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  1. Looked like he thought he was turning camera on and off when it was just the audio he was switching.
  2. It turns out that health care is hard. Who knew?
  3. Amazed that anyone still questions this.
  4. I notice that it is typically only posters that have never shared a conference with them that have this sentiment.
  5. How dare he point out a Trump lie.
  6. Not a big fan of hip hop. I remember the first I heard of it was this:
  7. While I agree you guys are rivals, this in and of itself doesn't prove anything. Michigan's most painful loss ever may be to Appalachian State, but I wouldn't call them rivals.
  8. I know you are sick of the SDSU fans whining, but you can't possibly believe this. Reviews need to look at what they are reviewing, can't parse the play and look for penalties that were not called, otherwise games would take forever.
  9. If shoe was on the other foot, your fans would have lost their minds over it. Not disputing that other schools were using similar system, but it was a bad look the way everything went down. However, I tend to go with a version Hanlon's Razor on this - "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence". I think the booth was clearly incompetent here, and should have been fired regardless of affiliation. Every CU fan I have interacted with maintains that CU clearly would have ran a play and made the game winning score on 4th down had the markers been correct in the first place. They may or may not have scored, but it is fun to talk about with CU fans because they all lose their damned minds when you bring it up.
  10. Mutual rivals yes, but BYU fans clearly care about it more than Utah fans. If this were taken before Utah went to Pac would have been much higher on Utah side.
  11. All are flawed, but Trump is much worse.
  12. Reminded me of