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  1. Ted Cruz After Dark

    This is great, my liking him actually went up, he's a sick degenerate just like the rest of us
  2. UNLV at Idaho

    I think our OL is really good, they dominated Idaho last night. Obviously we'll see about Rogers but I think skill position wise we are as good as anyone in the conference although the loss of Charles Williams takes some of that away.
  3. David Gilmour - Live At Pompeii

    I saw Waters in June when he came to Vegas..... it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Saw Floyd (sans Waters) in the mid 90's after they released the Division Bell. I was a teenager so I didn't appreciate it but looking back I'd love to see them again.
  4. My theory on the Arpaio pardon

    That's the worst part, you literally have people in his base defending Nazis and KKK members because they hate liberals more. Sorry if you hate a liberal more than you hate the KKK then you quite simply are a piece of shit.
  5. North Korea tests H bomb, Trump attacks...

    Well the Seoul Metro area has about 25 million people and Busan Metro about 8. You'd have to think missile strikes to those cities would kill hundreds of thousands immediately. Of course you have the question knowing Japan might strike does NK launch missiles at Tokyo and Osaka preemptively? I think we have about 30K troops in SK and I'm not sure how many more in Japan but many of them will die as well but I agree, it's obviously not what we want to see happen but it's better than Seattle, Portland, or San Diego.
  6. Howard at UNLV - Season opener

    I am not sure of his contract situation but it's pretty clear that if Sanchez doesn't axe him it might be all 3 of them going out the door together
  7. Howard at UNLV - Season opener

    Those are tell tale signs of bad coaching, Baer is now in his 3rd year and the defense hasn't improved at all in that time, if anything it's a regression. He needed to be gone after the Reno game last year and he's already cost us a game this year.
  8. North Korea tests H bomb, Trump attacks...

    I hope you're wrong too but Trump was on record saying he'd essentially negotiate with them to get them to stop, the situation is bad but he keeps throwing gasoline into the fire.
  9. North Korea tests H bomb, Trump attacks...

    He's blamed the S. Korean president for trying to "appease" North Korea, um these people are cousins, family. Of course they don't want war with the North. The bomb was so powerful that it shook buildings in China and Russia and they say the magnitude was like a 6.3 earthquake. I don't claim to have any answers on the North Korea thing but something needs to be done and pretty quickly because they are making pretty big advances almost monthly. Last week they shot a missile over Northern Japan and today the H bomb. Why isn't the "best negotiator" working his magic to slow them down.... oh wait, he's a con artist that's why.
  10. Howard at UNLV - Season opener

    Howard had nothing to lose, they got paid who knows how much to come from DC to humiliate us, they should have opened it up. It's pretty simple, once they realized they could run at will against our garbage defense and a DC who can't adjust it was easy. We will score plenty of points this year. Hell 40 beats almost anybody but when you have a defense as shitty as ours and a DC as clueless as Baer this is the result
  11. Howard at UNLV - Season opener

    Bobby Hauck type coaching mistakes on ST Long answer..... Yes
  12. Whatever Happened To?

    I'm here, just back in Vegas now, just been ridiculously busy with work. Well I'm actually currently in Taipei again at the moment. Hoping WWIII doesn't break out while I'm on this side of the world. My Mets are shitty again, two good seasons and they'll go into a streak of 7 shitty ones now.
  13. LVMPD

    My ex wife and ex brother in law both work for Metro and I get the vibe there is a real sense of family within Metro. Some of the things I hear and see make me glad to know these are the people who protect us daily.
  14. Now that Trump has been cleared ...

    That's what I was thinking, while Comey hardly gave a "smoking gun" he didn't exactly clear anybody of anything
  15. Our friends the Russians..... I will say this as I honestly don't know enough about this weapon and what it does, the pictures are impressive