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  1. Doing something just to do it isn't acting in the best interests of the country. Why settle for something slightly less bad when you can work on getting something much better in place? The fact that you can't comprehend that pretty basic concept is pretty concerning. Trump wanted a win, and so the GOP haphazardly put this bill together, and demanded that it be passed immediately. I applaud the Freedom/Liberty Caucuses for not passing something for the sake of passing it, and for realizing that meaningful reform needs to be passed, not a bandaid. Like I said last night, this bill would reduce spending to the tune of 3.8% of the estimated 2017 budget --- OVER THE COURSE OF TEN YEARS. Would you thank your boss for giving you a bonus of $3.80 spread out over ten years? I seriously doubt it. That's the "savings" that this plan was going to give us.
  2. No, they left the status quo in place because voting for the new law would have been more of the same, just with a different name. I know, having principles is something that the hard right doesn't seem to understand these days.
  3. Wait, when did $600B become $150M become $1T? That $150B number isn't cumulative between 2017 and 2026, that's the total cost savings. You're making facts up as you go along. The original bill had it as $1.2T in reduced spending, but $883B in reduced revenues, and a total savings of $337B. Then the revision of the plan reduced the savings from $337B to $150B. That's a total savings of 3.8% of the federal budget. Why would you be willing to settle for a 3.8% reduction when you could devise a plan that saves a significantly larger amount? This shouldn't be about just replacing Obamacare with the first alternative that the GOP can come up with, this should be about replacing it with something that works, saves a significant amount of money, and results in meaningful reform. RyanTrumpGOPCare did none of those things except to save a very nominal amount of money. Just so we're clear, that isn't a 3.8% every year, that's a 3.8% reduction of our estimated 2017 budget, spread over a decade. Yep, that's some real savings right there.
  4. No, they didn't say they would vote for that spending. They said that the cuts weren't enough to justify voting for a bad bill. Like I said, it would have been like voting for shit instead of steaming shit. I'd prefer that they not vote for shit at all, and wait for something that's an actually legitimately reformative bill.
  5. The CBO disagrees with you. They show it as a $150B savings between 2017-2026. The $600B number was nothing but smoke and mirrors created by exchanging subsidies for tax breaks.
  6. It's freaking raining threes between Kentucky and UCLA.
  7. Scratch UCLA on that one and I'm okay with it.
  8. I loved the Carolina win, especially since Joel Berry played to the level that he's capable of. It was great to see Luke Maye set some career highs as well. The team is so deep, that whoever wins between UCLA and Kentucky is going to have a rough time beating them. That being said, the UCLA/Kentucky game is a whole lot of fun to watch right now. Also, WTF South Carolina? Where the hell did they come from?
  9. The choice is clear... deal with the short term bad in order to get something better long-term. Replacing Obamacare with Obamacare II is like trading Natty Ice for Bud Light instead of waiting for a while and getting some Stone Imperial Russian Stout instead. It would be irresponsible of them to replace a steaming shit with shit that isn't quite as steaming. Doing that wouldn't be doing the work to achieve their goals, it would be settling for shit.
  10. Meanwhile, my wife will find out on Tuesday or Wednesday whether or not she's been accepted by Johns Hopkins for grad school in Health Informatics... they liked her so much already that if she's accepted, they're waiving the GRE requirement. Haha. I definitely married up.
  11. It was a pretty common sense "prediction" if it ends up playing out that way. The same way that a lot of people "predicted" that Fresno State would hire Tedford. I think I "predicted" that Tom Herman would be taking his talents to Austin. It was simply stating the obvious in the hopes that it would pan out.
  12. Oh shit. Prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes, and all of that good stuff heading that way. HMHB - hang in there, I hope your recovery goes well. We expect you to make many appearances while on painkillers. You're one tough SOB from what it sounds like, so I'm sure you're going to get through this just fine. We'll look forward to your return to posting regularly.
  13. Repealing something for the sake of repealing it is insanity. If you're going to repeal it, then repeal it with something that will actually significantly change it. The GOP replacement plan wasn't going to save a significant amount of money, it was simply as I've called it before, ObamaCare II: Electric Boogaloo. They chose to exercise common sense, instead of simply voting to get rid of it in order to replace it with something that was damn near close to the same exact thing.
  14. Why repeal something if it's going to be replaced with something just as bad?