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  1. Non-MWC game thread week 8

    I'm game for that. I doubt Miami would be. Tisk, tisk, it's 7 in a row.
  2. Non-MWC game thread week 8

    You guys are playing different than you did earlier in the year. You beat USC this upcoming weekend, and who knows how the last month will go. I could see you winning out.
  3. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    He will be remembered as a much better president as time goes by than when he left office. I miss him too, he did some stuff I didn't like, but he's a lot better than the two clowns we've had since.
  4. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    Hi guys. things good in here?
  5. Shooting near Colorado State University campus

    FFS, I'm tired of this shit.
  6. Mwc men's basketball media day

    I just don't remember hte pros starting this early.
  7. Mwc men's basketball media day

    I remember bball starting around Halloween most years. Does it seem early to anyone else?
  8. OT: It wasn't us

    He charges you? He paid me when I wanted him to off someone. That's how excited he was about it.
  9. Spanish Speakers

    Are you sick? Or are you just sick?
  10. bad tv year for BYU

    The contract says what it says. It always leaves a game or two for BYUtv
  11. 2017's Top 5 Triggering Halloween Costumes

    I just thought of Pink Floyd. People are stupid.
  12. bad tv year for BYU

    https://www.byutv.org/ You realize when you rag out CBSSN that you're ragging out your own league, right?
  13. It's good in theory, but we all know problems will come of it should it pass.
  14. Dearest Mall Cop...

    GUYS, how are things going in here?
  15. Dearest Mall Cop...

    If that's the case, then my apologies.