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  1. Sounds legit. Next.
  2. Gaucho is too busy watching soccer to make his pick.
  3. Fsu cheerleaders should have more talent.
  4. You guys pay travel subs because your football program isn't desirable. If the mw really wanted you there wouldn't be any travel subs.
  5. Happys team has 36 hr window. Lightweights.
  6. team lavender springtime blossom

    I thought team black was a clusterfuuk.
  7. They are. If you want to get rid of wyo you'll have to wait till around the fifth round or so.
  8. So you want the do over?
  9. I know you are new to this so here's some advice. It's not a good idea to spend 1st round picks on teams who are lucky to finish 6-6. Since Cleveland hasn't picked yet I say we let you have a do over.
  10. Washington huskies. Couldn't find any good looking udub girls so no pics.
  11. Get your shiit together.
  12. Where's the game at
  13. He prefers to go by Andre'
  14. I'm in
  15. would be cool if US team didn't do that shit. Might not ever win but at least they don't act like pussies.