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  1. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    Unfortunately, for SJSU, it is that simple for FS. Our program has fallen to SJSU levels...even last year, with FS FB limping at best, SJSU almost got beat. It's not as if SJSU has been overly convincing in its few wins recently, it's clear to the casual CFB observer that something was wrong in the SJV.
  2. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    Jealousy? LOL...try frustration.
  3. halfmanhalfbronco's thread

  4. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    Put the cock pump away and get back to reality...FS fans get pissed because SJSU completely sucks and losing to you clowns is an indicator that our program has fallen on hard times. While you clowns are used to it and accepting of it, FS are not and refuse to accept it. Also, your time period should simply read: for a little more than two decades, FS has owned us. Quite simply, our program at FS is far better than anything SJSU has had in decades...it's a fact.
  5. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    A few cubes of ice, about 3/4 vodka, and then a 1/4 of the San Pelligrino...it's actually refreshing and clean while being very simple to make. I like to drink my booze, not spend a bunch of time playing Harry Potter mixing the shyte up...it's booze, keep it simple. I am not into the JD, bought a single barrel bottle at one point to try and it just wasn't my deal. I will admit to enjoying a good, dark rum and some Coke...a touch of vanilla in some cases.
  6. Wash Post Mountain West Preview - "Lopsided" MW

    Gonna tuck this one away for later...especially based on the follow-up of blithering ignorance shown below! This is gonna be a fun season...
  7. MWC Predictions

    I've got UH and UNM winning their divisions with UH taking the crown. I think things line up pretty well for UH this year...
  8. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    That smokey stuff is excellent. My party drink is Costco French Vodka with some lemon San Pelligrino in a short glass filled with ice. Gotta keep it simple if you're gonna get trashed.
  9. Yet more pub for Josh Allen

    DUI, loaded on GHB. Seems the party problems were legit...no matter, this thread is about Josh Allen, not another doped up donk.
  10. Fresno State Basketball

    Shouldn't you be in a meltdown over not getting any vag
  11. halfmanhalfbronco's thread

    This thread is laradise.
  12. halfmanhalfbronco's thread

    Or in the case of the OP, John Holmes. #dikpic
  13. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    WAC board, okay...there was still plenty of back and forth on each of our homer boards. The dislike has always been present...it was hard to discuss anything on the WAC board that wasn't bsu centered due to every bandwagon Donk in the world being there.