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  1. UNLV scrapped the new logo?

    About 10 years ago Fresno State changed mascots and ended up with a chipmunk... He was run out of town in less than a year.
  2. SJSU gets huge upgrade with new DL coach!

    For all I know?? Seaumalo was quoted as saying he didn't know why Riley didn't take him to Nebraska. He called it a big time head scratcher. It was Riley's decision, not Seaumalo's.
  3. SJSU gets huge upgrade with new DL coach!

    Not only did ASU not want him, but when Mike Riley left Oregon State a couple years ago and took most of his staff with him to Nebraska.... he didn't take Seumalo. It seems after Seumalo works for a head coach, the head coach doesn't want him around anymore. Good luck with that.