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  1. Lol suds. Gonna play in a 25k soccer stadium. The only good thing to come out of this is you guys won't be able to say you had 40k at the game when it only seats 25k.
  2. Bsu's communication dept is the best in the country.
  3. Lol at colo st. You guys suck.
  4. Just cause colo st is building a 32k seat stadium doesn't mean you guys should. 40-45k is what you should build.
  5. Csu deserves to be on the list.
  6. The whole list is invalid. Lubbick had plenty of teams that were better than any squads listed here.
  7. I know csu fans are sick of losing to bsu. The whining and excuses are priceless.
  8. Bsu reno Suds wyo Unm colo st fresno Unlv joser utah st af
  9. Just let n illinois and schools like them drop to fcs.
  10. Think Harsin has coached 3 years now and won it his first year. Bsu beat AZ in the fiesta that year. Looks like two to me.
  11. Reno suds bsu wyo unm fresno colo st unlv joser utah st af
  12. CSU has done a good job of covering the spread against bsu this year. Baby steps.
  13. Surprised the refs didn't screw Boise with the super secret clock countdown they did last year.
  14. Grass is the only solution. And that's a maybe when the weather is like that.
  15. He's a mid major announcer with no chance of joining the big boys.