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  1. Boise State vs Illinois State Thread

    Easily the best player on the floor. Looking good! ^^^^^^
  2. Boise State vs Illinois State Thread

    Hutch coming to play today!!
  3. OT - Best Sushi in Boise

    Plenty of good sushi around town. Kyoto's is definitely good. I prefer Raw Sushi, they've been on Vista forever, and just opened a second location downtown on 10th St. If you can Make it out to West Boise......Rotary Sushi on Fairview / Five Mile has been DAMN GOOD every time the wife and I have been in.
  4. Boise State @ WSU

    Nice start other than tackling Go Bronc's!!!! Go Aztec's!!! Someone needs to rep this conference against someone other than Abilene Christian and Gardner Webb. Go Bronc's!!!! Go Aztec's!!! Good job Reb's (I think?)
  5. Pick 10 Team White

    Remaining: Rice Texas St Umass
  6. Pick 10 Team White

    @Warbow finish strong
  7. Pick 10 Team White

    @SJSUMFA2013 all yours................
  8. Pick 10 Team White

    BC @Warbow finish strong!!!
  9. Pick 10 Team White

    Ida-hoes Vangals. Caught up now. @SJSUMFA2013 you're up.
  10. Pick 10 Team White

  11. OT: I'm in Boise... now what?

    I do downtown a couple evenings a week, taking my kid to his gym. Payette is bigger and does have some good brews, you chose the bad one for sure, did you ask for a sample? Boise brewing is cool and in a awesome locale, other that the fact the street has been closed forever due to a rebuild and the massive condo's being built next door to it. Prefunk is good and not far from you, a hair farther than Payette, and Woodland Empire is basically next door, w/ Manfred's in the adjoining building for some pretty good food. Definitely a more eclectic group there, but that's Boise. Downtown breweries are ok, but Garden City, and other Valley brewers are more superior by far in my book.
  12. Pick 10 Team White

    @SJSUMFA2013 you're up!!
  13. Pick 10 Team White

    NC State.................I've got a feeling. Not sold on it though, this is the best representation I could find! @Warbow where you at?
  14. Pick 10 Team White

    Horny and wet.....my fave's.....Go Frogs!!!!
  15. Pick 10 Team White

    Oh ye of little faith in the MW conference.................Sorry I had to homer. Surprised Wyo w/ the anointed one is still on the board @Warbow @Wapitipoke34 on deck @TrueAg WTF?!?!?! In a deep hole!!! Not supposed to work this way!!