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  1. Dude, donk stadium is just a shade better than having a bleacher stadium...what a dump.
  2. What are you LOL'ing about? There were 10,001 people at that game...
  3. Or punt the little motherfvckers holding it up and get the fvck out of there so you can hit a real party.
  4. Women should be seen and not heard...I hope that women lose the right to vote sooner than later.
  5. I hope you guys get some new digs sooner than later...
  6. You don't need us to tell you...
  7. Certainly a lowpoint in FS FB...savor it.
  8. How many cut blocks during the ceremony?
  9. Phuck 'em. Please discuss.
  10. Non-whites always smell funny.
  11. I clicked this thinking it had something to do with SUDS stadium situation...
  12. Every time you post, a homosexual dies...
  13. I wonder who FS will be thumping in the MWCCG? I hope it is CSewe...we love a good sheep fvck session.
  14. You need less rum in your pineapple.