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  1. I meant in the Middle East.... somehow I left that out
  2. I've actually read there is a pretty thriving Jewish community in Iran, I could be wrong but I thought I read outside of Israel Iran has the largest Jewish population.... any truth to this?
  3. A guy who pretended to be his own publicist calling tabloids in New York City to brag about his dating life would never be a leak
  4. That's a real bizarre story, fortunately Kanter is a well known NBA player but if he's a nobody he probably is dead
  5. Duterte : B 5 Trump: Dammit you've sunk my bigly ship
  6. Turkey is a place I've never been but being a big Bond guy I always think of From Russia with Love, Skyfall and The World is not Enough which were all filmed in Istanbul. Honestly with Erdogan in power I'm not sure I'll be going anytime soon, he's a nasty man and he's playing both sides of the aisle in regards to Syria. We tolerate him though because we need Turkey but we turn our back to atrocities being committed by him and his goons
  7. That's wild, some of those old mining towns were massive, the way places die after things like the industrial revolution or mining booms are crazy. I've never really explored the old ghost towns of NV but I've been to Pioche which is kind like Butte but much smaller
  8. I've actually seen people defend him for telling Duterte where our subs were by saying well he didn't give them the coordinates
  9. I liked Missoula a lot, but I was there when school was out so I kind of missed seeing what U of Montana was like but it's a really pretty state. I would imagine alcohol is quite prevalent in Butte
  10. you seriously cannot make this shit up with Florida...... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/05/23/a-neo-nazi-converted-to-islam-and-killed-2-roommates-for-disrespecting-his-faith-police-say/?utm_term=.10cf9b73fbe9
  11. I wonder if this was before or after he was bitch slapped by Theresa May?
  12. What an asshole..... Everyday it's something new. The look of how important he thinks he is on his face is comical.
  13. I liked my time in Montana, granted it wasn't like weeks or months but a 8 days was fun, I don't really count the time I stopped to grab a burger at the McDonald's in West Yellowstone as time in Montana but a few days in Helena and a few days in Missoula were cool. People seemed nice and they could tell I was from the East Coast right away, I guess the accent never goes away. I did stop in Butte which seemed like a rough place. I thought about driving up to Glacier National Park this summer but after planning it out for the amount of time I could take off and the cost of hotels right outside the park decided I would maybe do it next summer where I could take more time off work. I don't wanna drive that far and only spend a day and a half.
  14. Yup but let's blame the Philippines for leaking the transcript..... now to be fair the person who did that is in major violation of Filipino law and I am sure will be caught and be found floating in a drainage ditch in Mandaluyong but that's besides the point but Dear Leader disclosing military secrets to a leader who at best is unstable and has repeatedly said he is distancing himself from America and has a lot of animosity towards America is careless and stupid.