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  1. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    SDSU is attempting to negotiate a lease extension, to a facility they have long maintained is bad for the team, with the mayor, who at this point is disinclined to provide one. They are negotiating nothing else. As to the council, what exactly are they supporting? They don't know because there isn't anything to support. In addition It is illegal for the council to take a stand for or against citizen initiatives. It is illegal for the council to take any action that would preclude the implementation of the citizens initiative should it pass. Further, the MV community plan by rule must, and has factored in Soccer City. The best case scenario at this point for SDSU is that they can continue to play in The Dumpster for the next decade or so. Phucking Brilliant!
  2. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    HaHa. Really? What have I said that has been proven “off the mark”? The only thing that has happened is the city council delaying the vote until November of 2018. What has SDSU leadership accomplished since then? How has the campus brain trust advanced their cause? Seriously, go back to your little circlejerk.com website, where no one ever disagrees and you and your 5 bestest buddies can continue to lube each other up. In the meantime, continue to fight for the privilege to play in Qualcomm because that’s what the SDSU program has come to thanks to campus leadership; PRAYING that the taxpayers in San Diego will continue to subsidize football.
  3. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    It's not about the beer. That's what hipsters fail to understand and why they've ruined it.
  4. Is my company messed up?

    You should ask yourself "What Would Stunner Do?".
  5. Is my company messed up?

    I like how most people try and make themselves appear better than they actually are on the internet but ph seems to go the other way. I do sense a common thread Boss - girl Coworker- girl dating and relationship issues ph and girls... oil and water apparently. Maybe you should try boys.
  6. Is my company messed up?

    There has to be something else there you're not telling. It's rare that an organization would can someone for a "one off" incident. Most would warn, document and monitor.
  7. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Why do i get the feeling hipsters are about to ruin booze the same way the ruined beer.
  8. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Purple Jesus Grape Koolaid and Everclear Drink it and you'll see God. ...on the rocks, with one of those little umbrellas if you're going to be a snob about it.
  9. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    The bottom line here is that SDSU is contemplating operating a facility , in partnership of course, that will cost the program $3-5 million/year IF THEY IMPROVE OPERATING EFFICIENCY BY 30- 50%. As SDSU has chosen to throw sand in the gears by backing out of the FSI deal, the likelihood is that these are losses the program must absorb for the foreseeable future. This for a stadium the university admits is killing their program Phucking brilliant!
  10. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    This is incoherent. At best, you make an argument that development of the Site is far too expensive for SDSU to take on. The requirement BTW, it to increase student capacity by 10K over a speified time period. This doesn't mean that they need to be accommodated in brick an mortar. It also doesn't mean they need to be accommodated in MV. MV is a (very expensive) preference borne of aesthetic more so that any real practicality. As I've stated before; Chula Vista, 15 miles to the south has 275 fully entitled acres set aside for a college or university they will GIVE to the state . I actually heard Roush use the argument that MV was "closer to the library" and thereby a preferred location
  11. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    SDSU's plan has nothing to do with education. It's a for profit speculative real estate venture, Nothing more, nothing less. Expansion of actual academic capacity requires legislative action. Strange nobody mentions this. The sales pitch is that SDSU will procure the land, build a stadium, build market rate rental and subsidized housing, which they will own, control and rent to incoming freshmen and sophmores required to stay in student housing by (a very convenient) rule. Office space ( referred to as "lab space" to sound all academic n' stuff will be built and leased to the private sector until SDSU "needs the space" 20-30 years from now.
  12. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    Again, SDSU is not entitled to the property, there's a little matter of a public initiative that must be voted on, now scheduled 1 month before SDSU's lease expires.
  13. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    This doesn't require a football team. nor does it require the procurement of a large tract of prime real estate. It's a bullcrap, politically vulnerable argument. SDSU would do well to stop making it.
  14. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    How? Sending in the National Guard? The city has no plans to declare the land surplus. There's a little matter of a public initiative that must be voted on WITH or WITHOUT the immediate prospect of a MLS franchise. The state chancellor has no authority to "take over" a hot dog stand. Taking over a large, valuable piece of commercial real estate, in the face of any municipal or local business/industry resistance would require legislative and gubernatorial action. IOW, a practical impossibility. Face the facts; SDSU is at the mercy of the mayor.
  15. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    Wherein Qualcomm Stadium, the bane of Aztec football, its anchor, its albatross becomes a "satisfactory playing option"