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  1. Yeah, probably BYU's highest ranked recruit. BYU is also pursuing Mo Unutoa A lot of talent in this game. Stanford is cleaning up.
  2. ESPN3. Mahalo.
  3. Time for John David to get USD on the phone.
  4. Clean up your language or I will never shop at Orange Julius again.
  5. Sean, I agree that the State of New Mexico has amazing food and people.
  6. Wow, you must have attended a fancy, rich high school. Are you from San Diego?
  7. You gotta admit, it is a huge upgrade over what SJSU currently has.
  8. I believe you are correct. Denver wanted nothing to do with Grand Canyon, and as you recall, at the time, schools were bailing from the WAC to join other leagues. There was a real threat (more so than now) of the WAC folding. Denver already plays Hocky in the National Collegiate Hockey Conference and Lacrosse in the Big East. Those are its main sports. After that, they don't have as much. Their dream is to be in the WCC, and they have even offered the WCC travel subsidies, but so far the WCC hasn't wanted to expand further than 10 schools. So I think Denver is going to sit tight, although, the Summit League is a terrible conference for them as well. If the Big West ever offered Denver, I think Denver would jump at it.
  9. Sean, have you ever been to Pan American arena? It's actually partially nicer than the Wise Pies, believe it or not.
  10. Sean, I'm a New Mexican citizen, and I disagree. NM State has much more than 5 percent of fans.
  11. Honestly, there isn't a single WCC gym thatis as bad as SJSU. Santa Clara is just down the road from SJSU. Maybe SJSU can work a deal to share Santa Clara's gym? Still, the main issue is fans...
  12. What are the professional sports teams and major sports competing universities within a 50 mile drive of San Jose? Off the top of my head: PROFESSIONAL 49ers Raiders? Sharks (NHL) Warriors A's Giants Earthquakes (MLS) COLLEGE Cal Stanford San Francisco Santa Clara Saint Mary It's really tough for San Jose State to find fans, since they might be below every other team listed above in interest. Compare that to a school like New Mexico St, which is the only show in town (albeit a small town), and claims a large portion of fans in the State of New Mexico. I think SJSU might be fighting a losing battle. SJSU really needs to get creative to get more fans.
  13. You might be right. Denver is very good academically. I wonder I the BIG West doesn't add Denver.
  14. The WAC might surpass the Big West eventually.
  15. Is the floor annoying in person? That paint scheme....