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  1. You are in sixth or seventh grade.
  2. Sure it is. Their religion is just the environment and welfare. Those are the things they worship, at the expense of a large portion of their populace. You folks are funny, trying to paint me as some mindless schlub that just goes along with all the nonsense laws they have around here. I don't drink, so drinking laws don't affect me. I have friends that do, and they are unhappy about them. That doesn't mean I don't think the drinking laws here are silly.
  3. He makes a good point though, with regards to the anxiety/depression person. They are more prone to being addicted to these things.
  4. I don't think that's the case at all. So did mine.
  5. The problem with it, like @4UNLV said, was that it made her feel too good. Most people like you and I feel hazy and weird. There's a small percentage of the population that have an increased sense of well being, don't have the drowsiness and other negative side effects. Those are your addicts. I had some hydrocodone for a tooth procedure and I only took one. I fell asleep for like six hours. That's the only time I've taken anything like that. I sit down with everyone that gets prescribed this stuff and say "This is a strong medication. It can cause dependence and addiction. Don't use more than you are prescribed. Don't drink alcohol with this. If you feel like you're too dependent, then we need to get you on to something else. This is a short term thing, and I will not be prescribing you this for months. We will taper you after the initial pain level decreases to nsaids and tylenol afterwards." The patient has to have some responsibility in this, and it's the medical providers responsibility to make sure everyone is informed about what they are taking and getting in to.
  6. The populace here will not be bullied by an outdoor convention. The restaurant industry does fine here. The only way your wife will be sent to jail after one drink is if she's a complete lightweight for alcohol. California is a theocracy to a different kind of religion, not one you necessarily attend on Sunday's, but it's a theocracy nonetheless.
  7. teamprivilege

    I hate that stupid tree. Bad.
  8. Not really. If you tie your hands with stupid laws, and then complain when businesses leave your state, and you have budgetary shortfalls, that's on you. California is a very business unfriendly place. If California were it's own state, they'd be bankrupt within a decade.
  9. Utah has stupid laws about drinking. They don't have stupid laws that completely handcuff the populace from being able to do business and run their social programs.
  10. Well, that's what your entire state is basically based on. I don't have to lecture you about it. It's common knowledge. If you could just shed the shackles of the United State government and run everything on your own. Then it would all be ok. The wacky laws and stupidity there wouldn't run rampant. It's the rest of the country holding you guys back. Like SDSU and the MWC
  11. Do you live in California?
  12. teamprivilege

    Penn State, Appalachian State
  13. teamprivilege

    @SLCPoke you are up in the next 20 hours.
  14. You guys agreed to let them have that deal forever, is my understanding. They went to a big bowl a couple years ago. Nobody else here has ever done that. You need Boise to do well. Nobody else besides SDSU has anything sustained recently.
  15. Trust me, they are the draw. Did you look at the TV numbers last year? Lots of 100k numbers from here. SDSU doesn't even get to claim barely any ratings because they were on CBSSN so much. I meant for me. I totally get it is an issue right now for this league. Same reason he does everything. He fancies it as some sort of putdown. He has retarded little nicknames for everyone here.