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  1. Lol at moronic reb high fans who think playing in raiders stadium with 60k empty seats is a good thing. Show rebel fans a little bling and they lose their shiit.
  2. I love Csu fans. I'm sure the b12 is in awe of their 28k football stadium. Serious question. Who will pop their mw cherry first. San Jose or the rammies?
  3. Not even close. He won the fiesta with petes players and has been a pile of shiit since then. Another shitty year this year and he is gone.
  4. It's almost like they try to be shitty.
  5. Reb High's game vs Howard should be a toss up.
  6. Spinning what? Wcc was the 9th best conference in the nation. 9th best with a top 20 team and a top 5 team. You people crack me up, now talking about being as good as the big east lmao. It's a gym league where pac12 teams dominate every market except for gonzaga and the zoobs.
  7. Lol. They could be like the big east if they all built new arenas, suddenly gained fan bases and the pac12 folded hoops.
  8. I love rebel fans. The gift that keeps on giving.
  9. 12k fans in a 70k NFL stadium isn't good for any program and won't help recruiting one bit. See tulane.
  10. When did I compare Xavier's tournament resume to anyone in the mw? I stated that gonzaga and Xavier have similiar tournament resumes. I don't consider Xavier a national power type team just like I don't gonzaga.
  11. What makes you think they look stronger going into the future. Gonzaga and st Mary's both have their best teams ever and you are still the 9th ranked conference. Wcc is the big lots heavy.
  12. Lol. Rated ahead. Wcc's best year has them 9th and a horrible mw is 10th. The mw will be fine.
  13. "Recent" is exactly right. It's not the norm.
  14. Your gym league has had a good couple of years and still rates right with a down mw. The mw is a way better conference. Uconn won the natty their first year in the aac with big east players. Look at them now.
  15. Really. Is Xavier a national power? They both had the same amount of tournament wins before today with no final 4 appearances. Gonzaga has been very good and has exceeded expectations but I wouldn't say they are a national power.