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  1. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    People need to accept it.
  2. Rank em

    The Dragon 1. Boise State Mojo Rising 2. Fresno State 3. Colorado State And I’m FREEEEEEEE...FREE FAAAAAALLIIIING 4. San Diego State Frog Balls 5.Wyoming 6. Utah State 7. New Mexico 8. Air Force 9. Hawaii The Most Dangerous One Win Team In America 10. Nevada Maverick Flying Through The Jet Wash 11. UNLV Goose San Jose State
  3. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    The Sanchez error
  4. The post something funny thread.

    Thank you so much for this.
  5. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    And even Gorsuch is hardly a Trump accomplishment. That was McConnel’s work, it was just lucky that when Trump closed his eyes and pointed to the list of names presented to him he didn’t land on Pryor.
  6. The post something funny thread.

  7. The post something funny thread.

    Sometimes the old ways are just plain better.
  8. That’s a notion you’ve come up with on your own. If I said anything about him it was only in regards to his competence in being a grownup in comparison to the other Trump World figures.
  9. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/452776/russian-nuclear-scandal-what-did-hillary-clinton-know At a minimum, as Noah Rothman notes, the involvement of key members of the current Trump-Russia probe in conducting this investigation will play right into Trump’s hands in his campaign to discredit the investigation, and Democrats thus far seem likely to just circle the wagons against any further inquiry for that reason as well as how this reflects on the Clintons, Eric Holder, and the Obama Administration’s Russia policy. But the national security implications run deeper than that, and as Ed Morrissey observes, Congress ought to dig in further to see what else it wasn’t told: " House Intelligence chair Mike Rogers claimed to the Hill that no one ever mentioned the case at all to him, despite already-extant concerns over the Uranium One deal on Capitol Hill. That smells like a political cover-up of the first magnitude. Rather than hyperventilate over Facebook ads and Twitter trolls, perhaps Congress and the current Department of Justice should look into what the FBI found in 2009-10, how much of it benefited Bill and Hillary Clinton — and why the DoJ and the Obama administration never briefed the intelligence committees on this Russian collusion operation. " Washington has an unfortunate tendency to back off investigations when there are skeletons on both sides of the partisan aisle. But a thorough airing of Russia’s multifaceted efforts to penetrate and disrupt American institutions (including the media) over the past decade is necessary in order to counter the threat of the Kremlin’s “war by other means” doctrine. Let the chips fall where they may. I am absolutely in favor of the latter bolded part and the former is why it's sure to never happen.
  10. @ExplorerSunDevil did you see the route for the tour released today? I really like it, should make for a crazy opening week.