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  1. Who said that? American values like private property and individualism certainly perform stronger at creating a prosperous society than collectivism and centrally planned economies. People are created equal, ideas are not. Government also panders to the frightened side of our person, does that mean we are on the path to becoming North Korea? Of course not. Quit taking Wilkow's hyperbole as gospel.
  2. Obama.
  3. The Democrats lost an election and are acting like terrorists. Simple as that.
  4. The ways in which America and Americans are different than Venezuela and Venezuelans is immense. Our culture, ideals, and institutions have been shaped in vastly different ways due to the different circumstances of our respective histories. Your hypothetical might as well begin with "let's say for a moment that America isn't America..." And no, we are not voting for massive government aid in the way the Venezuelans did.
  5. No
  6. Holy Smokes, 191 Pages! I can't vouch for the whole thing all the way through, but it was still on topic on page 190.
  7. I can't say for sure about him since he has seemingly disappeared to Dagobah for good, but I bet many who were saying the same will be applauding Democrats for standing up for their constituents.
  8. CR until the fall is my guess. Also, has nobody told Demorcrats? WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!!!
  9. I'm smelling a three peat #SuckItKim
  10. A perfect example of government regulation stifling innovation.
  11. Meanwhile, at UNLV...