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  1. There was ANOTHER Rolex reported stolen by the SAME CSU player three days prior to the second one, and the one that is involving the other CSU player. Two Rolex watches and 4 diamond bracelets valued at $2k each! That's out SECing the SEC!
  2. Fantastic!!! The bail costs have been through the roof!
  3. Exactly, and until what that is going to look like nobody in their right mind would shell out huge, long-term content.
  4. Did you even read the article you linked? They are exceptions by the B1G. I think the B1G is the only conference that has a distinction between P5 and G5. The ACC may but the PAC doesn't. The reason, obviously, isn't because they are better, it is more likely "Perhaps nobody has asked for Boise State to be excepted yet, despite Michigan State having a future series with BSU. It would stand to reason that the Broncos would count." per your article. Is it really going to take the AAC crowd the ignominy of the next media deal to recognize that we are all midgets? If that is what it is going to take, I'll enjoy the comedy of the next few years. ESPN is hemorrhaging subscribers AND on-air talent. You think they are going to be giving anyone MORE money in the near future? Basic economics says that there is less demand for live content today than there was 5 years ago (example: CUSA's joke).
  5. Amazing SJSU didn't have a track team. Their history alone almost demands one.
  6. Oh, didn't realize SDSU was going to play Davis this year! Be careful with that one. Old Dan "Gandhi didn't take a knee" Hawkins in the new head man down there!
  7. Abilene Christian gets one of the two... which I don't know.
  8. I hope he can find the help that he needs. I <ack, cough> actullay agree with Warbow here. it is a sad story. But, unfortunately, he probably won't get it and will be in and out of jail for the rest of his life.
  9. Interesting turn of events.