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  1. Death of a partner

    My thoughts and pryers are with you and your family, especially your two children.
  2. San Jose wasn’t a rival until SDSU left for the WAC, our biggest rival is SDSU and HAWAII is the second. Boise has moved ahead of SJSU as our third most important rivalry. The last two games every year should be Hawaii second and SDSU should be last.
  3. I second it, we should play SDSU the last game in every sport,
  4. BYU at Fresno State

    There was water damage a couple of weeks ago.
  5. BYU at Fresno State

    What a bunch of Cheapshot Basrards😡
  6. Battle for the Oil Can

    Tedford won't forget that.
  7. Battle for the Oil Can

    Kind of horseshit Rocky accepting that Penalty for an untimed play.
  8. Battle for the Oil Can

    TBH it's all coaching, down to the GA's. The AD(boosters) gave him a much larger staff and recruiting budget.
  9. Battle for the Oil Can

    We have 41 new players on this roster.
  10. Battle for the Oil Can

    I'm shocked we're manhandling both sides of the ball.
  11. Battle for the Oil Can

    He's a good guy. I talk to him a lot on the Jet Blue JFK/SAN flights.
  12. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    It should be tickets paid for. Tickets distributed includes freebies which means no revenue.
  13. Battle for the Oil Can

    Also His whole extended family moved to Fresno.
  14. Fresno Fans

    No on should have to go Wyoming and Hawaii on consecutive weeks.
  15. UNC 'Punishment'

    I hope they lose their Carnegie Classification. They would lose millions in research grants a year. Complete lack of academic integrity!!!!!!!