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  1. So who are you saying is disingenuous?
  2. teamfog

    Yep, I just edited it once I saw that you picked right before I posted. It's been a while since we had a pick come in so quickly after the last one.
  3. teamfog

    Current Pick: @CPslograd On Deck: @madmartigan Current Pick: @madmartigan On Deck: @East Coast Aztec
  4. Best wishes to Senator McCain and his family as he battles this. I lost both of my grandfathers to glioblastomas... one lived six weeks after his diagnosis (in 1978, before I was born), and the other died six months after his diagnosis in 1998.
  5. It looks like that one was discontinued.
  6. That's actually not nearly as expensive as I expected one like that to be.
  7. I must acquire that showerhead.
  8. Tillerson, Mattis, McMaster, and General Dunford are "swamp critters" in your mind?
  9. This reads as nothing more but Herr Cheeto throwing a temper tantrum because he had to do something he didn't want to.
  10. You think that he "works"? Isn't that cute.
  11. He doesn't want Small Government... he wants GOP Government.
  12. teamfog

    Those were the other two teams I went back and forth on before settling on Vandy.
  13. They got around it by having the Time Lords grant a new regeneration cycle to him, which allowed him to defeat the Daleks on Trenzalore. That was also the last Doctor Who episode that I watched.