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  1. That's one of the reasons, he didn't like Duryea, and Stew told him he would be there his entire career.
  2. First, I don't care that much about basketball. Popoola is a flaky kid, he has flirted with about ten teams through this process. When he didn't sign in Feb when he could sign, I knew he wouldn't go to BYU, so I haven't worried about it. I get the feeling BYU moved on from him when he didn't sign when he was supposed to.
  3. You don't know anything about what happened with David Collette.
  4. I love how this thread has been up for 24 hours, and no USU fans have posted on it yet.
  5. Indeed, he was very "concerned" last year.
  6. I've never seen him post about USU. Ever.
  7. I should probably be thanking you for lurking, since you contribute so little to the board.
  8. What you are is a dipshit.
  9. Not @Slapdad
  10. Some deep insight from you.
  11. So it is about wins or is it about interest? I'm as interested as I've ever been since Kalani and the gang showed up. I buy season tickets and go to the games to see my team play. They obliged the home fans this year with a great home schedule.
  12. Where do you guys get the idea that we're suffering?