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  1. Yeah. And all that generous tax policy that trickles down to the citizens leads to having lower wages than the national average. High livin'.
  2. San Diego dwarfs Las Vegas economically. And plenty of highly irrelevant teams play in pro stadiums. Yours will be included on that list in the future.
  3. It's because she's virulently anti-immigrant.
  4. The A's-to-San Jose train has been dead for almost a decade. Once the Fremont thing imploded, any South Bay move wasn't going to happen either. Plus Lew Wolff is gone and that was always his pipedream. I'm glad. They belong in Oakland. They will announce a new stadium in the coming months, in Oakland. also glad to see Edmonton win. This series with the Ducks is going to be a good one.
  5. I was hoping the Communist Melanchon or whatever his name is would have made it into the 2nd round. I really liked that guy. That said, I hope La Pen wins.
  6. LOL @ the "This welfare payment to Tommy Boy by the state is great for UNLV" crowd still fvckin' that chicken.
  7. They'll get something done. The A's are going nowhere other than somewhere new in Oakland. That whole city is theirs after next year. I personally like the Coliseum and before they put up Mt. Davis it was among the nicest venues in the game. But, now, it's a shithole, but it's a shithole I'm particularly fond of.
  8. I've seen sharks but never been bitten. I hate Bay Area sports teams in general with the exception of the A's, of whom I've been a long time fan. I didn't mind the Giants when they were bad but now they have as insufferable fans as the Red Sox.
  9. It's been a long walk through the desert. The Oilers haven't been consistently good since the late 80s....they were OK in the late 90s but not great by any means. Even 2006 was an abberration. (8 seed, Chris Pronger LOL). The Sharks are def old but I despise them about 2nd or 3rd worst of Bay Area sports teams, so honestly, I'd root for Iran over them. But that said, I think Edmonton pulls it out. Probably going 7 though.
  10. That Oilers game was great last night. Stayed up until about 2 watching it.
  11. Stunner being a mormon and all should know all about that legacy.
  12. But for the dems' original tomfoolery with creating a nuclear option to begin with, the prospect of the Zodiac Killer on the bench wouldn't be anything more than a bad acid trip.
  13. He's going to appoint Ted Cruz. Watch. Thanks Dems.
  14. Let's be honest. How is this really different than any other Tuesday in Fresno?