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  1. Get that trophy engraved and send it on over! Perennial champs of the world.
  2. I don't really think Wyoming is the most discussed team in the MWC right now. It only appears that way because there is so much discussion about Josh Allen. So really, MWC = Josh Allen's conference.
  3. So what you are saying is Boise State (we already knew this), Reno, and SJSU are Kings of the MWC.
  4. Moore wasn't my favorite Bond (that's Connery), but he was the Bond of my childhood and I agree that Live and Let Die was his best and one of my favorite Bond movies. So sad. RIP.
  5. Boo hoo.
  6. Well, at least you have watercolors.
  7. I love that the AAC wouldn't give Boise a special deal and Navy was particularly vocal about it. Makes me laugh.
  8. Happy Mother's Day right back atcha 4UNLV and I couldn't agree more with your post. Awesome!
  9. I voted for BYU. But then I remembered they really are in the MWC.
  10. He also said he and his family love it there and feel at home. Sorry Reno fans...kiss of death.
  11. When you post Timmy Chang's, don't forget that stellar interception record. Man, those were some fun times .
  12. Maybe. Nice non conf wins won't come if these qb's don't have good teams around them. For Boise, I know we have quite a few question marks. Hope those are not big enough to impact the non-con schedule. (And actually Ryp himself is a question mark.)
  13. Just imagine the strength of the SEC Mountain if we traded Utah State for San Diego State.
  14. Never heard of him.
  15. All except North and South Carolina, Alaska and Hawaii.