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  1. You reach this conclusion from me pointing out 200+ people were arrested for rioting in my response to a post where someone expressed doubt there was a riot? You are either testing the limits of stupid, flat out nuts, or both.
  2. Have another drink.
  3. What?
  4. Big brother? Retarded cousin would be more accurate. Smack talk aside, Marvin will right the ship. Better days are coming.
  5. I don't know how few or many there are, but I'm pretty sure there have been some brutal murders performed in satantic rituals.
  6. I'm glad to hear you don't deny it. Your LOL post left me a bit uncertain.
  7. That is fortunate. But even if there were, it would be tough to beat the casting of spells during a crescent moon.
  8. The only people who give a shit about Trump's tax returns are people who didn't vote for him and won't be voting for him next time.
  9. Admiral McRaven was a good SEAL, a good Admiral and is a very good public speaker. He is also a dem who was supposedly considered as a VP candidate for Hillary. It is entirely possible that his shot at Trump was the beginning of his 2020 campaign. If so, the Dems could do a lot worse. Like Webb would have done, Admiral McRaven could attract some crossover votes. But I'm not sure if the large Snowflake wing of the party could accept a military man as a candidate. If he were to run, I'd give him a hard look. Just as I would have done for Webb if he'd have been the nominee or decided to run 3rd party. I wonder if Admiral McRaven would consider a 3rd party run and name a moderate conservative as a running mate. If he did, that would be both intriguing and interesting.
  10. Over 200 people have been charged with "felony rioting" and face up to ten years in prison. Perhaps that wasn't reported in Huffpoo and you missed it.
  11. I think it's a religion, complete with rituals and (I think) tax exempt status. Maybe Mug knows for sure about the tax exemption.
  12. Fortunately for you, they don't work. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to open your mouth.
  13. Had top stop laughing before I could reply.
  14. Great post.
  15. JM, YRF, UNLV01 and their buddies are shopping for caldrons on EBay