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  1. UNLV vs Yewts

    Not sure if Utah good or not. Blew out Missouri, which surprised me (but maybe they suck) and beat Ole Miss by 11. Current line is Utah -3. Utes have decent size with Collette and a couple of 7' sophomores backing him up, Barefield skilled, but somewhat questionable shot selection. Like what I have seen from Bibbins and Rawson, Bealer has been disappointing, and may have lost his starting job. Hope for a good game with a Utes win, but really don't know how good either of these teams are or can be.
  2. My wife just spent $60 on...

    Depends on how you look at it, I guess. A couple of hours of entertainment for under $10/person. Overpriced snacks, that no one is forcing you to buy. I usually take the kids to Saturday matinée, use theater chain coupons for snacks and save a few bucks, but even at full price, way cheaper than taking them to a football or basketball game.
  3. Should be market value, i.e. should be on par with what schools with whom you are competing for his services would pay. Likely in the $2M - $3M dollar range for a decent proven HC to start, and pay the going rate for assistants as well ( coordinators in the $.5M range and on from there ).
  4. I can't speak for Slappy, but I think they should always be in contention for a bowl given that they schedule at least 4-6 "easy" wins. This year, they lost a few of those, and didn't get any of the "should lose" ones ( or really, any that you would have categorized as tossups at the start of the year ) , and here you are. It is possible that they miss a bowl game again next year, but 6 or 7 wins is fairly likely. Of course, I doubt that will be enough to appease the fan base ( unless they beat the Utes ).
  5. This seems extremely optimistic given where they are at right now. I would make a list more like (from most difficult to easiest game IMHO): 2+ TD Underdog (Shocked if they win): At Wisconsin At Washington 1 TD underdogs (should lose): At Arizona At Boise State At Utah vs Cal +- 3 Points (Tossup) vs Northern Illinois vs Utah State TD + Favorite ( should win ) vs Hawaii At UMass vs New Mexico State vs McNeese State
  6. BYU has a few issues. First, they are scheduling harder, especially at the beginning of the season, but their talent level has not gone up to go along with the increased difficulty. I don't think their recruiting has gone down with independence, but it hasn't gone up either. In the past few years, they were fortunate to catch some teams which were supposed to be difficult on down years ( Texas, MSU, Nebraska, Miss. St, etc ). This year, while all the teams may not be having great years, none really down. Due to the schedule BYU got beat up in first few games. This has the potential to be a recurring issue with their front loaded schedule. BYU starts the season with a P5 type schedule, but lacks P5 type depth. By their nature BYU has always gotten a few top tier recruits that a program of their stature really has no business getting while missing out on other guys you would think they could get because of the religion. When the top guys don't pan out, it hurts the team a lot. Mangum this year has been a total head case, even before the injuries began, and they really needed him to be leading the team. They have had very little leadership from the players (outside of perhaps Fred Warner), particularly on the offensive end. They have an extremely inexperienced coaching staff, and they were unable to deal with some of the adversity and make adjustments that a more experienced staff would have been better equipped to make. They seem unwilling to pay the market rate for coaches, so typically they need to let guys grow into their jobs. In the past, they had a few guys more experienced guys at the top ( Bronco and Anae ) who would mentor the guys below them and carry some of the load. They have that to some extent on defense with Sitake ( not near the experience of Bronco ), but no one that can fill that role on offense. I don't know how much they will improve next year, as they have 5 very difficult road games and a couple more at home. They really need a QB to lead the team, and they need to get their offensive coaching staff figured out. They may sneak into a bowl next year if they can improve enough to beat the bottom half of their schedule, but not a lot of reason to be feeling real optimistic right now.
  7. Stephen Hawking accused of sexual misconduct

    Read the bottom of the page:
  8. If Critchlow goes out at all, do you think they would burn Wilstead's redshirt at this point rather than going to mini Detmer?
  9. Tax reform

    Apparently, Trump doesn't think the wealthy get enough of a tax cut with current proposals:
  10. BYU @ UNLV

    Too bad, both coaching staffs would probably be more comfortable playing on a Friday night.
  11. BYU @ UNLV

    24 hour tailgate FTW!
  12. USA Today’s Tweet about Guns

  13. BYU @ UNLV

    For the BYU fans, they interviewed Bronco today on 1280, he had some interesting takes on what it takes to coach at BYU and on Independence, I thought you guys would find it interesting.
  14. BYU @ UNLV

    I think Detmer was the backup in the USU game only because they wanted to save the redshirt on Critchlow and Wilstead. They have now burned Critchlow's redshirt, would they do the same for Wilstead for a season where they can't make a bowl game?