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  1. Stunner would hang out on the BYU board, but it's dead. Apparently, even BYU fans are annoyed by BYU fans.
  2. They lied. It's a rash he got from from a waikiki hooker who couldn't make it in Vegas
  3. It's a shame BYU or the WCC don't have boards
  4. I'd take that gig. You could be our water boy, after some training, of course.
  5. I think it's good news. IIRC, When Benson was commish of the WAC, it helped, or at least may have. We did have multiple bids.
  6. Is someone making a run to Freshole before the trip?
  7. Arya back to Winterfell. Settles some scores too
  8. He's too busy being a celeb. Between that series and the King Killer books by Rothfus, I won't start another book series until it's done or close.
  9. 100% agree. Martin could have wrapped that series up in 5 books. He understood he had a literary cash cow and is milking it for all its worth
  10. I'm looking forward to it as well. But since the show has passed up the books and the show has deviated from the books, I'm less interested than I was for past seasons. Do you guys think Martin will live long enough to complete the books?
  11. I wondered about that too. "Hired" implies a paid position. Is JA getting paid?
  12. It wouldn't matter if they went bare knuckles. Connor can't hit what he can't catch. FM has faced guy's with more punching power than CM. The guy has one decent punch, an overhand left that FM will laugh at. Connor isn't even a good boxer by UFC standards.
  13. And continuing to learn. He'll have a job in FB for as long as he desires.
  14. Kellen is really good at holding a clipboard in the NFL. He hasn't shown us he can do much else. Kap has. If KM pulled a stunt like Kap did, he'd be replaced the next day. Kap has a better shot at becoming a starting QB than KM does. And he's retired. KM's future is in coaching. Kap probably doesn't have that option.
  15. That's a bit much. He didn't get other offers because in high school he had a fastball in the 90's and everyone assumed he would play baseball. He was also a good enough QB to keep Smith on the bench and damn near win a super bowl. He has good enough QB skills to be a backup QB in the NFL. He just isn't worth the baggage. I honestly think hooking up with that Nessa bitch was the beginning of the end for that guy. Like you, I wouldn't want him on my team, even though on his worse day, he is way better than Kellen Moore will ever be. A F'ing waste of talent.