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  1. I would say BYU would have gone to 0 NY6 games had they stayed. TCU and Utah may have gone to a couple, but still would not have been worth it to stay.
  2. Why do people focus on the stupid and debunked stories? There is plenty of real stuff to hate Hillary and most all politicians about.
  3. Fox news has retracted the Seth Rich story:
  4. Unless a new conference forms, SDSU really has nowhere else to go. I don't think SDSU has the clout to drive a new conference or to go indy and do better than what they currently can in the MWC. Perhaps if they, Boise, UNM, CSU and BYU banded together they could cobble something together, but I don't think SDSU would be the big power-broker in that scenario. Most likely the MWC is the best any of the current members can hope for in the foreseeable future, unless there is another major realignment in the P5. There is some potential for a few of the schools to move up if the right things were to fall into place, but I think that would be at the very least a decade away.
  5. The thing is, Trump himself is the one preventing a "tight ship" by impulsively tweeting every thought that comes through his head, whether it is factual or goes against what his administration has been actively selling.
  6. Link doesn't work, but Rosie pointing to opinion piece when I am trying to illustrate what are facts is typical.
  7. Nixon resigned, Bill Clinton was impeached. These are facts, it is troubling that non factual arguments keep being made and accepted.
  8. People keep saying Nixon was impeached, he was not.
  9. Frida Ghitis [email protected] Erdogan's bodyguards beating up Kurdish protesters in Washington
  10. Which one?
  11. I could see him bailing because playing president isn't as much fun as he thought it would be.
  12. He is greatly honored by Erdogan's visit.
  13. Maybe, but it if he had chosen a sane running mate he may have still been politically viable for a 2012 run. He sold out to appease the GOP right that sabotaged him in his bid against GWB, and it cost him.
  14. ND already linked to ACC. There is a school, however, that they seem to have severed any future ties to.
  15. 2017 Draft picks by school Michigan 11 Alabama 10 Utah 8 Florida 8 LSU 8 Miami, Fla. 8 Ohio State 7 Tennessee 6 Clemson 6 North Carolina 6 Pittsburgh 5 Texas A&M 5 UCLA 5 USC 5 Washington 5 Auburn 4 Colorado 4 Florida State 4 Iowa 4 Oklahoma 4 Ole Miss 4 Virginia Tech 4 Arkansas 3 California 3 Houston 3 Louisiana Tech 3 N.C. State 3 San Diego State 3 South Florida 3 Temple 3 Toledo 3 Western Michigan 3 Wisconsin 3 Boise State 2 Eastern Washington 2 Kansas State 2 Louisville 2 Michigan State 2 Northwestern 2 Notre Dame 2 Ohio 2 Oklahoma State 2 Oregon State 2 Stanford 2 Texas Tech 2 Vanderbilt 2 Villanova 2 West Georgia 2 West Virginia 2 Wyoming 2 Youngstown State 2 Alabama State 1 Albany State (Ga.) 1 Arizona State 1 Ashland 1 Baylor 1 Boston College 1 Bucknell 1 Buffalo 1 BYU 1 Charlotte 1 Cincinnati 1 Coastal Carolina 1 Connecticut 1 Drake 1 East Carolina 1 East Central (Okla.) 1 Eastern Michigan 1 Florida Atlantic 1 Florida International 1 Georgia 1 Georgia Southern 1 Georgia State 1 Georgia Tech 1 Grambling 1 Illinois 1 Indiana 1 Kutztown (Pa.) 1 Lamar 1 Louisiana-Lafayette 1 Memphis 1 Miami, Ohio 1 Minnesota 1 Mississippi State 1 Missouri 1 Nebraska 1 North Carolina A&T 1 Northern Illinois 1 Penn State 1 Purdue 1 San Diego 1 South Alabama 1 Tennessee-Chattanooga 1 Texas 1 TCU 1 Troy 1 Tulane 1 UCF 1 Utah State 1 UTEP 1 Wake Forest 1 Washington State 1