after Obama was elected? Did GOP officials go around announcing to the world they are going to boycott the inauguration? The bitching and whining by the dims far exceeds what we saw after O was elected. The left is behaving like a petulant child.
  9. Kind of, but not quite.
  10. Are you actually calling the hildabeast sane?
  11. Sure beats the alternative
  12. The Dems seem to have taken it another level this election cycle. We can only imagine what it will be like if a liberal beats Trump in 2020. I hope a strong 3rd party candidate emerges and wins. What else could reduce the partisan bullshit from both sides?
  13. You were also 100% sure Trump would never win. Perhaps your judgement isn't as astute as you may have fooled yourself into believing
  14. Given the Dems reaction to the election, it may be necessary to speak to all of them as you would to a pouting 4 year old who is mad because he didn't get his way.
  15. I would have liked to have seen Snowden, Manning and Bergdahl spend a couple of decades behind bars. Or better yet, swinging from a rope. Phucking tratiors.