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  1. UCLA is a better job than Indiana
  2. BYU used to bring 6,000 to 7,000 fans to the MWC tourney every year. Utah brought thousands as well. Even in down years.... The new WAC additions don't appear to bring any fans. I'm surprised that USU fans don't show up. Boise fans don't support basketball Fresno and SJSU never bring any fans.
  3. Compared to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
  4. Compared to the other options in this past election, he actually was a moderate.
  5. You'e expressed your outrage that a BYU vs Gonzaga thread was started on the MWC Board. Maybe you should bother to read who started the thread:
  6. When do you graduate? Would you be interested in working for the Dons after graduation? We need someone with smarts who can set Dons Athletics on fire, and get the Dons basketball team back to greatness. If it takes a Wyoming Cowboy to do it, then I'm on board.
  7. I'm not sure about the academics rankings between USF and Saint Mary's, but there was trash talk between the two groups, each calling the other a "safety school". USF fans obsess over Saint Mary's, not BYU. Most of the USF fans that come to the tournament are all old people....I've never seen any USF students. In contrast, Saint Mary's will bring a lot of students when they are good. Now, I will say this for USF, they were the biggest surprise in the WCC this season. They hired a good coach. He's changed their offense to really focus on 3 point shooting. I think USF could be really good in a year or two. The WCC schools all hired some very good coaches.
  8. Santa Clara is starting to emerge. They had pretty good fan support all season. They made a great hire, with Herb. The will be a very good team over the next few years. Agreed, the WCC fans love BYUtv broadcasting the games.
  9. USF brings a grand total of 20 fans to the WCC Tourney every year, and once USF gets eliminated, their fans all change T Shirts and pretend to be Gonzaga fans. It's a running joke at the tournament. They apparently have a major inferiority complex to Saint Mary's, so that's why they pretend to be Gonzaga fans. Saddest fanbase in the WCC.
  10. Love your passion!!
  11. You need to pay closer attention.
  12. I'm calling for BYU and WYO to immediately schedule a 3-game series in football. I want a Home-Home-Neutral. The Poinsettia Bowl only proved that these two teams were meant for each other. Resistance is futile. I'm also calling for the complete, unconditional "re-start" of the BYU vs UNLV basketball series. Mormons vs the Sinners. The fans want this series, and UNLV desperately needs the Mormon fans to fill their gym. Get it done!!! Also,....CSU, please remove the pornographic sign at Moby Gym. It's not family friendly.
  13. WCC > MWC in basketball. All because of one team. Gonzaga.
  14. There are plenty examples of the left doing stupid things as well. Look at the State of California Democrats as one example. Trying to coerce other States to change laws they don't like... The laws passed in the States they don't like have not been ruled unconstitutional. But they are demanding that the voters of those States conform their laws to the values of the constituents of California, or they will implement economic sanctions. Is that good Democracy? You think California voters should control laws in other States by threatening economic sanctions? http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-uc-lgbt-02212017-story.html Also, the way the Obama Administration / Left handled the whole transgender bathroom issue was another terrible move. They tried to legislate via an executive order, without allowing a public debate or comment. This always backfires. They should have allowed the transgender laws to be passed by States, and then challenged in Courts. Let the Court interpret Title IX. People accept the democratic process. They won't accept executive orders, interpreting Title IX. Also, look at the left wing argument and media portrayal of the oil pipeline. A false narrative that the pipeline will be dumping raw crude oil on sacred Indian lands. In reality, a pipeline won't even go onto Indian land, only goes on private property via negotiated contracts, and is much better for the environment, as it removes thousands of polluting trucks from the road ways. Without the pipeline, the oil companies will just transfer the same oil with eighteen wheelers. Why is transferring oil via thousands of polluting trucks a better idea? Also, some of the liberal left are too focused on belittling and attacking religious people. Constant belittling of Religion. They think they are being clever. This is a very dumb idea....It only drove thousands of voters to vote for an idiot, Donald Trump. What you call "token cases" is just your opinion. Religious people aren't going to be bullied into dropping their religion, or not wanting society and public policy to reflect their values. When in the history of the world has that ever happened? I guess liberals think they can avoid history on Religion... Now....Don't get me wrong. I can rip on Republicans all day too... Please don't take offense, but I think you are just paying attention to your tribe, assuming your group is all rational and fair, and that the other tribe is the crazy one. This is the "true believers" approach, and is the media's (right and left) bread and butter. People crave the confirmation bias media sources. The media is making loads of money by driving a wedge deeper between the moderate political views.
  15. Those darn Mormons, who settled Utah. Who do they think they are... Maybe the enlightened population will move to a nicer place to live, with more freethinkers, like Wyoming, or some place.