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  1. Calling It Now

    I'd argue that wasn't a bad move. Of course, to fire Lane, you have to hire him, so.............
  2. Calling It Now

    Jerry Jones is the biggest douchebag in sports. Just shuttup. Nobody cares.
  3. Big Ballers on the move...

    Can we make them stay there ? Forever?
  4. the inaugural Beehive classic ...

    See, but that would be fun to rotate teams around in it every year, and just let Oregon be in it every year.
  5. Roy Moore

    Do you realize many of the people throwing Moore under the bus are conservative in this thread?
  6. the inaugural Beehive classic ...

    The ticket was like 25 dollars with something like a 12 dollar handling fee. Buncha bullshit there.
  7. the inaugural Beehive classic ...

    I think they need to include the tickets as part of the season ticket packages so more students go. I also think they need to make it a tournament format which would draw more interest. The NCAA won't let you participate in more than one tournament these days, so I doubt that will happen.
  8. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    I love when @pesik comes on here and tries to pump everyone up about SMU. Hilarious.
  9. LoFasZz Needs Your Prayers

    @LoFasZz Thoughts and prayers. #shredded
  10. Roy Moore

    @WyomingCoog Do you really think Moore didn't do what he's accused of?
  11. Roy Moore

    Guys. I wanted to know how you are all doing and how things are going. Please respond.
  12. Roy Moore

    Well, you have, for one.
  13. Roy Moore

    Do you really think there is anything in these two cases that are remotely similar? The truth came out about the Duke lacrosse players. The truth has been out a long time already regarding Roy Moore. It's shocking to me that you defend him.
  14. Roy Moore

    Like it or not, Moore is who he is. Just because some words might be taken out of context doesn't mean it didn't happen. There's ample evidence in the community that the guy has been a dirtbag with this stuff for years. Just because his accuser wrote in something at the bottom of the signed area, and that's being questioned, doesn't mean the abuse didn't occur. It's ok to admit he's a bad guy that is unfit for office. Try it. See? It's not hard to call a spade a spade.
  15. Roy Moore

    Hey, you said it. It's what you wrote, right?