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  1. CFB Fan happiness meter

    Idaho at 127 is great. Getting a rivalry dominance of 1 is priceless.
  2. CSU to debut the best stadium in the G5

    Gonna be funny as hell in a couple of years when the newness wears off and all the morons in foco realize it's still the same ol product on the field.
  3. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    One more year of the charade that is Idaho as a fbs program.
  4. I'm stepping out

    Nope, most people just leave. Drama queens post farewell threads.
  5. OT Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot Suspended 6 Games

    Dumbest post of the year.
  6. Bowl projections!

    Vandals finally get above .500 and are worldbeaters.
  7. Lol. Love it. Gonna have vandal fans here touting the sky now. Good for you way to represent fcs.
  8. Good News for you cry babies

    Easy. I own zero bsu gear. Mainly there to pillage
  9. Good News for you cry babies

    I was there. Sad to see hawaiis fan base at quarter strength.
  10. Bowl projections!

    It's Idaho numnuts. No way in hell they beat bsu. Just talking about a possible matchup is stupid. Their ceiling is the potato bowl. If bsu plays in that shit bowl coaches and the ad will be fired.
  11. Good News for you cry babies

    Nobody wants to watch anyway.
  12. Bowl projections!

    Csu is a joke. Last years potato bowl was a pillow fight.
  13. Bowl projections!

    Idaho would have no shot beating bsu. Line would be closer to 21.
  14. Not so much. Last couple of years have been horrible though.