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  1. You're more than free to drink bleach as well. You never answered the questions. Does the Bay Area have a huge Asian population? Do you think SJSU would have such a high percentage Asian student body if it weren't located in Silicon Valley?
  2. Jesus titty +++++ing christ you're dense. It's totally relevant. Are there or aren't there a lot of Asians in the Bay Area? Why do all the major Asian airlines who aren't on life support financially fly to SFO, some multiple times daily? So you think SJSU would have the same Asian population if it weren't the epicenter of Asians in the US that it sits in the middle of? Ok.
  3. It's because the bleach is white you won't drink it, right? What if we added a little food coloring?
  4. So there aren't a lot of Asians in the Bay Area? Pointing that out is "racist"? +++++ you.
  5. I'm not a voyeur and exploiting crazy people for the purposes of voyeurism is deplorable.
  6. Is it because it's from Oakland? You really would enjoy the bleach.
  7. anger? I'm just offering drink suggestions that I think would go well for you.
  8. Haha. They could be homebodys too, with that being the Asian epicenter of the Western World and all.
  9. I actually ate out some Rwandan whore I picked up at a nightclub in Kigali one night who looked like a wooden indian statue. Needed a little hot sauce.
  10. Do you want some cheese with your whine?
  11. They still rave about my legendary rug munching prowess in the salons of Beirut, and the streets of Damascus. I've handled more rugs in that part of the world than an Armenian with a stall in the souq.
  12. Not to mention Emory people are assholes.
  13. Because Chinese people, Desis, and nerdy white kids don't care about athletics. For SJSU athletics, it's like dying of thirst and being stuck next to a huge, beautiful blue ocean.
  14. It's USF South. Except USF is in the heart of the action. They have a good IP Law program at their law school, but that's about all they have going for them.
  15. The superior lifestyle.