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  1. That kicker I think is Mike Black. He is and has been a spotter in the NFL for MNF (I think) for years. He had a decent non-NFL career... USFL, arena, maybe even Canada. I remember the MNF staff calling him out after the first Fiesta Bowl win and him talking about it a bit. I remember that game! Those old Big Sky shoot outs were crazy fun.
  2. At least SDSU beat SJSU..... It's not quite Twilight Zone time yet
  3. Just lost all your truck driving school bashing privileges.... simple math. Harsin has been coach for three years. Won a championship his first year, last year and this year, 2015 & 2016 BSU did not win the league. So, just to be clear.2014, 2015, & 2016 with 2014 being the championship year would mean it has been two years not three.
  4. That board is the gift that just keeps giving! I've enjoyed lurking there for the last couple of years.
  5. There are a number of CUSA and MAC posters over there rubbing the bowl records in their faces. Lurking there is quite entertaining.
  6. The current wave of G4/P6 is in response to all the trolls and is very sarcastic. But, they have been consistent throughout the year. Funny thing is they go back to 2013 to bolster their argument in terms of ratings, viewers, status, rankings and such, even though the Access Bowl didn't start until 2014. Example UCF and Houston have been to two out of the last three BCS/Access Bowls. However, they forget to mention that the Big Least was still a BCS conference in 2014. It is terribly entertaining to read that board. The hubris from there rivals Notre Dame, BYU, USC and some others without actually accomplishing anything. It is hilarious.
  7. And fight to go where? Indy? BYU has a 60k stadium that it fill regularly, a well known name, and a history of above average to great teams... UofI has what? Three bowl games in 20 years? 12k attendance.... facilities that are barely high school quality? No long term vision? Please, explain exactly how UofI belongs?
  8. Nah, If we're going to schedule an FCS Idaho team, let it be one that actually contributes to the valley and doesn't create an epic, financial black hole remaining as its lasting gift to the city of Boise. Idaho State only in my book.
  9. excellent game for SDSU. And, the meltdown on the AAC board is priceless.
  10. 5 Don't forget the Notre Dame of the West.
  11. Actually, was edited for content, as originally posted "an Israeli school."
  12. Could have been faster if she had a bomb strapped to her chest on the way into an school.
  13. So, what you're saying is SJSU is the equivalent of Houston AND CSU?
  14. Yup, probably right. Wait! You were referring to BSU over CSU, right?
  15. That's great! Anyone else have current or former students doing well?