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  1. That's kind of freaky. Mine said Boise/Spokane and Detroit. I went to elementary school just outside of Detroit.
  2. Fake news. Boise State owns the state of Georgia.
  3. I think that a lot of the luster being gone from our rivalry isn't so much Nevada's fault as it is the horrible split in the MWC. When teams don't get to play every year it really diminishes the intensity.
  4. I don't know about the horse head itself, but Boise State has been the Broncos, had blue and orange for colors, and had Buster Bronco for a mascot since 1932. The Denver Broncos were started in 1959. Their original colors (for two years) were yellow and white. Western Michigan was called The Hilltoppers until 1939 when they changed to The Broncos. Their mascot is also called Buster Bronco, but they didn't start using him until 1988. Their colors are brown and gold. So who is copying whom?
  5. It must be humiliating to lose so often to community college/juco/commuter school/Blu Burro teams.
  6. I'll take it!
  7. This is really excellent work by the coaches!! Hope these players stick!
  8. As my daughter said, "Holy bummer, Batman." I grew up watching Adam West as Batman. RIP.
  9. The Kentucky Derby The Preakness The Belmont Boise State football in the National Championship Baltimore Orioles win the World Series Honorable mention: I'd love to go to Vegas next year for the men's world championship curling tournament. Yep, I'm a geek who loves curling.
  10. I met Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders working an election recently. He lives in Nampa and has some crazy stories from his youth.
  11. Vandals dragging our score down.
  12. I don't see any Boise State grads in that picture. It does look like there is a CSU, Wyoming, Fresno, and a couple of SDSU and UNLV grads, however.
  13. Concealed carry permits are not allowed for voting in Idaho. Student ID is allowed however.
  14. We ask to see IDs before voting in Idaho. Granted, we are a rural, mostly white & Hispanic community, but no one has ever complained about showing ID. They all have IDs and thank us for asking to see them.