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  1. Only 14 points yet again against the BSU defense

    Not only that—Troy only had 13 and BYU only had 7. So our defense just needs to step it up against p5s. (It would have helped if our offense had been clicking against them too though.)
  2. Nevada @ Boise State

    When you put it like that, I really hate you guys!
  3. Boise State- Worst Stadium Experience Ever

    I don’t know about the rest of it—I’ve never had a problem—but the metal detectors are in response to a bill that was passed a few years ago in the state allowing guns on campus. They are supposed to be banned at large venues, like the stadium, but the administration got all freaked out and had the metal detectors installed. Everyone is supposed to only carry the clear totes, but enforcement got pretty lax after the first year. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. That crap should never have happened.
  4. Volleyball

    It's been packed too. All the football fans who have given up have shifted to VB I guess.
  5. David Moa arrested

    Yep. I just thought it might be a party since it was about 2:30 am. Hopefully there aren't any other arrests associated with whatever this is. It does seem like it might be mild enough for stairs/moderate punishment etc. This is what happens when you have a Thursday game--it gives kids a chance to get into trouble over the weekend!
  6. David Moa arrested

    Sounds like a too loud party?
  7. I post.........you decide

    Wow. Those are really special.
  8. Is Boise State on the verge of a major meltdown?

    To be fair--We went 8-5 that year, our worst season since 2001. Coach Pete was burned out here and ready for a change. Yes, we hated to lose him, but if he had stayed, it probably would have become a Pat Hill situation.
  9. Fresno @ Bama Game Thread

    Fresno doing better against Alabama than BYU did against LSU.
  10. BYU has very little talent.....

    Um...funeral potatoes and green jello with carrots. What else?
  11. New Air Force Helmets

    Those are cool!
  12. Rank Em - Week 1

    The problem is, it isn't just the Oline. It is also the QB situation. And I know the Oline will get better as the season progresses--I have faith in that. Not so much faith in the QB. Our skill positions, defense and special teams all looked very, very good!
  13. Rank Em - Week 1

    Did you even see our offense? I think this year we will struggle with almost everyone.
  14. Oregon State at CSU Game Thread

    I'm at our scrimmage. If you guys could post score updates it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  15. CSU to debut the best stadium in the G5

    Is Wyoming playing at CSU this year? Because just picture the Hallelujah Chorus of angels going on with Josh Allen in CSU's new stadium.