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  1. If the threat was enough to get this corrupt, worthless POS to make an idiot of himself, that's good enough for me. If this POS actually cared about the plight of Mexicans, this corrupt worthless POS should have probably done something about it while his corrupt worthless POS ass was El Presidente'. did I mention this guy is a corrupt worthless POS? Well, he is. He's a worthless corrupt POS. Eff him and ANY other Mexican politician that says ANYTHING about the way the US treats THEIR citizens.
  2. I'm for it as long as we can add sharks with frikkin' lasers.
  3. I too have a sensitivity to the stuff. Puts me to sleep. My wife thinks I'm weird but I prefer to suffer the pain so I can tell if I'm healing or not. Fortunately, I do not suffer any chronic conditions other than stupidity, which at time can be painful but transitory.
  4. An engineer that works for me is a wounded warrior. He went through a booby trapped door in Baghdad back in 03. Shrapnel blinded him in one eye as well as slicing a bunch of facial nerves causing him to lose his sense of smell also. The blast concussion fractured his skull and caused brain swelling requiring a section of his skull to be cut away and repaired, twice, because of infection and complications. The man lives in constant pain which he manages with very strong opiates, self-administered on a very strict schedule. I would be against ANY law that would make this man's life more complicated than it is by restricting his access to the medications he needs to make his life bearable. We simply cannot continue to manage our society by placing restrictions on the general populace based upon the behaviors of the lowest common denominator. if there is an "addiction" problem or an opiate "crisis", we have to figure out a way to manage it with minimal impact upon those for whom opiates are a necessary treatment.
  5. Astounding that you SDSU "fans" can in any way defend and support the UTTER fecklessness and incompetence on display by the mediocrities, the vision-less clods the pass for university leadership.
  6. What I will tell you is that once the state buys it, its off the city tax roles. You can draw your own conclusions...
  7. No. Its an actual lie or at best a cynical misrepresentation of their "plan". Now, Enron Jack wants to try and make nice down at city hall, AFTER he has served his real master, and try to get SDSU back on the chess board. The University has done itself a major disservice by allowing a corrupt,incompetent politician that dann near destroyed the city when he was in power, be its lead spokesperson.
  8. Q: What's easier than stopping or delaying a large scale project in San Diego? A: NOTHING Q: What's harder than getting a large scale project built in San Diego? A: NOTHING SDSU fuxed itself....hard and fast.
  9. Show me where SDSU says they plan to build academic facilities. You cannot. Dorms, parking lots, stadiums, leasable office space for a non profit, subsidized housing for state employees, none of these things are academic facilities. ALL of these things are revenue generation for a STATE GOVERNMENT institution.
  10. The city council has done no such thing. They only voted to delay a vote. Read the article. The council does not have the authority to issue a RFP. That being TRUE, all they managed to accomplish is delay, confuse and complicate the situation. How this helps SDSU is a mystery to me.
  11. Predicated on an NFL team relocating to SD. Start holding your breath now.
  12. SDSU isn't the city's largest university, UCSD is in every way; students. land area, endowment, economic impact. Since the plan was/ is to hold a vote the public isn't being "railroaded into anything. The land is only "valuable" insofar as it stimulates the economy and generates tax revenue. As it now stands, that "vauable" land will be a net negative to he city for the foreseeable future. And again for the millionth time, SDSU is lying their ass off about what they plan to do. Not a single fuxing classroom, not a single fuxing academic facility will EVER be built in MV.
  13. There's shooting yourself in the foot and then there's whatever the fvck it is that SDSU is doing. Since SDSU’s contract to play at Qualcomm Stadium expires in 2018 and the campus has terminated discussions to share and help fund the SoccerCity stadium, Aztec football faces the prospect of nowhere to play permanently. McGrory said continuing to play at Qualcomm may not be possible, given SDSU’s inability to cover even a fraction of the annual $12 million operating and debt costs. SDSU could do “serious planning” for a 12-acre Aztec stadium at Qualcomm and make room for Major League Soccer. But that presupposes SoccerCity backers throw in the towel and do not spend the next 18 months trying keep their project alive until the public votes. “There are other plans out there that can be refined and you start putting numbers on it if the council is interested in seeing that,” McGrory said. “The question becomes are we going to be able to plan something at Qualcomm, because it’s all up in the air until 2018 — or do we evaluate seriously alternatives that include Qualcomm?” SNIP On the political side, McGrory said SDSU needs “to mend some fences” at City Hall. Mayor Kevin Faulconer previously hosted meetings between SoccerCity sponsors and SDSU before the university terminated further discussions in May over site design and deal point differences. “Hopefully we can meet and begin to figure out constructively how to go forward and meet San Diego State’s needs,” McGrory said. SNIP SoccerCity opponents have been arguing to open up the process and invite other competing bids for the Qualcomm land. But it is unclear if a request for proposals will be issued. Faulconer implied he would oppose such a competition when he issued a statement after Monday’s vote that he remains committed to SoccerCity. It’s unclear if the council can order such a competition on its own. Scott Chadwick, the city’s chief operating officer, suggested the council does not have a role in issuing a request for proposals from interested developers. “An RFP is an administrative process handled through city operations,” Chadwick said.
  14. The reason we pay $600k for a shack
  15. Yuma is the stupid people overflow