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  1. Oh, you don't? Or we don't schedule you? Not much interest on BYU's end about football games with New Mexico. Plus, beating you by thirty a couple years ago in hoops sure made us worry about what we're missing out on by not having the Lobos around.
  2. You guys are the ones that keep signing up for games. If you didn't sign up, it would be someone else. Very few MWC games after this upcoming season. I'll tell you one thing, there aren't any BYU fans that give a crap about playing New Mexico. What a drag you've been on this league forever.
  3. See, that's nonsense. That is racist and divisive to manage it like that. I really can't wrap my mind around people not have ID. You need it for much more menial things than voting.
  4. If we stayed, we wouldn't get one as an independent, right? I hate the Access Bowl in principle because it's not based on merit, and it was previously based more on merit.
  5. Stop playing us then. Teams somehow see a financial benefit from playing. Why is that?
  6. It's one game. I think you guys put too much in it. Look at the MWC since we went to this system, the whole league has only made one game in four years or however long it's been. And it was against Arizona. It was fun that Boise made it to a Fiesta Bowl, but Arizona as an opponent was lacking. BYU has had lots of games against big name schools since going independent, games that couldn't have otherwise happened if they were tied to a 9 game schedule here with Utah and potentially USU as OOC games every year. I'm operating under the assumption that the league wouldn't have added as many teams, and maybe USU gets in but maybe not. What if BYU gets to an NY6 game as an independent at some point?
  7. Maybe. It really would depend how the OOC schedule worked out in those years, and it would have had to be a year when BYU beat Boise, so 2013 or 2015.
  8. A: We would still have the mtn, because that had heavy amounts of advertising dollars from BYU advertisers, as our fanbase was heavily invested in Comcast at that time. Comcast lost tons of subs due to BYU fans bolting when we went indy in 2011. SDSU and Boise would have been happy to stick around if BYU was here and wouldn't have chased money in the NBE, imo. So, maybe they renegotiate the TV deal like they did a bit later and it's a little better with BYU as part of it. B: I don't think BYU double dealt, there is no solid documentation of it but for the sake of the question, I'll play. If BYU stayed here, that would have left us in 2011 with BYU, Boise, TCU, SDSU, UNLV, Wyoming, CSU, AFA, and UNM. That is an 8 game conference schedule in 2011. In 2012, TCU left. I think at that point, Fresno and Nevada/Hawaii (one of the two) probably would have been invited, and I think the league sits pat as a ten team league. The WAC is decimated and USU and SJSU and whoever is left over between Nevada and Hawaii are either forced to go to D1aa or be FBS independents after teams like LaTech bolted from the WAC. I don't think they bring on enough teams to go to a 12 team league, and they settle on a 10 team league after TCU left and have a 9 game conf schedule. If they did end up in a 12 team league, I think Hawaii and USU (BYU's friends) are more likely invited over SJSU; who has a terrible overall athletic dept. C: The 2013 team was a pretty good team, and if we make the OOC schedule Texas, Utah, USU, and MTSU as the OOC and act like BYU broomed the MWC; a one loss BYU doesn't get in over Central Florida to play Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl that year. They had one loss to a good South Carolina team by three points and were ranked pretty highly by the end of the year. BYU played a tougher schedule, but the SoS would have decreased significantly playing a MWC. Central Florida was in the high 70s. BYU was in the 30s, but ours easily drops lower if we played a conf schedule here. Our 2013 team would have likely streamrolled this league, but it wouldn't have mattered as far as a BCS game. 2011: BYU wouldn't have won this league. TCU beat BYU soundly that year. Boise also lost to TCU that year, but that was Moore's senior year and BYU would have lost to them too. No BCS game. 2012: No BCS game for BYU. BYU had losses to SJSU, Boise, Utah, and ranked Oregon State and Notre Dame squads. Not a good enough team to make such a game. 2013: See above 2014: I think if Taysom Hill had stayed healthy the whole year, BYU would have had a good chance of going unbeaten and getting in as an at large NY6 game. However, he didn't, and BYU had multiple losses to MWC teams after the injury. 2015: BYU went 4-0 against the MWC this year, and if they were here, they probably would have played SDSU in the title game. However, Houston went to the NY6 game this year, and pounded Florida State; so I'm doubtful BYU would have been in over Houston if we made it a one loss team. BYU was good this year, but not NY6 at large good. 2016: BYU lost to Boise in a close game. The team always played close games, but lost several. They did beat Wyoming. A 1-2 loss BYU team wouldn't have been in a NY6 game over the directional Michigan team that played and lost to Michigan. So, I'll take zero as the answer. Sorry for the wall of text. This is why I laugh every time someone says how much we're missing out here. It wouldn't be all that much different from what we've had, except with less wins over name teams, less money, dealing with Hair, and other stuff I've explained lately.
  9. It's not even the idea of voter fraud that bugs me with this stuff, it's the reasons given for not needing an ID. How do these people buy alcohol or cigarettes? How do they set up utilities? How do they register for social services without ID? I think a government issued ID should be free to whoever wants to put for the effort to get it, and it should be acceptable to use for all of those reasons I listed above. To me, it's more just the principle that you should have to show that you are who you say you are to participate in something as important as an election.
  10. That's great though, because illegal immigrants shouldn't be voting in our elections, right?
  11. Sure it is. We just don't agree on a definition of it. In every definition across the board I've looked up today, genetics/ethnicity is mentioned.
  12. Why are genetics and biology consistently placed within every single definition of the subject then? You guys want to have a chat about systemic racism because of how whites 200 years ago decided race is defined, and I want to acknowledge that there are objective, real differences between races of people due to isolation, lack of genetic diversity, and advantageous phenotypes for where certain groups live resulting in real, objectively measured differences between groups of people. But sure, champ. Keep telling me to go read more about what race/genetics/ethnicity is. I'll leave you guys to your circle jerk.
  13. I didn't create the definitions. You guys are the ones trying to define it as this or that when there's 100s of examples of it being defined with genetics/biology as part of the definition. You've painted yourself in to a sociology corner here
  14. Did you want me to quote 15 other sites that say the same thing? You aren't exactly refuting anything here. Might want to try reading a little more.
  15. ID isn't hard to get. How do people function in society without one?