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  1. Supposedly, he reached out to LSU.
  2. Indiana fans may be even worse. Some of them are bemoaning the fact that they hired a mid major coach. Some were convinced that Billy Donovan was going to be their next coach.
  3. Probably not. And even if you did, so what? Anyone who has read the Indiana board could have done the same thing, especially after they fired Crean.
  4. The coaching search should have given ph a dose of the reality of UNLV's brand, but sadly, that lesson was lost on him.
  5. It's a good school. But not "highly ranked."
  6. The rebs are hoping to have a rivalry with anyone. Seriously though, it would be nice to see both teams playing well. I forget the year ('05 ish) when both schools were in the top 25. I'd love to see that again.
  7. Saw on HoopDirt that former Winthrop coach and new UMass coach, Pat Kelsey, may up and leave. UMass has canceled the press conference to announce and introduce their new coach. The reason for the cancellation is "unforeseen circumstances." Among the speculation is Indiana is going to hire Chris Mack from Xavier and Pat Kelsey may go to Xavier.
  8. Is it, or do we just assume so? It's also hard to believe the story was broke by bleacher rpt or that anyone would pay a 7.8 million dollar buyout plus pay the kind of salary being mentioned on a guy whose record is no better than the guy you just fired. I'll believe it when I see it. And will be surprised, but not shocked, if it comes to fruition.
  9. It's hard to believe Alford would leave UCLA for Indiana, especially if he wins tonight. But he could use the interest from the Hoosiers as leverage for more $.
  10. He probably wants to play for a winning team. Vegas won't be any good for awhile. The Rice connection is probably the only reason we are even in the conversation. And who knows, maybe he even reached out to Olek?
  11. He did have back surgery. Hopefully he fully recovers and plays well no matter where he ends up.
  12. How long will it be before the state of Cali passes a law restricting cali college sports teams from traveling to Arkie?
  13. I think he owns a home in the Bay Area
  14. Yeah, it sounds like a mess down there. The more I dug into it the worse it looked. I'm sure he got a real good look. Glad he's staying.
  15. Isn't he a CPA in training?