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  1. If Boise ever gets excited about basketball it won't matter where the tourney is held. Vegas easily makes the most sense to host.
  2. There is nothing wrong with playing Ohio state. The problem is with why you are playing Ohio st.
  3. Don't worry rebel fans. Ph and his IQ of 140 is on board with what is going on with unlv athletics.
  4. Take a beating like a man.
  5. Still fu
  6. GG pack.
  7. Ph played a PlayStation game and knows all. No point in arguing. Little guy wasn't alive when unlv was good.
  8. Donut shooting it changes all.
  9. Loaded up on bsu second half.
  10. Old school beer league move.
  11. Duncan showed up for the first time this year.
  12. Whacker is turning the corner. Might have a serviceable 5 the next two years.
  13. He's tough
  14. Lol I'm done. you are right I'm wrong. This unlv team losing is embarrassing. The jersey they wear should obviously beat Air Force.
  15. Lol. Every player on Air Force and unlv works hard and plays hard. You haven't ever done shiit let alone play sports and you say you are embarrassed by unlv.