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  1. President Swine

    I don't get the outrage over this. Some chicks will do anything for money. Some will even +++++ dogs, I'm told.
  2. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    The way the seats fall in the Senate, I think the GOP holds on, or maybe gains seats. There will be some shifting in the House too, and the Dems will most likely make some real gains there, and while not overtaking the GOP, closing the gap.
  3. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    That'd be +++++ing cool. But I'm dubious as to whether it happens.
  4. As of this afternoon I'm halfway done with law school. I have no idea how. Anyway, I'm excited. In a few short years I'll be drinking Stoli from styrofoam cups and chainsmoking on the regular. I never thought this would happen to be honest. I've been kicked out of every house I've lived in and fired from every job I've had. So for an old barstool from Meeteetse, this is a pretty good accomplishment.
  5. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I didn't mention free trade in the rant...at least I don't think I did. Anyway, I suppose here is as good as any to stake out where I stand. My position on it is similar to yours. In theory, it's great...and they push that narrative a lot, the theoretical one. I mean, if you listen to the theory, it makes a lot of sense; through specialization and comparative advantage principles, the consumers benefit from efficiencies. However as you (and I) both know, that isn't the case. Often times, we get boned based on things we agreed to in the WTO, for example, or we are subjected to tariffs when we don't subject certain imports, etc. In short, its +++++ed. I don't want to see the leveling. I don't want the US to be India. And, honestly, one of the (few) things I liked about Trump was his stance on the trade treaties, however, it wasn't enough on its own to get me to vote for him, and well, we all know how his promise turned out. So, I guess, where I stand is, that in theory (much like Communism or some other "ideal"), it sounds great, but in practice it's a disaster. Personally, I'd like to do away with it. And also, it's a common mischaracterization on here that I'm some kind of Republican/Conservative. I'm not. I abhor those people. If anything, I'm an anarchist, but more of a nihilist the longer things go. I have lots of bizarre beliefs that really don't comport into any of the messages espoused by the major parties. And the only real political issue I care about (aside from drug legalization) has to do with a free Palestine. The rest is just entertainment to me. A circus. I've written in every major candidate on every ballot I've ever submitted, and I will vote on the issues on a whim. I generally inform myself as to what they are about, of course, but I don't get all worked up over them because it is pointless.
  6. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Rick Santelli
  7. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    Or if you get a law degree then people just won't +++++ with you in general. And you can always use it to sell guns in Syria if all else fails.
  8. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    I disagree. The Dems are more likely to turn purple areas in blue states blue and the GOP is likely to do the same sort of thing with regards to purple areas in red states. The polarization continues. The shift is still sorting itself out. The rampant divide between the two that has been exacerbated since Trump was elected will continue. If you're a dem you shouldn't be too excited about this, because it took a child molester as GOP candidate to win.
  9. Bitcoin

    Eh. Don't be. No use in crying over spilled milk. Just find something you think is going to go up in value. Like the RIOT stock. Or other cryptos. If the bulls are right and this is going to explode even more, then those are going to go up in value too, as a rising tide lifts all ships I'm told. Maybe gold or gold mining stocks too. B/c that would be a good hedge against a potential BTC crash.
  10. Bitcoin

    I've already made my bones in this boondoggle. I have a few coins I've held onto for years now...mostly forgotten. No way in hell I would buy into BTC right now. If someone does, though, and the whole thing collapses, well, that's life in the fast lane. I think there'll be a correction soon. That'll be your chance to buy in. And it could keep going higher. I just think that when central governments move to do something about it in a meaningful and maybe halfway-concerted manner, it's value will come back. I'm just along for the ride at this point.
  11. Bitcoin

    Buy the ticket, take the ride.
  12. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    You're older than I am, but you hit the nail on the head with regards to my feelings as well. My family was historically heavily Democrat leaning, mostly because they thought the Dems stood for the poor, and as my grandparents both lived through the Depression, that was important to them. That was a different Democratic Party though. That wasn't the party of free handouts for everyone and the idea that there's 67 Genders and if you think different you're a bigot. No, there were some real statesmen in that party back then. I couldn't with a clear concious join that party in its current manifestation. Likewise, the GOP kind of has deteriorated as well. I've read a lot of conservative and libertarian literature (Goldwater's "Conscious of a Conservative" and Milton Friedman's "Capitalism and Freedom" have both been heavily influential and among my favorite books), and I agree with a lot of the old stuff. I believe in free enterprise, after all, and I believe that my rights end where my fist touches your nose. There was a strong libertarian ethos in the Party around the 50s and 60s. Sadly, though, it's been overrun by special interests and bizarre mantras; that is, either you support the President and his spying on you and the wars and the troops or you hate America and should go to Iran with likeminded people. In another sense, it's been overrun by hillbillies. This is probably a product of both appealing to the lowest common denominator of Jesus Freaks, anti-abortion people, and anti-immigration policies. That said, the hillbillies probably make up a necessary component given that poor (to me, rich means a cut off of 1 mil in assets, but even that isn't a clear indicator of rich per se...that could be just getting by in some cities after all) people by and large are the majority of people in the country and to stay relevant, they had to appeal to one segment. The Jesus People and hillbillies were easily co-opted in b/c they bought all the bullshit about the "American Dream". And as much as I don't want to get into the weeds. One could probably say that the same thing that corrupted the Dems is the same thing that has corrupted the GOP, that is, both decided to stake strong positions on divisive social issues in an effort to woo voters who otherwise may not have any other convictions. The Dems chose one side, and the Repubs chose another. But they're all the same assholes, even if they loathe one another. Furthermore, as much as I don't want to get into these weeds and potentially derail the whole thing, there probably is a degree of racism involved in the hillbillies' flock to the GOP. The Dems, by staking themselves as the party of minorities and the disenfranchised, don't do much to sell themselves to hillbillies who see themselves as not necessarily well off, but in a bad position because of the "government" catering to minorities. So, when Repubs go to slash social programs, the hicks go along with it b/c they actually think they're somebody and better off than "the minorities" despite the fact the hick may be living in a squalor that is worse than that of the minority he disdains. Sorry for the long rant. Finals are finally over. I took a bunch of adderall today to power through and its still having residual effects. As a result, when I go to type one or two paragraphs I end up with a novella instead.
  13. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    My grandparent's old neighbor was his drinking buddy in Midland. Dude had some batshit stories about that whole time. Said George was a nice dude though.
  14. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Not even close. Reagan and Bush I ushered in the era that killed the Goldwater wing, even if Ronnie is often professed as "the winner of the 1964 election". Reagan brought all the religious people into the tent. Bush I maybe, just because he was a WASPy asshole, but even then, he just kind of served as Ronnie's 3rd term.
  15. Roy Moore

    Maybe, but the real benefit centering around Delaware is that it has an impressive backlog of case law that can be used to decide things. There are other states with looser incorporation requirements, and that's not even getting into foreign subsidiaries incorporated in places like the Cayman Islands or the BVI, and yet, states choose Delaware because of the familiarity. Like Wyoming for example may as well be the Seychelles as far as incorporation requirements go, but companies still choose Delaware. The race to the bottom is already full and well alive. It's why your credit card statements are mailed from Rapid City.