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  1. Your cousins should have simply had a traditional civil marriage, where all family could attend. Then afterwards, could have done their religious wedding vows in the Temple. But it was their choice how to proceed, of course.
  2. Yes. That's a tiny alumni base. You need a bigger enrollment.
  3. Wyoming should focus on a major expansion of the University of Wyoming...It's their only hope. Their State depends on attracting more young people, and diversifying the economy beyond oil, gas, and mining. They need entrepreneurs, and a tech sector. Cheyenne needs to be developed, as it's the only "major" City in Wyoming. What can Wyoming do? Immediately expand the University of Wyoming to 25,000 enrolled students. The current 12,000 is too tiny, Big Sky caliber, and not good enough. Yes, I know that the University only has 8,000 Wyoming kids.... So, then liberally give in-state tuition to out-of-state kids. Get the enrollment up ASAP. They need to focus on affordable tuition, and advertise heavily. Otherwise, half the State population will soon be over 60 years old.
  4. Academic elitism is a bigger deal in the PAC12 and BIG TEN. The ACC, SEC, and BIG12 don't care as much. There are no G5 mega research schools in the PAC12 footprint. CSU is okay, and maybe most similar to Utah. But the PAC12 wants Texas for a lot of reasons. They are the only school that will motivate the PAC12 to expand again.
  5. As was already explained to you, you are confused on this. No such policy exists. Ask any of the Mormons on here. I'll link to a few who aren't BYU fans: @ag4fr @StanfordAggie @Agster
  6. SDSU is unfairly screwed. You are trapped in a fun market, with only one P5 conference close by. You have good fan support, and a great market. I do think you deserve better than what you are currently getting. But the PAC12 just isn't ever going to expand again.
  7. The people that responded with "triggered" and 'butt hole" stuff was mostly unhappy SDSU fans. They were upset that Chad pointed out the obvious---SDSU isn't ever joining the PAC12. I agree with Chad on this. No MWC school, including also BYU, is ever going to join the PAC12.
  8. I really don't disagree with anything you've said. This thread is about desperate MWC fans that want a better conference for their school (who can blame them??) But, like you said, the PAC12 will NEVER expand, except for maybe adding Texas someday. Hell, they already told Oklahoma no, which is one of the most elite college football programs in the Country. So... Colorado and Utah can be extremely happy that they "won the lottery" when they did. I'm not sure the PAC10 would add 2 schools today if they know what they know now. That is not an attack on Utah and Colorado, but just saying that you don't even need 12 schools for a Conference Championship Game anymore (which was not the rule when the PAC10 expanded).
  9. Let me be very clear for the Utes whose arseholes are all puckered up because of the PAC12 expansion chat on here. BYU is not contending that it will be invited to the PAC12. Neither are BYU fans saying that will happen. BYU is obviously a bad institutional fit with the PAC12, and besides, the PAC12 is not going to ever expand anytime soon. That's not a big deal anyway. BYU already schedules the PAC12 a ton in football anyway. Yes, Indy IS NOT as nice as being in a P5 conference (scheduling is a challenge). But whatever. BYU is able to get pretty good schedules most years (2017 is sort of down year, because of too many MWC schools).
  10. I'm speaking the truth. Look, we know how you think that SDSU is not a peer to the MWC schools. That SDSU is far superior. I'm not arguing with your opinion there. I'm just pointing out that you are absolutely wrong in your opinion that the PAC12 is ever going to expand to add SDSU. Sorry, it's simply never going to happen. So, if not the PAC12, what P5 conference is SDSU going to join? SDSU has not real options. You can keep arguing that a SDSU invite to the PAC12 in pending, though. And enjoy complaining every year about CBS Sports and your MWC schedule.
  11. I agree with what you've said. Bottom line, there are a few MWC schools that think they are "better" than the current MWC. SDSU and CSU come to mind. However, because of geography, SDSU and CSU have essentially no hope of joining a P5 conference any time soon, if ever. if SDSU and CSU want to upgrade football, then they probably need to try and go Indy like BYU. We've read arguments on here for years that Indy is a downgrade from the MWC, but I disagree. And in the MWC, I think only SDSU and Hawaii can pull off going Indy.
  12. @RebelRobert has predicted more things on here than anyone else. He was huge on predicting the new UNLV stadium. He also exposed the Dave Rice problem first.
  13. As long as USU is in the MWC, BYU will be a huge topic here. This rivalry is dairy based, and also family based, and a battle every year. USU is definitely gaining ground on BYU, though.
  14. You may barely think about BYU, but I think about USU all the time. The are the annual General Conference rival.
  15. OK, this is probably the most honest, interesting effort someone has spent looking at this. Thanks for the data. It's interesting that Montana has 2 State Universities (to Wyoming's 1), both of which have larger enrollments. Same with a small State, North Dakota. All 4 are Big Sky schools. Anyone know if Wyoming is planning to expand enrollment up to at least 25,000 students? Why is the University of Wyoming currently struggling, with only 14,000 total students? Seems like Wyoming's highest priority should be attracting more young people to the State. Why isn't Wyoming doing this through a larger University enrollment?? They need more youth in the State, not to mention badly needing a growing State population and TV market. State is shrinking Right now. They are keeping enrollment tiny, at Big Sky levels. This is a mistake.