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  1. OT: World Series!!

    I hope LA wins honestly. Just because Lasorda and Scully and those old dudes are all still alive.
  2. Air Force vs Nevada

    This game is going to end up at something like 49-45 or something.
  3. Air Force vs Nevada

    TD Pack. I honestly wouldn't want to play Nevada right now.
  4. They're saying it looks like it's going to get cut. They honestly get about the same crowds SJSU does too. SJSU should just slide into the GNAC and play against their talent level in teams like Simon Fraser and Western Oregon.
  5. The Nazis are coming to UF

    The Nazis caught onto it and one of them went in there on a live twitter feed for Daily Stormer or something last night. Then today I was walking to Wendy's and I passed a pack of well-dressed skinheads who stared at me, and then a bunch of white BLM protestors who started screaming obscenities at me because I was walking in the wrong direction. Kind of rooting for a meteorite at this point.
  6. New UNLV Basketball Uniforms

    I like the uniforms. Are there going to be red ones though?
  7. The Nazis are coming to UF

    You can tell they must've spent every bit of it too. The Ghetto BIrd is buzzing this place at low altitudes, and there's tons and tons of cops. I ran into an armed militia of some kind yesterday by the library, just standing there. Within about 20 mins, a whole column of cops poured in and they scattered. Apparently there's nazi flash mobs all over town today in addition to the main event. They're supposed to show up at the Jewish Student Center (there's a lot of tough, crazy Jews who could spill out and really have a melee on the streets there) among other places. What a shitshow. It feels like +++++ing Syria outside.
  8. It runs through 2019. Got to think another season like this would put them in very serious jeopardy of getting it not renewed past that.
  9. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    Honestly, yeah, this is probably what's going on here.
  10. The Nazis are coming to UF

    They were horribly inept. Which makes the fascination with them all the more puzzling. Hitler was a great organizer I guess, but the SS was greatly overrated. They had arguably the best military mind of the last century in Erwin Rommel but that didn't even help them pull it off.
  11. The Nazis are coming to UF

    I know. It's +++++ing ridiculous. There's cops everywhere. Yesterday I was hitting the bong in my living room and I can see a sliver of the window through the side of the curtains...anyway, I was about halfway through a hit when 2 cops with vests just casually walk by. It's insane. It's going to be a shitshow tomorrow too. Tune in. I'm sure it'll be on television.
  12. The Nazis are coming to UF

    Its true. Nothing loses value like a boat. Great way to make money on insurance though. And if you had more than one maybe an elaborate depreciation scheme.
  13. Maybe he hopes to coach O-Line for the Dolphins someday and has just been getting practice in for it.
  14. The Nazis are coming to UF

    Lots of truth being levied on this thread. I personally think the guy has the right to come and talk...even if he is a Nazi. That said, @bluerules009 is right on regarding the "mindset" of the average voter, @BSUTOP25 is right in that you'd have to have eaten a lot of paint as a child to now identify as one of these people (or, going with my theory for a lot of them, they are acting out on repressed homosexual feelings, but that's another story for another day), and @Nevada Convert is right in that people are giving them an audience anymore, which plays right into their hands. And the Hawaii guy, @406WarriorFan is right in that I should be buying a boat and getting out of town for the weekend.