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  1. Softball is for feminazis...chicks with penis envy issues. Can't meet you tomorrow, but I can direct you to some good soul food eats since my favorite BBQ joint is closed manana. Soul food here: My favorite cheeseburger joint is closed too, but this place works almost as good... Cheeseburger here: Give either a try, you won't be disappointed. #SJSUSUCKS
  2. @ph90702
  3. To run it with any real success, you will now be challenged with finding a guy on the line that commands two bodies from the other side of the line. Finding the LB's is the easy part...that guy in the middle, that is a whole other issue.
  4. In with the assist.
  5. He has one copy and yer hairy Columbian skank has the other posted on her fridge.
  6. Gonna file this one away for later.
  7. ...somewhere LOLSpazz is patting himself on the back for bringing lube.
  8. Asians Do It Doggystyle At Sharta Pretty weak, what do you have...?
  9. You're a lover.
  10. Love me a good skank thread...good work!
  11. Yeah, 18 more two boys are already 8 & 7, I started late due to chasing the adventures of life.
  12. I was thinking water pump, but will admit to not reading in too much detail due to a screaming 4 month old in my ear. Seems like that's what most shops do first for some reason...even if it is obviously something else.