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  1. Yep. Sure the FS FB team sucked, but the FS AD is miles ahead of where SJSU will be anytime soon. While I agree there is a bit of humor for rival fans that FS has gone from the top of the MWC to the bottom in such a short period, you also ignore the fact that on the way down, SJSU was one of he last teams FS passed during the course of its epic nosedive. And SJSU has never sniffed the top...
  2. This thread is what happens when emotion overcomes logic.
  3. Come on UNR, my bracket is intact thus far, please do not ruin it.
  4. That would be worthy of a blue turd subscription...
  5. Important Iowa information...a fun read in my view.
  6. I wonder when they will get their first McDonald's in IA?
  7. Serious question, do women in Iowa ever have sex, or is it just the sheep? I might be interested in relocating...
  8. I think you typed that too fast for them to understand. Next time, type slower...
  9. Dre mama > Ames
  10. I hope your uterus falls out.
  11. 10 years of P12 recruits and he averaged less than 1 player a year to the NFL?
  12. He's a solid player.
  13. Congrats UNR. I hope Oliver gets hurt showboating or he goes for the draft...hate that guy. Dude is a major douche bag. Really bummed...
  14. Final score not indicative of how close the game really was.
  15. This sucks. Felt like FS was just holding it together in the 1st half...bummed to be right.