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  1. My ex wife and ex brother in law both work for Metro and I get the vibe there is a real sense of family within Metro. Some of the things I hear and see make me glad to know these are the people who protect us daily.
  2. That's what I was thinking, while Comey hardly gave a "smoking gun" he didn't exactly clear anybody of anything
  3. Our friends the Russians..... I will say this as I honestly don't know enough about this weapon and what it does, the pictures are impressive
  4. Amazing how that works..... Saudi's get pissed off at someone and "ISIS" strikes a place that hasn't had it happen before.
  5. That also got me thinking, I've also attended some pride parades and generally they are pretty open and tolerant so it made me wonder if these people were marching more for Trump as opposed to pride.
  6. While you are right a lot of them probably don't give a shit they still sit quietly in the corner and allow evangelicals to sit and dictate their policy towards them
  7. We know, you are the board cock holster... it's ok though. I don't hate you because you like it
  8. Yup, doctors, lawyers, government officials...they're not letting the street sweeper from Asmara in
  9. Or it could be that with recent events between Saudi Arabia and Qatar "for Qatar's support of Iran" that maybe our friends the Saudis have decided their mercenaries will now start to commit acts of terror against Iran and maybe soon Qatar.
  10. There's no terrorism in Johannesburg either, not sure what the point of his stupid meme is. No terrorism in Milwaukee unless you count that stupid sheriff who advocates using "torches and pitchforks"
  11. I've death with this bullshit for someone who was from a "good country" and the process was so invasive and ridiculous but I get it. I can't even imagine someone from one of these places even gets past the first stage of the process without being able to prove they're legit and a good person. No paperwork they probably don't even get an interview.
  12. You are assuming he has a sense of humor... it's pretty clear he has a stick up his ass
  13. There are many people of different races, religions who are prone to violence as well, singling out Muslims because the extremists use terrorism to kill people doesn't change that. There are a lot of sick people on this planet, a small percentage of them Muslim.
  14. Isn't this the same thing he is doing at his resort in Florida?
  15. I've always felt we've supported the wrong side, (not that we should be supporting any side in a conflict betwee two sects of Islam) I don't view Iran as more of a threat than all that nonsense in Saudi Arabia. They fund schools with their oil money that basically push radical Islam. I would imagine the world would be quite different today if we told the Saudis to pound sand instead of eat out of their hand.