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  1. Shhhh, he's the kid with the propeller hat. Don't tell him unicorns aren't real.
  2. Ha! That is awesome.
  3. Until we see some tangible work being done this is not defensible. They are moving on. And if a blue wave next November wipes out GOP advantages in congress they won't ever get another chance. These fools left us with Obamacare, and unless things turn around that's what we'll have for good. Sometimes in politics you have to actually win political games. The Republicans can't do anything on healthcare without first repealing Obamacare. They need the headline because they've staked so much on it. By the same token, Democrats can't move on healthcare if it symbolically repeals Obamacare. But once it's done it becomes a different fight. Obamacare is Stalingrad, its symbolic importance is worth more than any strategic value. That is still a trillion dollars out of uncle sam's hands and into the private economy where it will be efficiently used. I'd certainly thank my boss for removing a trillion pound weight from my shoulders.
  4. So it's still the number 1 cause of bankruptcy, just like it was during the nirvana pre-ACA days? Got it. Nice goal post moving.
  5. And it would have cost a lot less. Apparently reducing government spending isn't one of their principles.
  6. Coal costs $45 per ton to bring to market and computer hardware barriers are not due to government regulations. Neither example even comes close. Try harder.
  7. No need to worry. It's #fakenews. We don't have to worry about it like before now that we have a Brave New World.
  8. Medical expenses are still the leading cause of bankruptcy. Thanks Obamacare? But don't let that stop you, talking out your ass never has before.
  9. Well, just because slapping doofuses with the truth doesn't stop them for being stupid doesn't mean I am going to stop doing it. There is no accounting for taste and idiots get to have opinions too.
  10. Blame them? They were completely right in not wanting the government's greasy paws all over the healthcare system.
  11. The Republicans deserve blame for not being able to get us out of this shitty system. The Democrats deserve blame for giving it to us and not wanting to get rid of it. Each side deserves blame for what it deserves blame for.
  12. I'm not interested in a conversation right now. I'm looking for a speed bag. The GOP pisses me off.
  13. Wrong answer, but at least you tried.
  14. I can see who is to blame for what all on my own, thank you. There wasn't support for the new law because of disagreement among Repubkicans and every single democrat would have voted to keep Obamacare in place. Simple as that.
  15. So long as the system is Obamacare the Dems are going to own it.