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  1. The advantages you hold? What have you done with all of these "advantages?" Dude, wake up. You're in the MW because you aren't attractive enough to be anywhere else, despite those "advantages" you believe you have. What are those advantages, anyway?
  2. It's kind of hard to claim "ownership" when you have less than 15,000 season ticket holders, so-so attendance and no stadium.
  3. Probably not. And even if it does, you haven't really separated yourselves from the rest. Yes your school is located in a great recruiting area but the P5 has no problem recruiting there anyway. Having SDSU in their conference wouldn't improve the B12's recruiting. You guys simply don't have the chops to make a major move.
  4. Their football program has around 15k season ticket holders. And despite being located in a large city, they don't have great attendance. Their football program has yet to make any sort of splash where they can even make a claim of being a TV draw. The quality of their BB program is now an unknown. Yet, at least a couple of their fans seem to think they have better options either as an Indy, or after some sort of major conference shuffle. I'm not sure what they are seeing or what makes them believe they are any more attractive than they were during the last big shuffle. Do they not remember that the last time they left, no one really cared?
  5. Leaving didn't work out so well for you when you were riding BSU's coat tails. Whose coat tails will you ride when you leave to help create this BOR, super-conference?
  6. A BOR is no more desireable than the current situation. You'd end up with 3-4 decent teams that are largely ignored by the general sports viewing public. No NCAA autobid for basketball, no bowl ties, no additional interest from sports fans. Nothing but a days worth of news on ESPN and a new logo.
  7. I heard the PAC only looks at schools with quality sports programs, great fan support and solid academics. Perhaps that's just a rumor.
  8. Is that it? That's the big plan? Wait 7-8 years for the B12 to implode and then join the remnants?
  9. SDSU doesn't have the fan support or the street cred to even entertain the thought of going Indy. And the B12 has better options.
  10. You have to be willing to rape on Sundays to be considered for B12 membership.
  11. Must be that high IQ of yours.
  12. Does anyone really give a phuck about MV golf & tennis?
  13. Is commuting to school part of that wonderful, UNLV experience? Vegas really has no student experience to speak of. It's kind of a shitty place to go to school; although I understand things are improving.