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  1. The power of positive thought got you to a whore house . And you seem proud of it. Nice work. Positive thinking has worked wonders with you
  2. You didn't get laid. You over paid a whore. It's not the same thing.
  3. You are starting threads about a guy who signed a LOI with OR and thumping your chest over shit that happened almost 30 years ago. No wonder you cant get laid. Chicks pick up on that desperate/crazy, socially retarded shit and run for cover.
  4. ^^ This. Especially when the kid has signed with OR.
  5. Does your whore mongering/"sex life" transcend the MW too? I guess it must. Why else would you post it on the sports board?
  6. That is Fkn awesome. Good for the Aztecs.
  7. I'm not sure how much of his attention whoring is reality based. I am sure he's a good candidate for therapy. He sure is getting the attention he is whoring for. He also seems very concerned that he is believed. Off the top of my head: He drove the distance in 50 minutes. He paid $700 for a whore he described as "nothing special." He screwed her for 30 minutes and then used her shower. She told him that he "looks good." She hid his shirt because she didn't want him to put it back on.He told his mother and father about it and asked us if that was weird. What's not to believe? That sounds pretty much like everyone's first trip to a ranch.
  8. Fairly soon, the cathouse will have a photo of him in their Hall of Fame.
  9. And keep the other hand where we can see it. Creepy, phucking pervert.
  10. Maybe next time she'll pay you.
  11. Who the hell saves whore house receipts?
  12. You really should try the real thing.
  13. The pathetic attention craving might be the weirdest part. Whether or not you are telling the truth, or embellishing the truth, is secondary.
  14. I doubt many people care if you did or not. Going there isn't the weird part.
  15. You started this thread and the prequels. You had sex for the first time at the age of 26/27, overpaid a whore to get it, and then told your mother all about it. Those are not the actions of a rational, young adult. If you are telling the truth, you've got issues. If you're making it all up for your own amusement, you've got issues.