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  1. 2/10 I've seen Stunner do better when he isn't even trying.
  2. I think it's 67 if you are born in a certain year or later. Probably be 70 by the time I retire. I would opt out of SS in a second if they would lump sum me.
  3. Hasn't retirement age for Medicare increased recently, like to 68 or so? The days of retiring at 62 and taking your SS benefits and Medicare early are over.
  4. I'm glad it worked out for your folks, but I could tell you plenty of things I've seen at work that were equally as shitty for someone the other way due to Obamacare.
  5. If you think that's how government should run, with one side passing nonsense unopposed, then you're dumber than I thought.
  6. That's not a good way to run things. eat your cake if you like, but that attitude is what got us in to this mess in the first place.
  7. Me? I'm not happy with either plan, overall. There's a lot of good they can build on with Obamacare. Whether they will do it or not is another story. People don't like the mandate and Medicaid expansion isn't viable if providers won't take it. Those are good ideas, but the first law didn't take either of those two large problems in to account.
  8. Elections have consequences, hermano. We needed to pass it to see what was in it, and stuff.
  9. Do you really want them to force a bad law down your throat? Like they did the last time?
  10. Indeed. I'm glad they scrapped what they were doing. It would have been worse than Obamacare. Ideally, you hope they listen to their constituents and come up with something that works better for people going forward. I won't hold my breath, though. They never do what's right. It's ok to take the good parts of the current law and do a few things to make it work better for people without repealing the whole thing.
  11. That law was passed without any negotiation and without bipartisan support. The Dems need to own it. Interested to see what happens with rates going forward. I think we're in for some significant increases the next few years.
  12. How the hell did this guy rupture his pancreas?
  13. This can kill you quite easily. Thoughts/prayers, etc. Glad they found it and here's to hoping they get him patched up quick.
  14. If he's down here lemme know and I can go stop by if it's ok with him.
  15. So, similar to the last time we did this?