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  1. He's been pretty much a complete bust outside of the State of Oregon. Total disaster coaching the NFL Team That Shall Not Be Named.
  2. Hi Guys! Still have my rain gear you know..just in case...
  3. Brian Bowen - UNLV a possible landing spot

    Don't know the kid but if he's a one and done guy, not worth the headache IMO. If he's a guy that will hang around and help grow the program, then maybe he's worth it.
  4. Roy Moore

    You are a pathetic little man.
  5. Roy Moore

    You're not even man enough to own it to take it back. LOL
  6. Roy Moore

    Because it's dishonest and corrosive. Why is it important to you that the man is portrayed as a pedophile?
  7. Roy Moore

    Read the first sentence.
  8. Roy Moore

    Wanted what? I simply want from you people accusing man of being a rapist in the absence of any evidence to admit that you are doing so for entirely political reasons. This is disgusting in the extreme and the absolute lowest form of politics.
  9. Roy Moore

    So use THAT instead of calling the man a pedophile and a rapist.
  10. Roy Moore

    So now you're accusing me if being a rapist? LOL
  11. Roy Moore

    No but thanks for asking
  12. Roy Moore

    sick burn dude LOL
  13. Roy Moore

    This isn't phucking baseball memorabilia. IDGAF if the signature is real or not, asssume its 10000000% real. Why? Why did a 16 yr old waitress in a small Alabama town in 1977 have a newly minted, 28 year old lawyer who apparently was a customer in the restaurant where she worked sign her yearbook? And Did he sign before or after he brutally raped her and left her for dead in an alley.? Now, I don't know how you youngsters do it with your MyFace and your Instachat, but in 1977, WHO signed your yearbook was of major significance, especially for girls. I know this because 1977 was the year I graduated from HS and I have sisters around my age and believe me when I tell you, it was very important. Typically, your friends, possibly your exes, favorite teachers, and of course the popular kids. maybe the nice nerd that helped you in math class somewhere near the back of the book. Signatures, once collected were compared and an arbitrary, unwritten social ranking assigned. So why did she have Roy Moore sign her book? It was a very nice, generic signature that in no way indicates she was at all distressed about the relationship and the time. The fact that she had him sign it I can almost assure you was something she bragged about to her friends. Not all 16yr old girls are innocent, shrinking violets. Some 15-18yr old girls are downright predatory, especially if they have their eye on an "older" man. In this case. Moore was a single, 28yr old USMA grad, veteran with a JD and a license in a small Alabama town. Could it possibly be there was a mutual attraction? Could he have been seen as a "catch" in that environment given that in that time and place, marriage was the next big life step, not college, for many if not most young girls. IOW, dial back the pedo /rape nonsense. It make you all look like a bunch of demented assholes. Try and apply learning, experience, logic and a healthy dose of skepticism to what you read...or not. I don't care
  14. Roy Moore

    It's all politics and deflection. It's yet one more attempt to retroactively re-litigate the last election while simultaneously trying to even up the sexual harassment scorecard where leftists and leftist institutions are waaaaaay "ahead"'
  15. Roy Moore

    So did she ask him to sign her yearbook before of after he brutally raped her and left her for dead in an alley? Back in the 70's it was a common practice for young girls to have their rapist sign their year book.