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  1. Pick 10 Results Thread

    The last two seasons just prove that my winning in ‘15 was a complete fluke.
  2. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    See, there you go again. You associated this girl with sex.
  3. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    No, that's not actually what stiffed means, nor is it the definition of a straw man. You didn't explain why getting pissed off at a girl for not showing up for a date resulted in you blocking some other person on twitter. Grow up.
  4. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    Then go cry about it to one of your escorts that loves you so much... after you give them $600. It'd be cheaper to go to therapy or a psychiatrist to get to the root of your issues, but hey... keep paying for sex and hating women.
  5. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    You raged because some girl didn't have sex with you after a date? That tells us everything we could possibly need to know about you. What doesn't make sense is why you blocked an escort/prostitute/whatever on Twitter because some other girl didn't let you get stiff in her? But I digress. Now, as to why they'd call you. Maybe they needed some business. You're deluding yourself if you think that they see you as anything other than another john.
  6. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    The prostitute? Sure, they do. I'm sure they tell you how amazing you are, and that you're so much more different than the other guys that come to see them. Oh, and I bet you think that they actually get off when you're with them as well. You really need to grow up and join the real world.
  7. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    Wah, I'm socially awkward, wah I don't know how to walk to people, wah my social skills suck. There's always an excuse for the shit that you spew.
  8. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    Because that would get rid of his ready made excuses for his behavior.
  9. Hurricane Maria

    It's up to 165 MPH as it heads towards PR. There's still warm water left for it to intensify further before making landfall. This is scary. One of my former co-workers is from Puerto Rico and has a lot of family in San Juan. PR government has said to expect a minimum of 3-4 days of full infrastructure downtime and very minimal contact with the island outside of Ham radio and sat phones. This could be completely catastrophic for the island, as well as for the USVI.
  10. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    Age doesn't equal maturity, and you're less mature than most 16 year old boys I've encountered.
  11. Indian newspaper articles for MWC forumites

    You're an idiot. Don't speak for men as a whole when your balls obviously haven't dropped yet. I've happily dropped $100 on dinner with a girl I was dating. I've done it a couple of times... dinner, drinks, dessert. None of those meals actually led to sex, but they were worth it getting to know somebody. Your entire attitude towards women reeks of misogyny... you act like a woman owes you something if you pay for dinner... and that's a +++++ing disgusting attitude. If you're so concerned about your cash outlays and whether or not they lead to sex, just go +++++ some more prostitutes, it's a better bang for your buck (pun intended), and they're trained at sitting there and waiting for you to finish up. The fact that you so closely associate sex with dating tells me that you view women as objects or as inferior to yourself.
  12. I like this projection. I don't think it ends up this way, but going 8-4 a year removed from going 1-11 would be nothing short of miraculous.
  13. Baseball fans

    Brewers closed to 3.5 yesterday with a win on the Cubs' final off day of the season. The Brew Crew has to play close to .700 baseball down the stretch, and the Cubs have to do close to the inverse for them to close the gap... and the Cubs are back to playing very good baseball at just the right time. The Brewers could certainly close the Rockies for the second wildcard spot with the way that both teams have been playing lately. I really don't think it matters who gets the second WC spot at this point in time, as whoever it is will likely get rolled by the DBacks. I also think the DBacks will take the Dodgers down in the NLDS, could be wishful thinking because I hate them so much, but I just don't think the Dodgers match up well against the DBacks. I think we'll see an NLCS of Cubs vs. DBacks, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think the DBacks head to the World Series as the NL representative. We just don't match up well against them with the way they're playing at the moment. We took the season series 4-2, but I don't feel good about facing them in the playoffs. I really don't feel good about playing the Dodgers there either. I think we're a good foil to the Nationals in the playoffs, especially with Dusty as their manager. World Series pick as things stand right now is Indians vs. Diamondbacks, Indians in 5.
  14. I figured he had just violated the no cellphone in the locker room policy.