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  1. Because they're broke.
  2. I envision him getting bored at his mansion full of cats and supermodels one night after he ate caviar off a nude model, getting on "bandsintown" and seeing where Pussy Riot is playing, and then, after a bunch of blow and howling, and firing up the state issued Land Rover, he'll head off to some seedy Moscow rock and roll bar, throw them off the stage and having some goons escort them outside to be beaten in the streets, and then, he'll get on stage and recreate The Stooges' "Metallic KO" album. Really, who am I kidding, that's probably a slow Tuesday for the King of the Urals.
  3. ^^^^ Amazing.
  4. Don't we all. Too bad its easier to get heroin these days than it is some good old Vicodin or Percocets.
  5. OMG PUTIN KILLS PEOPLE????!?!!!1!??? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell ya. And there's already 3 other threads talking about what a bad dude Putin is. This is to celebrate his many talents.
  6. Great series actually. UOP Is usually at least decent and there's a lot of talent in the greater Sacramento/Stockton/East Bay area. Spanos Arena is a nice little venue too.
  7. You're a communist. You lost when you crawled out of your mother's gaping cvnt.
  8. Eat the corn from my shit, plebe.
  9. You said it had never happened before. That's what "unprecedented" means.
  10. Seriously. That said, the 2 early games have been excellent so far.
  11. So if there was an 841 day gap in the Tyler Presidency, how was the Garland thing unprecedented? (Not "unpresidented" as you said btw)
  12. But I thought this never happened before.
  13. I wish he'd sang "Sympathy for the Devil" instead. That would have been among the greatest things ever recorded.
  14. Grab yourself a 9 and your ass will be fine.